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  1. Please delete!

    Found what I needed here please delete..
  2. Please delete!

    My electrical part of the housing is kinda crusty and no matter how many times I solder the bulb socket/case to the wire it let's go leaving me with no signaling. I don't necessarily need the lens just the bucket and guts in ok shape. [email protected] Scotty :geek:
  3. Please delete!

    My fan motor has a dead spot and occasionally fails to start and will let the car creep up on the Temps. Looking for one that is good and will get me by for awhile . This is the only cooling fan on my car as we had to ditch the A/C fan with a larger front mount. Please helpa brudda ...
  4. FS: 4 Bolt Rearend with Diff, Axles, and Cups.

    are all 4 bolts LSD?
  5. FS: rare set of WORK DTM rims 17x7.5 4x114 5x114 43offset

    how heavy are they ? any tire size you ran on them you recommend ? Im trying to get away from the 18's i have and go with something more respectable .
  6. FS: EVO 8 Turbo with 10.5 Hotside

    is this a bolt on for a Galant ? whats it comparable to ? My tired old 16g (small) could stand to be updated Thanks .
  7. FS: Updated black ISC idle motor

    paypal sent ! LMK when it goes out if ya can .
  8. click clack sound coming from left front of car at lower speed

    evo 8 swapped suspension as per write up on this site ( used the evo strut mounts)
  9. click clack sound coming from left front of car at lower speed

    Quoting JCorbo25: Possible engine mount?Put all new engine mounts on it last Year no change
  10. click clack sound coming from left front of car at lower speed

    Quoting dammitjim: If you're making a slow, tight turn does it make a rapid clicking sound that gets worse when you accelerate and get better/go away if you put the clutch in? That would be a front CV joint.As said above I put 2 new axles in it last year no change its not a cv joint I...
  11. click clack sound coming from left front of car at lower speed

    Basically this car has been doing this since I bought it 10 yrs ago .I replaced all of the following has a baer 13 inch brake kit added has new outer tie rod ends new sway bar end links new sway bar bracket bushings evo 8 swapped suspension as per write up on this site ( used the evo...
  12. SOLD~!

  13. SOLD~!

    these are 2 separate head units only one for the GCC and one for a VPC.
  14. SOLD~!

    Sold thanks .
  15. FS: aem, mb quart speakers, drivers trim, factory manual

    interested in speakers , I am in in Richmond va , how old are they ? and what can ya do on shipping them price wise. PM me if possib.
  16. LCA bushings need part numbers also lower ball joint numbers /need help w noise

    I have still a "kuh-pop pop" sound coming from my 115k mile galant following an evo 8 suspension swap (Had it before the swap too) swore it was ragged out AGX's but was wrong.although the car drives much better and the noise is somewhat diminished and seems to be only on the drivers side only...
  17. Can't remove the damn flywheel bolts

    How hot are you getting them ? someone may have put red loctite on them , or you are rounding the heads off using a gangsta socket ? I have seen folks mig weld a large bulky nut on to the short heads of one to get it out , but all of them would blow to do this way .My bud heats stuff till...
  18. FEELER: 91 VR4 1739/2k $3500obo Roanoke VA

    It would be worth more if you had not messed w the finish it just looks rickety now I think the look is hurting the sale .Clean up that eng bay and paint the car. It will sell then .
  19. windsheilds

    Safelite ? you have got to be kidding me . They are the worst replacement auto glass people on the planet.t I do the galants with new clips for 175.00 and use a non Safelite part . They use a brand of glass they fabricate themselves, its brittle , loaded with distortion and sure to break so...
  20. Idle woes .

    Oddly enough after putting my old TB back on and another ISC the car is idling normal.My plan is to send the ECU to a board member for scrutiny and make sure that can be ruled out in the future , I need injector seals if anyone can hooke me up with who sells them would be preeshatated.
  21. Idle woes .

    Boost leak test revealed injector seals are leaking on the intake side, I would say this is a boost only thing but not sure if theres enough fresh air leaking in to cause issues, I will replace them if you guys can tell me where to buy a set .I went ahead and put my old TBI back on ( my...
  22. Idle woes .

    The ISC I have off the car is good, the one in the car I will inspect tomorrow and do a boost leak check , probably pull the ECU and scrutinize that area around the caps I seem to remember one of those upright boards in the area around the caps controlling idle, Im hoping to have some more info...
  23. Idle woes .

    My car has developed a horrible idle problem, I have changed TB to get a different FIAV on there I left the car with a local mitsubishi dealer and according to him the computer ( which has had caps replaced long ago) is not operating the isc .We first tried the throttle body but now the car...
  24. datalogger cable lost instructions for connect to car

    I looked throug VFAQ and a few other sites and cant for the life of me find a basic pin-out I have one connector still on, but had to pull 2 2 get my abs light off and have not logged in some time.I have to set my isc , and need the cable on to get that one wire grounded as I rememeber, if...
  25. AWD Trans weight ? How Much do these weigh ?

