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  1. JDM front bumper

    Someone took angle iron for the front I got... But I won CurtisCo brackets years back that came into great use.Diego
  2. Picture request

    I had this problem as well....So it fell and scrubbed the concrete a bit..... Anyone know what clips actually go there for the (8?mm) bolt to go into?Diego
  3. WTB: dash badge

    Need a 92 dash badge. Someone let go of just one out of your collections. PleaseDiego
  4. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    It's the stock AC compressor so I believe it's the old stuff. I didn't want to retro fit the AC and Iowa has decided it has a monsoon season this year so I still have no need to put it back.Just sitting in my dad's garage taking up a corner spot with other odds and ends.Diego
  5. The Difference on a GVR4 and an Evo8 Knock Sensor?

    No^. Or at least I haven't seen that option/function in LinkDiego
  6. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    As the title states, GVR4 AC compressor. Took my AC out, don't need it in the garage.$50 obo+ ship/pp feesDiego
  7. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    Oooh your car # is close to mine....
  8. WTB: compatable injectors for my setup

    I have some 550s. They would be near stockish with a little more oomph.Diego
  9. Mods Please Read

    I think if he needs backing, one would summon GeorgeBillings,Justin,GalantVr4559(Bryan),Kris Parish (can't remember his handle off hand), Willie G, and most importantly Sir John thee Toybreaker himself....
  10. Size of door decal?

    It's a JDM thingDiego
  11. Size of door decal?

    21 7/8"x 1"Diego
  12. Size of door decal?

    I'll go measure and report backDiego
  13. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    Got mine today.... Thanks again Steve
  14. Hey im new

  15. WTB: AMG Front bumper or full body kit

    ^ I've sourced the brown window.... Shipping is what would scare me.
  16. FREE: 92 Green Wheels

    Some one in Georgia play middle man, ship me one for a full sized spare... Greyhound should be like $20 to ship...Diego
  17. The heartbreaker dyno

    Still low to some standards.... I would be freshening it up.
  18. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    <- this guy is not worried on the timing.
  19. Just some new broad.

    Mike that's a bit tooooo early.
  20. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    He pulled the trigger for the 91s. Thanks Steve.Diego
  21. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    Yeah I have no clue the brand. Something I picked up right before I moved to Colorado.I know Bryan (Galantvr4559) loves them.Diego
  22. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    I need to take the head off the FS list... Just because I like driving it around every now and again since it's running again....Diego
  23. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    AMG rep 3 piece wing sold! Sad to see it go but it should fall into good hands, and hopefully be reproduced for others. Diego
  24. My progress on 1309

    Also washed 2 years of dust off this bitch today.Diego
  25. My progress on 1309

    Have taken the car for a few spins. She feels good.Problem I am having is that I am stuck in open loop and cannot get into closed loop.Quick rundown... Innovate MTXL WB RC550s 91oct Aeromotive A1000 set @ 40psi fuel pressure ( also corrected in V3L ) FPGreen OG Recirc'd PR O2 with a 38EWG...
  26. WTB: Bushur Sparkplug cover.

    We've done business before, would you like just Lite or as an ECU package deal?Diego
  27. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    Rep AMG 3 piece wing pending sale......This sucks!Diego
  28. WTB: JDM front fogs (Pre-or-Post Facelift)

    One day I just might buy them back from you.
  29. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    This is the DR door.....
  30. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    She took a sledge hammer to it last night. Was arrested again, this time for domestic assault. I not being the aggressor was charged and booked. Iowa law states makes being the aggressor.Idk what she looks like now after the damage. But there goes my whole f***ing build if 8 years down the...
  31. FS: Miscellanious stock and performance parts

    You know.... Bryan (Galantvr4559) has been trying to find you, I think we wants some parts if y'all haven't met up yet....
  32. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    If that's a legit offer it's yours........ That's house money and then some.
  33. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    I bought all my large items a year ago on tax season.This car is my hobby that has been on the back burner because of the little dude.She gambles constantly and goes out drinking nightly. She once dropped $1500 in a week gambling. That is what caused our problems. Let alone her mother...
  34. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    I "think" it's that most females believe we care more for a car then family or any individual for that matter.At least that's what my ex keeps telling me.....
  35. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    Holy f***!!! She had me thrown in jail tonight! Wtf!
  36. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    At this moment the car is turn key. Needs to have the boost leaks fixed and will try to get them fixed Sunday. But it will start, just idles crappy with the leaks.
  37. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    This has been my life for the last 8 years. I have only put 6k miles on in that time. So it is my baby and taken care of.I would sell outright for $8k oboEmail is Evodna91@gmail Cell- 402-320-7915 PayPal is [email protected] located in Sioux City Ia 51106
  38. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    So my life has flopped, old lady cheated on me and booted me from the house almost a month ago. So instead of sleeping on Steve's couch and the car, I have decided to sell as is or part out 1309.Those here that know me know the build, time and money spent over the 8 years I have owned it...
  39. SOLD!!! FS #239/2000 $4000 omaha NE

    I'm in Sioux City, my brothers in Omaha. He's looking.
  40. [RESOLVED] Car will start cold, but won't start hot.

    The coolant sender (to ECU) is my current no start problem. Link shows up a reading of -74*. Replacing that sensor soon when it gets in.
  41. WTB: JDM Front/Rear bumpers

    Buy it Steve!
  42. FS: JSB/ORG GroupBuy Apparel *Zip-up now available* Payments due 1-13

    They come in any size you need. They do have an up charge for 2x-4x and tall sizes. It's only a buck or two up charge.Diego
  43. FS: Cold weather gear

    I think the price for a TALL is in the link. If not it ranges about a $1/$2 more for the tall T's.I know those that have purchased before may not need new gear as these things last forever, but I know y'all want to update those faded colored shirts.Diego
  44. FS: Cold weather gear

    Any color you can imagine.These have always been a GB as these are personalized to your choices.I plan to let this ride out for 2 weeks and see what the response is on these again.Diego
  45. FS: Cold weather gear

    This cold snap has had people asking me to do another run for us cold frozen people. I've done about 5 GBs and had no problems so I'm doing again!Link is here. clickAnd the list starts below!1. Shane Hewitt TransparentDSM (His order I will paste here in an update)And GO!!!
  46. MTXL logging question

    I've logged on once to the link forums. I guess I will go do a bit of reading over there.
  47. MTXL logging question

    On the MTXL it has two wires that can be used for logging the AFR signal. Those wires are brown and orange. My question is, do I need to run those wires ( I assume Link will have an option?) or can I just leave them be and keep the gauge running as is in my pod and not mess with anything else...
  48. My progress on 1309

    I have a flat bar LED MAC light and a chicken coop light....Why the hell the builders of this house made a 2stall attached garage and put a single bulb light in a garage.... Not even enough room to hang a shop light because of the clearance from the roof and garage door, then the garage...
  49. My progress on 1309

    Have to pull the turbo back out to take the O2 housing off and weld a new O2 bung in for the MTX-L... She will be back on the road by next week if all goes as planned. Fingers crossed!Side note; I hate not having enough light in the garage.
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