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  1. FS: #418/2000 - Blairstown, NJ $4950

    Man, this is tempting. I'm in for pictures.
  2. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 $4200 - VA

    Love this car but it's time to move on. I bought #77 from a member on here a couple years ago and not much has changed so this add might look familiar. All of the mods are listed below and I have stacks of paperwork for almost everything done to the car. Drives great and I'm currently using it...
  3. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Put me down for one.-Intercooler inlet pipe position, Firing up or Down? Up firing -Speed Density or blow through MAF? Speed density -If blow through Maf, Total length of maf and size of inlet and outlet? No MAF -Type of BOV flange? Greddy -IAT sensor bung? Yes, 3/8NPT -Water/Meth...
  4. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I'm interested in the intercooler and 16g outlet to intercooler parts. Previous owner welded a battery tray back near the firewall that will probably interfere with your piping on that side.
  5. #418/2000 restore & mod thread.

    That catch can is a new one on me, I like it. I went with the Monster can my old 1g, but the water bottle is probably healthierI really like the way that vinyl came out and the gray color. Very nice work Nate.
  6. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Slim to none considering you have to contact them for a shipping quote to anywhere outside of Australia.With Mdlimy putting in the work for the community trying to make a kit around $450, spending over a grand + shipping from Australia seems nuts.
  7. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Awesome man, glad to see you're still at it. Are you only making kits for mitsu style compressor outlets or are you planning anything for downfiring turbos?
  8. WTB: Need Electrical Connectors

    That's a good link, I found the CAS connector. But I can't seem to find the other coolant temp sensor/swtich connectors. Mine connectors are long gone so I'm not entirely sure what they look like, or what series they are.
  9. WTB: Need Electrical Connectors

    Doing some rehab on #77 and need a few connectors preferably with at least a few inches of wire left on them.Basically I need a connector for the the CAS and all sensors and switches on the thermostat housing.• 6 bolt CAS connector • A/C Coolant Temp Switch connector ( the one on top of...
  10. R12 or R134a?

    My VR4's AC is in need of a recharge. The previous owner took good care of it and I'm not sure if he converted the AC to R134a. Is there a way to tell if he did?
  11. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    Do you have any numbers from that setup? How many miles on the eBay manifold?
  12. Me & my Galant.

    So you drove from Denver to San Fran like that? Holy sh*t, that's hardcore.
  13. #3 finally out and about. Updated with dyno vid on PG2

    All this aside, I'm not a regular here so I'm unfamiliar with this car. Do you have any basic specs on the build? Turbo, boost level, 2.0?, cams, intake? That 451awhp looks good but that lag is pretty serious.
  14. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I would definitely buy it for that price, provided it'll fit a JDM bumper. It would be nice to have a bolt in kit made by a guy helping they community. ETS trying to get close to a grand for their kit never say right with me.
  15. Turbo Lab of America

    They are right up the road from me. From my experience, customer service isn't their strength. A couple of my friends swear by them, but it seems to depend if they like you or not.
  16. Partout: #1365/2000 Black 91 CRASHED

    Interested in the FP manifold, ETS 16g crossover,and possibly the CM exhaust if the shipping doesn't kill me.
  17. Need help understanding thermostat housing sensors

    Thank you, I was able to solder and shrink wrap the #2 sensor connector so it's working again. The connector to the sensor in the bottom of the radiator was broken, luckily I had a spare and I replaced it. Now the main radiator fan on the passenger side will turn on when the coolant temp...
  18. Need help understanding thermostat housing sensors

    I'm having a little trouble understanding what these sensors do and which one(s) affect fan operation. I see the image below all over the site so it'd probably be a good reference. Here are my guesses but if anyone knows better than me please fill in the blanks. The wires to all of these...
  19. WTB: J Pipe that fits 16g

    I'm looking for the j-pipe/crossover pipe that fits a 16g. Something like the ETS piece would work.
  20. J-pipe

