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  1. New Owner Of 1546/2000

    It may not mean anything, but just in case... If the car hasn't had spark for a long time, and you've done a lot of cranking without the engine running, the cylinders might be washed out with gas and compression readings become very unpredictable. You might get a different result if you can...
  2. SOLD: White '92 953/1000 CO, $7000

    So, who got this car? What's happened with it? Just curious, I used to own it and stumbled back onto the board and saw that the car has moved again.
  3. May 18th VR4 meet&greet COLORADO

    Something you guys should consider is having a meet during the monthly Golden supercruise. If you've never been to one, you're missing out. A couple thousand cars, I spend hours and hours just watching the sheetmetal roll by . Back in the days when I still had the GVR4 I took it there and it...
  4. FS: Noah Galant-specific car cover $120 + ship

    This was on the car for a few months in '08, and has been in its box ever since. Car was intensively washed before the cover went on, and the cover remains in nearly perfect condition. Includes cable lock.
  5. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Sale pending. Thanks for all of the kind words, I'll post when the car is either sold or still available.
  6. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Did a compression test with the engine up to temp. Right around 120 across the board, for this 6000' altitude that's pretty darn good. Applying conversion of .839 for altitude (from here ), and it puts compression at 143+. Pics of the measurements:cyl1:cyl2:cyl3:cyl4:
  7. Ideas for new battery/relocate

    Bunch of pictures here . It puts the battery where the stock aircleaner used to be. I haven't had a lick of trouble with it in this location. I did have to drill a hole in the front stock aircan mount and lower it a little bit so the battery sits level.
  8. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Tuned by: me, with help from fellow DSMers with a specific call out to BigLady112 who donated his tuning expertise on multiple occasions. In that tune the best the car ran was [email protected] at 5800' elevation. It ran consistent mid 12s at 112+, weight w/o me was 3350lbs, it's a full weight car. I...
  9. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Additionally, I have a spreadsheet with the maintenance records of when things were done to the car, I tried to cut/paste it but it doesn't format very well.
  10. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Pre-emptive first question: why are you selling it? Answer: We had an emergency and had to take our daughter to the hospital last week. None of our vehicles were appropriate for the task. I couldn't sit directly beside her in our Mazda5, my wife won't drive the Galant, and the Civic was too...
  11. Going back to a single disk clutch

    Another report for how awesome Mr. Zimmer is. He dealt with countless emails/phone calls/IMs when I was searching for a clutch and then settled on the SS-X based on his recommendation.When I first got the SS-X and the kevlar disk it was good. The car is probably around the 400hp mark, runs low...
  12. Why do you love this car?

    It's really hard to qualify. I've got many years into it, and I know all of the goodies and all of the foibles. Invisibility on the street is a good thing, and it's nice to have something different at the strip, something that generates interest and conversation after making a decent pass. I'd...
  13. Trying to look for a Good radiator, your thoughts?

    I went to radiator barn years ago, and it's been fine. All metal, no worries, perfect fitment.
  14. castor/toe specs for a wheel alignment with Evo8 suspension?

    The zero toe thing I found here . It's not a turny-turny track car, and I'm old so I don't go racing around on the streets. I need tires to not wear out every season, also.
  15. castor/toe specs for a wheel alignment with Evo8 suspension?

    Thanks guys. I'll just have them zero the front toe and call it good. In '13 I plan to redo the bushings and lock down the rear, but for now I just want to drive it and have it run straight.
  16. castor/toe specs for a wheel alignment with Evo8 suspension?

