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  1. FS: 1992 ????/1000 littleton colorado $2000 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

    this car has a lot of good parts shep stage on bellhousing has a crack that has been professionally repaired, dsm link v3 running speed density, prologger widebind and electronic boost controller 4 bolt lsd, hand built t4 divided flange manifold by steve at pfi, cant remember the specs on the...
  2. ??? how many 1992 Galant VR4 out of 1,000 is there left ????

    ????/1000 nile black here
  3. FS: body and perf parts NOW WITH PICS YAY

    does the head have new valve guides and is it all stock?
  4. think these will work for 4ws removal? komatsu jic plugs

    that could be the issue im having i used just generic ones from the parts store and they have a huge head and a very long thread on them so they dont even seat against the copper washers
  5. think these will work for 4ws removal? komatsu jic plugs

    So I was browsing the net looking for metric Jic/Jis plugs and i found these I'm gonna order a set and try them out unless someone has already used them let me know if you all think these will work. I have already tried the oil drain plugs witch will work if i cut them down but i think these...
  6. axle ? help.

    Ok guys I'm doing a 4bolt swap and the axles i got there is the one with the long splines witch as far as i can tell goes on the passenger side can anyone verify this for me?. And I am sure this has been answered a billion time but i searched and cant find an answer. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. help wideband dsm link question

    thanks for the help i wound up using the linear wb output of the logger set at a lambda value of 1.00 checked out put voltage at stoich and then programed tha into links wbo2 sim tab and so far its working good the only issue i have now is the is almost a full point diff between the dsmlink log...
  8. help wideband dsm link question

    Yes I have read the wili on this my issue is more with translating the lambda settings of the prologger to soitch switch point I don't even know where to start I have posted this question up on the forums there and everyone is telling me just hookit up and it should work and its not working...
  9. help wideband dsm link question

    so i am trying to sim a narrow band on dsm link v3 i have a prologger wideband that will sim a narrow band by it's self so my first question is what is the switch point of the stock o2 sensors if anybody knows and the only wire i need for this is the o2 input going to the ecu put do you guys...
  10. rear door wont open

    my passenger side rear door will not open. I can hear the linkage moving inside the door has anybody else had this problem and what is the easiest way to fix it (i am guessing i have to take the door panel off from the inside just thought someone else might have some idea) and before the wise...
  11. Good guy- steveb

    awesome seller great contact and eprom ecu was over packaged and well protected thanks steve!
  12. pro logger anybody ever use on of these?

    click just curious if anybody uses one of these and if they are any good looks like alot of features.
  13. QM twin disc questions

    ok so i went to jnz they dont have a accumulator listed does anybody have the part #'s? and are both the slave and accumulator from the fwd and not awd?
  14. QM twin disc questions

    good info thanks guys. Any advice on where to pick up the 2g parts jnz or dealer?
  15. QM twin disc questions

    Ok so I bought a used QM twin disc and Im getting ready to install this thing and just curious if anyone with experience with these can tell me if i should install the isuzu slave and a pedal stop. I have search this subject and cant find any info on it also if anyone know's where to find...
  16. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    yeah man give him a call hes about to start on my intercooler piping here very soon all bead rolled he does some very sweet work his number is 303-564-0754 and again his name is steve with divulge just tell him bob told you to call and he will hook you up.
  17. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    well it all depends on what you want i.e flanged for mitsu or garret with one or two or no external wastegates my mani he charged about 350 its flanged for t4 with ext wastegate you can go as crazy or as mild as you want. if you want one done let me know he said he would work with anyone from...
  18. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    jon no this was done by divulge motorsports owner steve who is a friend of mine its kinda a up and coming shop but hes good hes got lathes and mills the whole set up. this was all done with a tig cleaned up the stainless with m.e.k and clean ss wire brush most of it was fusion welded with some...
  19. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    ok so its basically done minus the wastegates wich will be installed when i get them but this is basically the finished product this was built by my friends fab shop here in town who does awesome fab work and custom turbo kits on any hing i have included a few pics of his 700 whp honduh motor...
  20. dsm link map sensor set up ?

