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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Reinstall the a/c then drive it down here and ill buy it....
  2. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Out in it's natural habitat.
  3. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    2 tone it at the body line. Just run a tape line from the corner light back to the taillights and call it done. Or you could commit and do the whole car.Took her out for a spin and wasn't getting heat. I was pretty sure I left the heater core intact, but it was possible the hoses were just...
  4. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Quoting coyotes: what are your plans to fix the roof clear coat? I have some peeling clear coat on my car also... not sure how to fix.Sorry, was on a roll and missed you question. I just went the easy route and used Plastidip. If it was a better chasis I'd take the time to take it Down and...
  5. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Hood cleaned up, and the roof sprayed. Looks about as good as it runs now. It's no show car, but it's not a race car either.
  6. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Time to clean up that sunburnt hood.
  7. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Needed to fix the faded trim and handles. Along with the clear coat on the roof.
  8. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Started cleaning it up some, so it looks as good as it runs
  9. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Well I got my sticky caliper cleaned up, subframe all retorqued. The results are night and day. The car is fun to drive again.
  10. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Almost done with her temp attendance of team JSB. Just gonna take a look at a sticky caliper and take it out to see if the new subframe is noticeable. The main reasons were for space and weight so any handling will be a sweet bonus.
  11. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Got a chance to take her for a little spin after chasing down a vac leak. Afterward I went ahead and threw the new subframe in. It's pretty awesome.about 10lbs lighter and way beefier. Should really help the handling. Got to take a look at my front caliper which seems to be sticking, but also...
  12. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Yea, I've had a lot of set backs, but I kept it in the garage, and held out until now, I got a decent job and enough income that I can afford to get all the little loose ends caught up.
  13. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Got my front subframe in. cant wait to get this back on the road.
  14. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Well, she is officially back on the priorities list. Been sitting for way too long. Getting parts gathered to get it back on the road. The biggest thing that was holding me up, was the fact that I don't have an exhaust. Well I believe I have found a solution to that, so this thread should be...
  15. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    Maybe I just fail at reading, but how much are these?
  16. FS:original 1991 galant vr4 dealer window spec sheet

    Crap, I guess Im in for at least one...
  17. FS: Evo 8 IC/Universal DP/Thermal DP/JDM Fog Spare

    I think I got a decent deal at $60.... 50-100 tends to be the range.
  18. FS: 17" Wheels

    kinda hard to tell, but I assume 4 lug?
  19. SOLD Enkei RCT1 17"x7- 38 offset SOLD

    first time Ive reconsidered my 5 lug conversion...oh well. GLWS
  20. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    finally got a second to give her a little attention. timing was way off, cam sensor was out, couple good boost/vac leaks, and wastgate was sticking.knocked those little things out, and she is running like a beast again. still not fast, as I have to do a tune after I up my fuel system, but def...
  21. Kelby/ GeezyE39A

    Quoting mountaineerjeff:well I would be fine trading for a good set of 91 vr4s. one option I have, is a friend of mine who travels back and forth between florida and here. if you wanted to meet up with him, he could look at the tails, then bring em up here with him, then Ill send him back with...
  22. Kelby/ GeezyE39A

    while some of you may have had decent dealings with him in the past I have found out that when everything doesnt go exactly his way, he is more than happy to screw someone over.Kelby posted up a WTB ad for some 92 taillights and I have a set that Im not particularly attached to. for the car...
  23. WTB: evo 8 ECU

    ahhh, ok, I knew they all looked looked the same, but wasnt sure. I have an EVO one so it wasnt an issue, I was only at the yard looking for plugs...however ,OP, good luck, and if you havent found one yet, I can make a JY run to grab a 3g one...As I already stated, but just to double check...
  24. WTB: evo 8 ECU

    see, thats what I was thinking. wont just about any of the 2000+ mitsu ecus work? 3g, mirage, galant etc? mainly anything with a 4g6x in it?
  25. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    started refreshing my carbon hood. got to wait until monday to get supplies, but ill get it done, then as soon as I find a CF trunk Ill be repainting the roof. there was clear coat peel on the roof/hood/trunk. so after the cf hood and trunk ill just color match the roof and I should be good to...
  26. WTB: 1993VR4 tail lights