    The local Lee Myles is offering free wheel alignment inspections, so I signed the Galant up for Tuesday. It drifts to the right, and the steering wheel is slightly off center so we'll see what kind of shop they are. I've got nearly new tires, and the car is overdue to have the wheels pointed in...
  17. Rebuilding drive shaft. To fill or not to fill

    I have a set of filled-before-installation carrier bearings. They were on the car only as long as it took to get some new unfilled replacements put on. Lots of high frequency vibration that intensified with road speed. I hated it. I used Window Weld, same as I used on some of the motor mounts...
  18. old guys

    My hair migrated from my head to my ass way too fast. It didn't have time to get gray.
  19. WTB: water pipe

    I need another one. I cracked it when I bent the heater core line to clear the scattershield. It was soldered up and lasted for 3 years. It's starting to leak, so I'd best put an unmolested one in its place.-Scott Y
  20. Rubber Floor Mats

    I use some heavy duty ones from Sears. I had to cut some of the edges a bit to make them fit around the trunk/gas release, but they definitely keep the crud off the carpet. If I'm going to the track, I pull them and put the junky carpet ones that were in the car when I bought it back in.I...
  21. WTB: FP3052 w/2.5" recirc O2 housing

    Long shot. FP3052 w/recirc 2.5" housing. My BR20G is holding up just fine, and I'm weighing options of upgrading to meet my goal of a fuel weight, high altitude 11.90 pass easier.-Scott Y
  22. FS: Cam Timing Tool

    Just payal'd for the bundled kit.thanks, Scott Y
  23. Oh no a 3" vs 2.5" exhaust question on

    You wanted scientific evidence, and all I can give you is anecdotal: 2.5" w/cat &resonator & magnaflow. The car is pretty quiet, and has still gone 12.42@114 at 5800' alt. The exhaust is approx 8 years old and the muffler could use replacing as it's starting to get louder. 8 years is still...
  24. Anyone using a PR 38mm Ext. Recirculated O2 Housing?

    I have a PR recirc housing w/BR20G. It fits awesome, it went on the car and hasn't been off for years. I'll post a pic when i get home tonight.
  25. New turbo setup..

    You do have to dent the waterpipe if you clock the compressor housing to point the outlet forward so you can use the stock i/c route over the manifold. I don't have an exact measurement, I used the trial method of bending and installing until I had the clearances I wanted.
  26. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    The meetup was nice. The Galant hasn't had any company for quite a long time, it was nice seeing so many of them in such different stages of tunes and conditions. It was also nice to see the folks, and to see them giving some loving to the cars on the driveway. I feel motivated to make mine run...
  27. Time For A Colorado Meet?

    I am planning on being there. I haven't had the car out to do anything this year, with work and house stuff and busy life stuff.As an aside, I plan on going to the next Golden Supercruise which is on Sept 3rd. If you haven't been, there are hundreds of cars and it is quite an amazing show. The...
  28. FS: ESS AMT 1C, $550. You classic audio guys know about these

    I've got my cherished ESS AMT 1C's on Denver Craigslist. If you like speakers that produce a big wall of sound and can shake the plaster off the walls, here they are.The text of the craigslist ad : The speakers perform faultlessly. The grills are original and are in great condition, no rips...
  29. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    Solved!It's the stupid fuel sock on the pump. It's the JayRacing sock, and everything was groovy for a month before this problem just came out of the blue.If the pump is seeing less than 12V, it runs fine. If it's seeing >12V, then the sock creates a restriction and causes the pump to make...
  30. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    Cavitation, that's interesting. Here is a link of the thousands that are out there. Based on what Fuellab talks about, I wouldn't want to run a pump under these conditions for very long.I have the sending unit out, as I am redoing the 12V feedthrough. My work schedule hasn't allowed me to...
  31. Can the electr. connections on the fuel pump sending unit be rebuilt?

    Toybreaker, you're too kind. I am hesitant to work with another sending unit because I don't have easy access to a welder, and I had to call in some favors to get the welding done on the existing unit. I looked at the nylon bolt solution that was linked, and I wonder what the hesitation is to...
  32. Can the electr. connections on the fuel pump sending unit be rebuilt?