    I have to ship one , and I'm considering fedex, but they have a 150lb limit so Im asking here if anyone knows ! thanks !
  26. Galant VR4 goes 218mph

    "Wheel Drive, and set a new record of 203.4 mph, making it, we believe, the first 4-door sedan over 200 and for sure the first 2.0-liter production class sedan over 200 mph. "
  27. RiceKiller

    Ordered RRE lines from Keith. He shipped what he said he would when he said he would and it was packed like it mattered.Thanks again , and for being patient w me on the transact .
  28. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    there is no way it was going to work without trimming the bottom out, I tried the bumper onand then it hit the intercooler with over an inch to go till full mounting,It was then that I took the bumper cover off the re-bar and eyeballed it decided to start cutting . That JDM intercooler is...
  29. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    Update!Holy Jesus ! what an improvement .The car actually is torque steering now you really have to drive it on accel as it tries to fight you , its crisp and just a big improvement all the way across the board and I am sure its getting more air to the a/c and radiator etc withe that...
  30. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    That looks nice Steve , the one thing I can say about doing this is it will be much easier to add /upgrade to a larger unit later on as most of the sh*t work is already done, other than the trimming necessary to accomodate the larger piping that should be used with the jump up to the big-un's...
  31. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    Yeah thanks for the help and advice everyone , I always seem to prevail the support looked like work which is kryptonite to me .
  32. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    I think I got it !should I cut the front cover all out to get more a rflow or will it look ghey ?
  33. JDM intercooler install please help my pathetic ass

    I got this intercooler and cant decide how it is supposed to go into the front if I am able to use any mounting points onthe car or if I need to cut the hood latch support or just cut my damn bumper, I have it all tore down and feeling liek I need to ask for help before I do it "my way " and...
  34. Thanking Jeff (Keydiver)

    Jeff recently completed the puzzle on about 90% of my sorry ass tuning issues, He is a problem solver and pays mind to alot of peoples needs such as myself . He called me a couple weeks ago , explained a flurry of things to me in a way that I could grasp and sent me one of his latest chips which...
  35. New guy here with a fresh VR4 *pics*

    Im in Richmond, Holla if your ever in town , Scotty
  36. SGTdave

    Ships promptly and had no issues with Dave , He is also a member on the Starion Conquest sites in good standing .You can trust Dave I jsst sent him a MO for 3 figures for an intercooler and he took care of me it arrived today just as descrobed.
  37. Sam G. Sayes

    Sam has always been honest , and quick to help me out with my car. Today after leaving Martys and seeing his sick setups it was on to Sam's house for a little holiday spirit and to purchase Sams wheels and hood with RS vents! My ride has bald-ass tires and hail damage beyond body work so Sam's...
  38. Marty ,

    I was able to meet up with Marty once before at a Galant meet in Northern Va, We recently struck a deal on some parts I had here, and I delivered them today (Dec. 26) He also has one of the faster cars on this board (2.4) 60 trim,etc.. got to see the Dave Brode pipes up close for myself as the...
  39. Kartorium

    Karter shipped me a part as described and at a killer price. He is a straight up no hassle kind of guy . Thanks again, Scotty
  40. Sam G. Sayes

    Sam's a good ape , went to his house like a year and some change ago we drank instant coffee and talked smack about things he sold me a set of 17's and gave me like 5 oil filters, and some other goodies , smoked tobacco out of a water boing met another galant owner there as well . Met at bull...
  41. autobahntom

    I have had various dealings with Tom He goes out of his way literally to deliver things when he's in town and also made a trip to PA to pick up a Trans from Jayru for a partial trade on a piece I was selling. 1st class person and an asset to any board .
  42. Keydiver

    I can only tell you of the kindness of Jeff, and the performance gains my car has seen since being told of his services , He's a top shelf asset to this site.
  43. 2G-MAS/Dejon Pipe Install NEED HELP !

    quote:Originally posted by iceman69510: Is it just me, or does Scotty's upper radiator hose seem way to long, so much that it seems to be doubling back on itself.This is a good thread, as I still have to do my 2g mas install. Yeah damn Napa Hose .. Its not as bad as it looks there , but I...
  44. 2G-MAS/Dejon Pipe Install NEED HELP !

    I saw what needed to happen after the 3rd post .. I went into my lab and pulled some old funky pressure hose from a volvo that I was saving God knows why ? Put in the Grand master flash Tape in the 8 track and went to work ... I also installed the 2g mas KeyDiver chip for the 550's and I...
  45. 2G-MAS/Dejon Pipe Install NEED HELP !

    Ok ive rewired my battery removed all the HKS P-Fcon garbage, get to the front of the car and try to install this 2 G and dejon pipe I bought off this board and It wont fit !!! hits the Bypass valve and the last rubber hose before the throttle body can anyone tell me how to make this work !? My...
  46. Antenna mast ferrule removal

    I have become quite familiar w mitsu power antennas. ive actually taken the tip off and used the first segment w the zip strip teeth off of another bent mast to make mine work again. I locked 2 sets of vice grips 180 Deg from each other and used , YES a CLAW Hammer to pop that bastage off of...
  47. GVR4 Tranny rebuild. Difficult?

    yeah lets get a list going Id like to rebuild mine as well . and Im not scurred.
  48. Mater/slave cylinder rebuild

    so is the 91 more copasetic to having no release problems or is the 92 the whole explanation of that was confusing to me.
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