    if you have a good set of the 91s Ill trade you.
  27. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    still havent found my cord yet, but I got a decent amount done today.go alot of the engine bay cleaned up and sorted out, finshed extending and tucking the headlight harness, then putting in all new bulbs.seems like there may be some idle/air/vacuum/leak issues, but I havent gotten to take it...
  28. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    AAA buddy has a 350 superduty and we talked about just bringing it with a car hauler and charging people to return their broken rides home, lol.well let me know if I can help, or if ya need anything
  29. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    Quoting rexwagon1909: Good to see another VR4 in WV. GLW the buildget a hold of me if ya ever head up this way, Ill even sign ya up to join us in a cruise, or maybe you can join our convoy to the shootout.
  30. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    well Im not positive what route im going yet, but Im thinking of running a 99 block, with a full evo 9 rotating assembly, along with cams, and valves. around here we do "road rally" and point-point racing. so the gain from compression and lightweight internals will be much more useful than a...
  31. 181/1000 the half-a$$ rally car

    so it literally sat for a year....after starting it up, and driving it around a little bit it had a steering issue, so it sat for a while before I could look at it...a helper put the wrong bolt back in the collar on the steering column. fixed that and then it refused to start. well it had fuel...
  32. WTB: kyb AGXs!

    I absolutely love my agxs, and swear by them?!? they handle great, and take a hard beating.
  33. FS: super short route FMIC...type-R

    it fits completely behind the bumper skin, without distorting it at all. the only thing I did was cut out the parts of the skin that are filled in, to increase the flow. still looks completely stock though, and most people would have no idea unless I point it outmy trimmed far as...
  34. FS: super short route FMIC...type-R

    it took a minute, but I got them all the pics fixed. another attribute that I forgot to mention is this setup allows you to keep your factory fog lights, and while it is small, technically with this having less piping, this kit also is now lighter weight
  35. FS: super short route FMIC...type-R

    dont know why pics are so large, mods feel free to resize, or help point in the direction of making them more easily the mean time I just zoomed way out.
  36. FS: super short route FMIC...type-R

    Well I need some cash very quickly so I need to sell my fmic setup. its the absolute best/shortest possible route you can run on our cars. it started with a race short route 2g core. ( I think its 12x3.5x26 but will get more exact measurements) then modified it to fit perfectly in the gvr4. it...
  37. 3 inch exhaust vs 2.5 inch with cutout

    when I did it, I did 2.5 exhaust, then did a 3" cutout that bypassed the cat. gave a noticeable reading on the butt dyno.
  38. FS:SOLD

    if you were on my side of the Mississippi then this would already be mine. this could be a sweet little hotrod with some tweaking. im sure theres plenty of room under the hood for some positive manifold pressure.
  39. FS: Parting out 1994 dodge stealth NON turbo 5 speed. SOHC.

    well I sold mine already, however I have gave word to the new owner, and will get a hold of you if he decides to make a move
  40. FS: Parting out 1994 dodge stealth NON turbo 5 speed. SOHC.

    man I wish I noticed this...I just got done putting one back together to resale... drivers side window regulator drivers rear interior panel rear seat belt latches ash tray maybe the reverse lights panels that cover the tail light accessim to the point that im not putting anymore money into...
  41. FS: Mini race trailer for sale - $450 Des Moines, Iowa

    the car is mounted vertically on the trailer for aerodynamic reasons...Ive been meaning to build one of these for a while now, glws
  42. FS: Aerocatch hood pins FLUSH locking and non locking.

    we have a few buddies that use these, I plan on getting a few sets, after I get everything caught up.
  43. FS: JSB/ORG GroupBuy Apparel *Zip-up now available* Payments due 1-13

    so we should be getting these this week right? hopefully in the mail tomorrow?
  44. This will weld right up.

    Ill get ya some pics of mine here in a bit...youll feel lucky
  45. Dash command app

    yep, but these obd-apps really do work. I have one and it is awesome. Im running obd2 in the vr4, so that helps, but I actually bought it for my jeep. Its running on an AEM F/IC computer and it is 100x more helpful to see both sides. plus not having to drive to the parts store to clear codes is...
  46. GSX_TC's Photoshoot Pics

    Just add a bunch of negative camber to front, good to far as the exhaust, I have now been officially turned against it as well. there is absolutely no excuse for it. it should have never even been put on like that. it should have been fixed BEFORE it was ever driven. shoulda been fixed...
  47. Lifting a VR4?

    well I dont really see the castor being effected. the upper and lower points dont change in respect to each other. you would still be in your adjustment range to fix toe. so you might have some funky stuff going on with the camber, but still driveable for sure. the only problem I can see is that...
  48. Lifting a VR4?

    yep, no prob, just clearing up what I meant. thats reason why I dont prefer spacer type solutions, but it is what it is.
  49. Evo Hood Vents?

    so I was thinking the air intake was aftermarket, but with it being on the 1 and 2 is that factory setup?
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