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  1. FS: Turbo, Cyclone, Crystal Headlights

    Sure do have the cyclone intake, all boxed and ready to ship. I had a guy on here PM me about it and then never sent payment or PM me back
  2. FS: Turbo, Cyclone, Crystal Headlights

    Turbo Sold Headlights Sold
  3. FS: Turbo, Cyclone, Crystal Headlights

    Turbo ready to drop in. Took this off a customer's VR4 a couple years ago, ran fine, he allowed me to keep it as part of the payment to install his giant aftermarket setup. In good shape and stored in sealed bag, comes with manifold & O2 housing (if you don't want 'em I'll recycle 'em)...
  4. What The Cluck!?

    Quote: Those PIAA fogs look pretty good. That's one of the best alternatives I've seen. Got any pics without the covers on?Only this one off an old phone that I took while doing the install and making the brackets...I might have a better one somewhere, I'll post here if I find it...
  5. What The Cluck!?

  6. WTB: 93 headlights *CASH IN HAND*

    $220 plus Shipping plus PayPal Fee My zipcode = 06401
  7. WTB: Stock wheels.

    I have these two, I'm thinking $75 each plus shipping & PayPal fees. PM me to discuss.
  8. FS: (CT) 1991 Galant VR-4 $7000 *SOLD*

    Replied to Slinky's PM
  9. FS: (CT) 1991 Galant VR-4 $7000 *SOLD*

    For Sale: 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Turbo All Wheel Drive221,xxx MilesModifications: AEM Standalone Engine Control Unit (ECU) AEM Wideband O2 Sensor GM 3-Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor 1000cc Injectors Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Walbro 255 In-Tank Fuel Pump...
  10. Noise under deceleration while in gear

    The lesson here: is make sure your intermediate shaft is parallel to the bottom edge of your block and at a 90 degree angle coming out of the transmission, otherwise horrible noises may occur. And yes mitsu a fajita full of bees does sting the mouth.
  11. Noise under deceleration while in gear

    Nope. It was Ken Inn's car. I couldn't even begin to list the atrocities he performed on this automobile. It was such a mess, the last GAVE it to me to get it out of storage because everything was trashed on it. Ken Inn is my nemesis.Barnes, I am saying that both cars have A/C, mine had a...
  12. Noise under deceleration while in gear

    JNR: the material is steel and is ~8mm thick, in retrospect I could of done it with washers or even a poly swaybar bushing cut to an 8mm thickness. It is relatively easy to access the two bolts but it is a lot easier if you remove the driverside longitudinal subframe brace.
  13. Noise under deceleration while in gear

    You are probably correct iceman, my buddy in Texas just checked his car and it has no spacers, we both have A/C. but, for whatever reason (bent bracket or maybe not a VR4 half-shaft) this fix made my noise go completely away and now i can decel without my car sounding like it is coming apart...
  14. Noise under deceleration while in gear

    So for many years now I have had a noise under deceleration at about 3000rpm that sounded like metal on metal bolts in a washing machine. Other people on this forum and other DSM forums have reported the same thing. Some turned out to be clutches, others were the "wob-wob" noise from a worn...
  15. HotBits Suspension

    Thank you Barnes and DR1665 for interjecting some logic and experience into my frustration. I am on SpecialStage (same username) but I never found that post, I obviously didn't look hard enough, thank you. I will continue my quest for my perfect suspension setup and if I ever find it I will...
  16. HotBits Suspension

    Yeah you are right, Jersey is pretty bad, it is important to remember that there is always a worse place to be.
  17. HotBits Suspension

    I have had 'em for two years. I have had the dampening and rebound settings in every possible configuration. All the way soft, all the way hard, in the middle; doesn't matter. I might as well have 2x4s for struts in the front. I can tell the slight difference when I adjust 'em but I have a very...
  18. HotBits Suspension

    A couple years ago I bought a set of DT2s from HotBits, 'rally spec' 60nm in the front 40nm in the back. Previously I owned a set of DT1s 'track spec' with I think the same spring rate, maybe a little higher. I kept the ride height of the DT1s pretty low as I used to live in Oregon and drive...
  19. What Manifold is this?

    Thanks for the info and expeditious response
  20. What Manifold is this?

    What turbo works with the manifold on the right? I was going to install the one on the right in place of the one the left because the one on the right already has a hole tapped for an EGT bung when I noticed that it was a differnt shape and does not line up with the turbine inlet or factory...
  21. WTB: Front Seat belt part

    not all of 'em are like that... PM on the way...
  22. WTB: 91 gvr4 coolant reasivor

    $10 +shipping from 06605 never used, still in package PM me if interested
  23. AEM EMS owners HELP!

    here are a couple pics with a/c stuff removed for cleaning/maintenance I am pointing to where I sliced off some of the black sound deadening stuff.It was not necessary to remove a/c stuff to install ECU, though looking at it now, If you have no Freon in your system or plan on evacuating it...
  24. Lowered Ride Pics

  25. AEM EMS owners HELP!

    I got my AEM ecu into the stock location. First I took the factory ECU's metal cradle and cut the walls off of it until it was a flat piece. Then I painted the cradle with Rustoleum so it wont rust where I cut it. Second I combined two worm clamps to hold the AEM to the flattened cradle, and...
  26. some pics of 608 before I sold it

    The white one has a sunroof, the green one had sun damaged paint flaking off the roof. Yes white ones tend to be the fastest outta my stable. Unfortunately I am separated from my car at this time, I miss it, and so now I make posts on the board that has given me much info over the years (an...
  27. This dont look right to me....

    Mine does the same thing. Noise under decel, specific RPMs and load.Try making your car make the noise while deceling uphill, I bet it goes away.I actually drive around it when in crowed areas because it is embarrassing to have something soo fast and yet so crappy.Shep told me it was...
  28. AEM EMS whats needed to run it?

    ALL brands of the serial port to usb adapters I tried scramble important data when communicating between AEM and laptop. Find a laptop with a serial, or prepare for a headache and yeah u need an Intake Air Temp in addition to what you have. Its pretty cool once you get it running right and...
  29. some pics of 608 before I sold it

    I have a much faster one I needed to focus my resources on one supercar, what with the economy and all
  30. ACT street disc problems

    An ACT clutch BROKE the FORK for the trow out bearing under normal use, and a correct install, in my first GVR4. ACT in my humble opinion is crap. I have installed several ACTs in everything from civic to STIs to 240s for customers, there is about a 50% chance there will be a problem. Many...
  31. some pics of 608 before I sold it

  32. a pillar keeps falling

    I found provisions on the back of my a pillar covers for additional plastic clips. I bought the !help! plastic clips for a ford @ o-reillys'; marked and drilled appropriate holes in the metal and viola! Also I was installing the plastics for a non-sliding seatbelt.So get bigger clips for the...
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