    I'm chasing electrical gremlins, and I need to redo the connections to the fuel pump. I don't know what to call them, but I mean the electrical junction that is riveted to the sending unit cover that passes the positive current through to the pump. Can those junctions be purchased and installed...
  33. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    I've already run the pump via the 2nd battery, and it's fine that way. The problem isn't the pump. It made this noise with an 044 (not a chinese clone) and I replaced it with a new JayRacing 044. The symptoms remain, I refuse to believe that 2 044s are bad. Plus it runs fine when the car is not...
  34. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    Pump is rewired with big wire through a relay, just like all the vfaqs say. It's been like that for years. The afpr is the Aeromotive unit that tons of people use.Whether the pump is using the stock wiring, the rewire, or some combo of both, the symptoms remain: engine off = pump running...
  35. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    The pump is ok. This behavior has happened for 2 different 044 pumps that have been installed in the car. And the pump works fine if the engine is not running.
  36. Weird Bosch 044 noise, only when engine is running.

    Summary: Fuel pump operates normally when started via DSMlink with the engine not running, but starts making strange noises after engine is started. I put about 1000 miles on this configuration, and one day out of the blue the noise started. At first I thought it was something loose in the...
  37. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    I don't have a 1G unit to do an actual comparison, but I'd guess that it's at least the numbers that you specified.
  38. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    Ok, the Bosch is in the car and the car is running great. Here's my how-to. There are probably easier ways to do this, but here's my way:1. DON'T buy a bunch of fittings. I have a shelf full of expensive unused Earls fittings, and the only 2 I needed were the M12x1.5 -> male -6an, plus a -6an...
  39. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    I have a solution, but first I have to solve a self-imposed problem. By using a 90deg junction (-6 male on top, M12 on bottom) I can connect the M12 to the extension that came on the pump, and the pickup with the sock sits at nearly stock depth. Hooray! I'll do pics when I'm at home.Problem: I...
  40. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    search and you shall findI wish I was smart enough to figure this out before I got this far.
  41. Bosch 044 intank installation gone bad. Doesn't fit!

    Hi. Tried replacing a Supra TT pump with a Bosch 044, intank. It was looking great, until I tried to install the pump, and the assembly is too tall to fit in the tank. I followed the install here at DSMtalk and mine looks nearly identical, except that my pump sits lower. The thread shows that...
  42. need clarification on alarm disable. pic inside

    No pic upload lovin. I get a waiting for message, then it says it's done. I've tried several times, with several browsers, with several pics.
  43. need clarification on alarm disable. pic inside

    Yup, the alarm how-to is the one with the pics that i was referencing. I can't seem to upload any pics, I've tried different pics and browsers but I'm getting no love. The wire I had circled in my pic is a yellow/blue wire that is visible going into the connector on the electrical unit that sits...
  44. need clarification on alarm disable. pic inside

    I've been looking at the pics in the Alarm Disable How-To, and I can't make sense of it. It looks like the wiring harness is routed differently on the example car than on mine. Basically, the only yellow w/blue stripe wire I can find is connected to the module above the cruise control unit. This...
  45. GVR4 as a daily driver?

    My GVR-4 has been running 12s at 5800' for years and is reliable. The only thing that makes them less reliable is the owner/operator using inferior quality parts and skimping on necessary maintenance. Bolting a bunch of parts and beating the crap out of an untuned car can't be something you can...
  46. Clutch master + slave, Eclipse or Galant?

    Talked with JNZ. The slave cylinder p/n's have been superceded, they are now the same for the Galant and the Eclipse. I ordered the Galant master and the 'common' slave, we'll see what happens.
  47. Clutch master + slave, Eclipse or Galant?

    Was there a clearance issue, or did you just want to maintain stock appearance?
  48. Clutch master + slave, Eclipse or Galant?

    No, I have the stainless line. I took off a functioning but severely worn 2600/street disk + Fidanza for the SBC SS-X + Kevlar TZ+XAct. Because the 2600 setup was so worn, maybe the hydraulics are worn enough that while they seemed fine, they're not up to snuff for a brand new setup. Dunno, but...
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