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  1. Evo X turbo

    Same. In fact, I've thought about this for a very long time, but have not made any steps forward on it. It's kind of a coincidence that I literally just cranked 62 over last night for the first time in a few years and am now getting back into the VR4 scene after a very long hiatus.In my...
  2. CT9A Ohlins & E39A Camber plates

    It's been forever since I did mine, but typically camber plates have some bushings in the upper spherical bearings that match the diameter of the threads on top of the damper. In order to get stock Evo suspension to work with e39a specific K-sport camber plates, all I had to do was make some...
  3. FS: Full HKS T4 Setup

    Oooo! So nice... Bump for good parts and top-notch guy
  4. Cad file for camber plates?

    How quick do you want it? I've been thinking about putting together a set of custom coilovers using the K-sport camber plates I bought years ago. The problem is, they are currently installed and I'm not super motivated to get the project done right now. If nothing turns up, I'll model them up...
  5. Scott in Alaska - ice racing with my 92

    First post in a long time and I apologize for being a little late to the game here...That video was awesome, thanks for sharing! 6:49 makes me so happy.
  6. Hot no-start

    Glad you got the problem solved. In case anyone searches for this in the future I thought I would share my hotmail start problem that had a different solution. Occasionally on a hot start It wouldn't fire up at all, sometimes it would start but run rough like it only had three cylinders, and...
  7. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    The list grows longer... Excellent communication and prompt shipping. You really can't ask for anything more. Thanks pot
  8. this is tdc

    There are 48 teeth in a cam sprocket, so each tooth is 7.5 degrees.
  9. WTB: power transistor

    Thanks but I already sent money to pot for one. If I need something else, I'll let you know.
  10. WTB: power transistor

    I just got a weird hot start issue and I suspect a power transistor. I'd really like to find a cheap known-good power transistor to help me diagnose it. Does anyone have one to spare?
  11. FS: Eterna zr4 grille for sale $140

    Da f***? That was mine! Oh, ok I guess I'll let you have it. Happy birthday and you're welcome
  12. FS: Evo X suspension and intercooler

    Rears I think are longer than the stock struts and I can't confirm the bushing is the correct size. I haven't put my hands on the rears so I'm only guessing from the pictures I've seen. The fronts are very similar to the evo 8/9 fronts. The top and bottom hats are a little different, the springs...
  13. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    I still have them. I needed new tires on both sets of wheels so I figured I would put the skinny all seasons on the stock wheels for the winter and then put some nicer summer tires on the rotas when all the snow goes away.
  14. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    There are still some little things that I need to take care of. The selector for the AVAC controls won't go past the footwell/direct blow location, there isn't a whole lot of heat coming through the vents, I think i have a baby exhaust leak after the downpipe, the 10 year old head unit sucks...
  15. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    Just picked the car up from the body shop yesterday.Thanks to Diego, seizer, and minneSNOWta for the front end components, I now have a whole car again! The hood and fenders are aftermarket, so the front corners of the fenders stick in front of the hood by about a quarter inch. Not ideal...
  16. FS: JNZ Short Shifters Available!

    Quoting Fiascoxl: I want one but I have a question for anyone that has one of these. What is better suited the shortened shifter or the stock height shifter? Anyone with experience or has one please chime in, I am ready to purchase one of these asap!FWIW here is info from when I made the...
  17. WTB: modded short throw 3kgt shifter or unmodded

    I would suggest you grab the two levers as an entire assembly. There are lots of washers bushings and the like and it's always good to have extras.
  18. WTB: USDM fogs and side bumper supports

    The sheet metal parts that give support to the sides of the bumper. They attach to big heavy steel bumper.
  19. WTB: USDM fogs and side bumper supports

    Got the fogs already but still in the hunt for bumper supports
  20. WTB: USDM fogs and side bumper supports

    I want a set in good non-rusty condition.
  21. FS: 1702/2000 Part Out SOLD!!!

    What state is the bumper support and foglights in? The stuff I have is really rusty and I'd like to find another one in good condition.
  22. WTB: front fenders

    Search national parts depot galant fender in google. Not oem, but new. I have some and will get them fitted professionally. I'll let you know how they fit when I get the car back in a few weeks.
  23. exhaust manifold stud replace?

