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GalantVR4.ORG 1/4 Mile Leader Board!


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13 months and 1 day between updates and only 2 cars updated?
We aren't doing much to help that JSB stereotype! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif


Entry 19 for sleepyvr4 is 1743/2000 - I know because I now own it and actually have the posted timeslip in the cars records (I can repost it for confirmation if desired).

Car had a SBR G50 on it when I got it and I don't think ever beat that 14B time with that on - I've never taken it down the quarter.

It is now undergoing a bit of an engine rebuild and once this is done will be running a 14B again for a while ...



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Start a build thread on NEDSM so I can see it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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I cut my times down a bit. If it takes 13 months to update again hopefully I will cut them down even further before then /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif !

Bradenton Motorsports Park: Bradenton, FL
March 28th, 2013

Galant 474/1000

r/t: .150
60': 1.867
1/8: [email protected]
1/4: [email protected]


This is the timeslip on the far right of the picture.

s16g, road tyres
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My latest and best results.

F - E85 Summer Blend Full E85

R - Hankook Ventus RS3

T - Above

V - click
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Car Eagle 2000 GTX AWD w/4g63T swap rebadge to GVR4
Engine Stock 2.0L
Turbo FP 68HTA @ 30 PSI
Transmission Automatic, high stall torque converter ,shift kit
Fuel 94 pump gas, 30psi
Nitrous NO
Race weight 3735 lb
Tire Yokohama Avid TRZ (700 treadware)
Race track Napierville Dragway
Date 20-10-2013

60 Foot 1,665
330 Foot 4,830
1/8 Mile 7,524
1/8 Mile MPH 90,84
1000 Foot 9,863
1/4 Mile 11,851
1/4 Mile MPH 113,25



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At 5800ft above sea level

Holset hx40 33psi street tuned!
Street tires
No nitrous
Time slip available but my phone wont let me post it!


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60' 1.751
330' 4.938
1/8 7.459
Mph 99.83
1000' 9.615
1/4 11.411
Mph 126.29
5800 ft ab /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

E85, holset hx 40 on 33 psi, street tires, no nitrous, and time slip available just my phone wont let me post it here!


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60' 1.751
330' 4.938
1/8 7.459
Mph 99.83
1000' 9.615
1/4 11.411
Mph 126.29
5800 ft above sea level

E85, holset hx 40 on 33 psi, street tires, no nitrous, and time slip available just my phone wont let me post it here!


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584/1000 has only made two passes at the track - since I have 431 likely won't be making any more anytime soon !

The car made 556AWHP @30 psi and went [email protected] full weight and working a/c on street tires - dove it to the track and home.
The 11.6 was on soft launch and lifting to shift - I'm sure the car would go 10.9x if we put the effort in!!

As always many thanks to Nate Crisman !!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif



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Last pass of the year for the old girl. Done messed the transmission up the pass after. I was going to take it apart anyway. Need to find 2 tenths before I replace the turbo. I think it's there with more timing and a better 60.


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806/1000 Just got into the 9's today! M&H 24.5" tall slicks, FP3794, no nitrous, manual Trans, E85.

Link to video >> 9.82


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This thing is severely outdated and all the links are broken. Any plans to maintain/fix it?


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Alright guys, as long as the Mods don't mind, I'd like to take on the task of keeping this up to date. That is, unless the OP wants the job back instead.

I tried to restore the previous table, but the issue is, the table that was previously hosted on the first page was based on a bunch of Image Shack URLs. This URLs have died, which obviously means the table died too. With it, most of the data such as time slips, videos, and other data are all gone as well (or at least not easily located at their listed URLs).

So, that brings us to now. I pulled the original list of the top 20 guys out of the old table, and posted them below. Although some of the guys on the list are unregistered or aren't members here anymore, I'd still like to keep their times up if they have not been beaten by another current member. That way, we'll have a current/historical list of the fastest Galant VR-4s of all time. With that, I'll need some help locating time slips for some of these guys who may have fallen off the map, as well as updated information from members who are still here. Once I get the new top 20 list built out, I'll work on extending it out to 40 members like before.