    I emailed them about the j-pipe earlier this year and they said they'd sell me one for $80+shipping. But I could understand why they would want to stop selling them. With that pipe you can piece together a kit for less than a third of what they want for their FMIC. Probably got tired of...
  21. FS: 3" turboback exhaust for GVR4

    Just to see, what would the shipping be to 24153?
  22. #740/1000 BUILD

    Damn, sorry to hear that man. Sounds like some carnage pics are might be coming.
  23. Partout: 247/2000 white - crashed

    Interested in cams, FMIC, and exhaust. Can you get me pics and a price for all of it shipped to 24153?
  24. FS: Evo seat rail adaptors for gvr4 making a run of them.

    Sent you an email about placing an order.
  25. Progress on my car, #674 finally going back together with lots of new goodies!

    Love the build, and I dig the no wing look. I had no idea who you were so I checked google, first thing I watched was you doing a triple backflip live in New Zealand. Pretty awesome to say the least.
  26. FS: 2 badges

    If you paid through PayPal I'd file a claim asap if you still can. It might light a fire under him to take 10 minutes to stick them in an envelope and send them to you.
  27. SOLD!

    PM sent, I'll take the badge.
  28. FS: 554 and 619 are being parted out.

    Looking for the brackets that hold the radio in place and rear trunk badges if you have them.
  29. FS: Partout 1635/2000

    When you say badge do you mean the trunk lid badges? If so you have a pic? I'm interested.
  30. FS: Vr4 Body Parts

    How much for the grill and badge shipped to the US, 24153? If it's not too bad I'll take it.
  31. FEELER: Partout 1635/2000

    What brand and size intercooler do you have? I also might be interested in that exhaust manifold.
  32. FS: 91 gvr4 part out cedar falls ia

    If the badge isn't sold I will take it. Just let me know a shipped price to 24153.
  33. FS: Crazy rockauto sale

    Nice, thanks for the heads up! I needed some new brake pads.
  34. need another blow by question answered. last one I promise

    Quoting Kibby: My assumption was lower intake temps making less pressure in the cylinders from swapping to a fmic. Ex: 20psi @300 degrees is more pressure than 20psi @100. More power less pressure. I was only getting pressure in the crankcase because the rings are on their way out. I wasnt...
  35. WTB: 1991 Galant VR4 Rear Badges

    Bump, looking for the VR4 and DOHC badges now.
  36. FS: engine block, 4 bolt, stand, fuel sensor, head, cams

    If the badges aren't sold I will take them. Been looking for those for awhile.
  37. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    I was in the LS1 scene for awhile before I got my Talon and GVR4. I've spent a lot of time at the Shelor Dragstrip and Natural Bridge so I'm sure I've seen them or at least their cars around.
  38. #740/1000 BUILD

    Awesome car, I see you're racing out at the Bridge. If you want, let me know the next time you're going. I'd like to see that thing run, maybe I'll line up against you and get embarrassed, lol. It would be cool to see two GVR4s on the track together, even if I'm a full second slower.
  39. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    Small world man, I use to work over in the Suntrust building right across the street from Norfolk Southern in Roanoke. I was there from '08-'11, now I'm working for an IT dept at a small college. Love the area around here.
  40. WTB: 1991 Galant VR4 Rear Badges

    Thanks, found the Mitsubishi badge for pretty cheap. Just looking for the badges in this pic now:click
  41. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    Thanks, here's some more pics. The wheels are Oz Racing F-1s. Sorry about the engine bay being upside down. Not sure why that happened.[/url]
  42. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    I recently purchased #77 from GVR4, aka Dave, and I've been loving it. I'm impressed with the knowledge on this site. There are a few things I need to address like getting the cyclone intake working, front bumper repair, new wideband install, etc but with all the information here I don't think...
  43. WTB: 1991 Galant VR4 Rear Badges

    I'm looking for the rear badges from a 1991 VR4. Let me know what you have, also looking for the front grill 4wd badge.-Nathan
  44. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    New guy here, just sent PayPal for a 92 fob. Thanks Steve!
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