    I know all about that bottom center. When I replaced my head, the threads in that hole all pulled out when I tightened the nut. I fixed it by installing a threaded steel sleeve, but didn't realize the hole entered the oil passage until after I drilled it out. I had to pull the oil pan back off...
  24. Pic request: Rear diff carrier

    Maybe they are SADM - Saudi Arabia Domestic Market? Nonetheless it looks just like 62 before the got crunched maybe you could hook up some of us US boys with those sweet eterna grills...Sorry to thread jack but I'm sure, pinion or not, a coat hanger with some clever bends could solve your...
  25. FS: 93 headlights 100+ shipping

    I'll take em! Pm sent
  26. exhaust

    ^thisCMPE makes a great product. There is a great deal on the exact same 2.5" exhaust that I have in the for sale section. Buy it, it's a steal.
  27. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    Unfortunately I had been too busy to get to the yard until today. And lo and behold, the car is no longer there. I apologize to all of you that I didn't get parts to, but this well is now officially dry.
  28. WTB: Hood bump stops

    Did not go. Do not have
  29. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    I still am hunting for a pair of USDM fogs. Anybody have a lead?
  30. WTB: Hood bump stops

    Going back to my jy today. I'll grab the trunk ones for ya
  31. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    CMPE suggested the exhaust was a a little low and that I should try to adjust the hangars. I'll try that and see if I can rotate it up a little.
  32. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    Still haven't been back... 50+ hours a week and a vr4 needing its own attention has seen to that. I plan on being back in the next few days so I can get some parts for my car and I will try to get to all of your requests as well. I will be going for the easy parts first, so I may not get to the...
  33. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    First off, they pulled the frame rail back out straight and it only cost me $300. I was expecting to pay a lot more than that, so I can justify some extra expenses elsewhere. I have located a USDM bumper (thanks Diego), grill (thanks maroonmetallic), and brand new hood and fenders. I just picked...
  34. FS: cmp ss 2.5'' exhaust

    I just missed this and bought a brand new one of this exact same exhaust, resonator and everything a few weeks ago... for $900. Direct replacement and great quality. Pics of mine below *not actual item for sale, but same specs from same vendor*. GLWS
  35. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    There is rust all over the underside of this car. You wouldn't want them.
  36. WTB: Hood bump stops

    I'll grab the ones from the galant in my local junkyard. I would just ask you to cover costs.
  37. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    I am not looking to profit from anything I pull. Trying to give back to the org.For those of you who are waiting on me I apologize I haven't been as speedy as I would have liked. In the time I had last week I was only able to pull the taillights and grill. I am always busy at work and I have...
  38. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    AMG grill slipped away:(What grills you got now? Pics would be appreciated
  39. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    Got the taillights and grill today. Didn't have enough time for the rest, but i'll be back next week. Any more requests?
  40. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    I bought a full CMPE exhaust. Thanks though.
  41. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Do you have the fogs? What shape are they in?
  42. 3000GT brakes installed.

    Cheeky, was the front hub a direct replacement? Did you have to mess with the front axles? I'd like to see pictures because I am getting 62 back on the road, and with a pair of 3kgt VR4 trailing arms ready and waiting, this is the perfect time to upgrade the brakes.
  43. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    I'm seeing what's what on an AMG grill, but if that doesn't go anywhere I may take you up on that.
  44. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    I got it back for the frame shop. Got a bumper, fender, headlights, filler piece above bumper, and dropped some serious $$ on a CMPE exhaust.Still lacking fogs, grill, and hood. Has anybody shipped a hood before? Seems like it would be expensive.
  45. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    I am not looking to make a profit on any of these parts, so if this thread needs to be moved then it should be moved.92VR4NYC has dibs on the tails, but I am unsure whether he wants all three sections or just the DS. ESGALANT has dibs on the door handles, grill, rear seat speaker panel, and...
  46. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but there is a 92 galant in my local yard and I am willing to pull any parts people want as long as you cover shipping and the sale price.
  47. WTB: 344 Front engine mount

    Can this be pulled from a base model galant or does it need to be a vr4? There is a 92 galant in my local junkyard that. Could get it from if possible.
  48. build #62 - UPDATE 9/10/13 w/ great news

    Holy crap... It's happening. I have a budget and I'm bringing her back to the streets. She is currently at the frame shop awaiting her spot in line on the frame machine and we'll see how much it takes to get her straight again. I sure as hell hope its doable because I just spent $200 on a new...
  49. WTB: front end components and exhaust

    Bear with me folks. Just dropped the car off at a local body shop to get the frame pulled. They say they won't get to it for another week, but I am trying to get parts here as quickly as possible so I can get her registered and on the road.So far I have a bumper with support pending and...
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