    ok this may be a dumb question but i am about to purchase my dsmlink v3 and i know you can run now with a map sensor but if you do this do you completely elimnate the need for a maf or do you still need one?
  21. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    yeah that looks good mines gonna be a lot lower than that we will see how it turns out.
  22. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    yeah lol i will post up some more pics soon. We got cyl number two tied in shoud have it all done by next week i will post up the finished product.
  23. my new exhaust manifold what do you guys think updated!

    heres a pic of the start of my new exhaust manifold the only down side so far is the ac removal what do you guys think fo far?
  24. New owner of #981/2000

    nice another local welcome. looks nice saw it on craigslist.
  25. timing belt tensioner

    well yes the stock stuff is great dont get me wrong but the one i have has failed so its time to swap it out for a new one and since im doing it anyways the manual ones are fail proof at any rpm so im going to install one on my car while im at it thanks for your input thats exactly what i was...
  26. timing belt tensioner

    i was curious if there is a way to make or timing belt tensenior manual like the honda guys do on the h22's or if there is an alternative to the factory type?
  27. machine shops in colorado?

    ok i will give them a call. thanks guys
  28. Looking into a VR4

    have you posted an add in the for sale section for the car im sure someone would be glad to take it off your hands. But before you give up on it if all it needs is a turbo you might try and post a want to buy add for a stock turbo used and you might get lucky and find a cheap and near you. And...
  29. machine shops in colorado?

    does anybody know of a decent machine shop in colorado there are alot around just wondering if anybody has had any real experiance with a good local machine shop here in colorado i am think of building a stroker for the gaylant. the block has been sitting so long that it looks like the rings on...
  30. New Owner of #1942/2000! *UPDATE*

    welcome to the board and congrats on the new car.
  31. mls headgasket ?

    wow didnt expect so many answers thanks everybody i think i will go ahead and use some of my trusty copper coat for this install too.
  32. mls headgasket ?

    huh thats interesting i have never heard copper coat reffered to as a "glue" i just thought it would do just like he said fill in imperfections in the mating surfaces. i have always used it on most cars hondas ectand have never had one come back on me but most of them were not mls type gaskets.
  33. im getting mine up and runing again finally

    so its been about two years of jsb now i know i suck. but i finally got around to getting the galant up and runing again its gonna head to my buddys shop here to get a whole new set up we are gonna redo the intercooler piping civic half rad and new hand made exhaust mani and intake mani i will...
  34. mls headgasket ?

    so im am finally starting to get my gaylant up and moving again no more jsb! i was just curious and this may be a dumb question but i ordered a new mls headgasket from jnz and was wondering if you guy's copper coat these before install or just put them in dry out of the box? thanks for the help...
  35. #1900 - 'GOLFBALL' build - 2.4-AUTO-NITROUS.... Street car?

    i dont know if you thought of this but might hava good pdr guy (paintless dent repair) look at it and give you a estimate to repair the hail could be cheaper. just a thought. good luck bro!
  36. anyone bought valve seals recently

    thanks for the reply i picked up a set of viton ones locally so we will see how they work out they are blue as well so looks like i might be buying stockers anyway.
  37. anyone bought valve seals recently

    as the title says im in the market looking for a good set of valve seals probably viton i called the stealer and they want 5.05 a piece for stockers does anyone know where i could get a good set for cheap?
  38. Age of you VR-4 Owners?

    26 owned ????/1000 since i was 20
  39. tre rebuild kit questions

    has anybody gotten one of these tre "full rebuild kits" for there cars just wondering what all is included in the kit?
  40. VR6 Eater

    awesom guy great transaction bought a cup holder and arm rest from him showed up quick and in exelent shape
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