Here's what I need:

1) If you're currently in the top 20, PM me with the information in red below.
2) If you know where I can find the slips/info for someone in the top 20 who's no longer a member, PM me with the information in red below
3) If you have a 1/4 mile time that's faster than the guy currently listed in the #20 spot, PM me with the information in red below.
4) Before you send me your slip, PLEASE, upload your time slip somewhere here on the .Org (your build thread, your member showcase, whatever), and shoot me the URL for the image. This will ensure this data won't be lost when I fall off the map, and that the next poor bastard who takes this on isn't starting from scratch.

The old tracker was populated with (in order)

-Screen Name
-Badge #
-1/8 MPH

What do F/R/N/T/V mean?
F - Fuel used (In AKI)
- AKI is generally 4-5 points lower than the same RON; 98 RON = 93 AKI.
R - Rubber (Tyres) used.
- R Road tyres The rubber on your Gran's first car to ultra high performance tyres.
- S 'Semi' slick The kind that starts off with 'road legal' or 'DOT approved' in the description.
- D Drag slick A full slick or close to it.
N - NOS, Nitrous, etc was used.
T - Timeslip is available (I need the URL).
V - Video is available (I need the URL)


The Galant 1/4 leader board:
Late Updated: 24/12/2012

[*]Gizmovr4 [email protected]



















[*]theboz [email protected]

Please send your PM in the following format to eliminate confusion, and make my life a bit easier. I'll use my info as an example:

-Screen Name: GSTwithPSI
-Badge #: 1837
(Please list data from your best pass/slip)
-60' : 1.735
-330' : 5.131
-1/8 MPH: 92.64
-1000' : 10.165
-E/T MPH: 12.116
-Turbo: Bastard 20G
-Fuel used: E85
-Rubber (Tyres) used: - R
-Nitrous: No
-Timeslip URL: click
-Video URL: click
-Date: 12/20/15

All of the original rules will still apply accroding to the GVR4.ORG 1/4 Mile Leader Board FAQ:

1) My mate's car isn't on here? How does he get on?
To get on this list you must comply with all of the following:
a) Must have a user account.
b) Must be your car (or teams car in the case of race teams).
c) Must be a Mitsubishi car with a E3XA chassis code.
d) Must be a complete 1/4 mile run - no estimated 1/8 mile times will be accepted.

2) Ok, I've checked all the right boxes, how do I get on there?
There are really two ways to get on the leader board:
a) Send me a PM with your timeslip data - the more numbers the better /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
b) Make a new topic about your latest drag strip escapades.

3) What do F/R/N/T/V mean?
F - Fuel used (In AKI)
- AKI is generally 4-5 points lower than the same RON; 98 RON = 93 AKI.
R - Rubber (Tyres) used.
- R Road tyres The rubber on your Gran's first car to ultra high performance tyres.
- S 'Semi' slick The kind that starts off with 'road legal' or 'DOT approved' in the description.
- D Drag slick A full slick or close to it.
N - NOS, Nitrous, etc was used.
T - Timeslip is available.
V - Video is available

4) Oh Noez! You've got something wrong!
If you spot a mistake, typo or otherwise incorrect or missing information please let me know so I can fix it up.

5) Hey, why is a guy who ran 12.397 ranked higher than my 12.3?
Because the other guy has a more specific E/T, whereas '12.3' could be anything from 12.300 to 12.399.

6) Your layout is pretty rough/messed up/looks like dogs balls...
Yeah... give it some time and it should get better.

7) Hey, I used to have 5, 6, 7, 8+ entries on the leaderboad, what gives?!
To prevent cluttering and smothering the leaderboard, people will only have their best E/T listed. However, I am still recording all time slips for shits and giggles.

8) If you're recording everything, can you tell me what the record with xxx is?
Sure, drop me a PM with what you're after and I'll try and provide an answer.

9) Where do I go if I click on these links in the leaderboard?
If available, clicking the user name will take you to the members profile page. Badge number to the members ride page and E/T data to the race result thread.
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Brett, does anyone keep up with this anymore, think it is the first time i actually clicked on it.

Cheers man