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Re: Why did we get a different first gear and why is our idle higher?

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Contrary to belief the GVR4 is slightly longer or "taller" than the DSM gear, it's simply not as strong. The ratio is good, and honestly very beneficial for drag racing since you arent having to shift into second before you hit the tree, BUT it's weak.

The DSM first gear is stronger, especially the 92+ units, but the ratio is so short it's next to useless, ESPECIALLY when you're making decent power or on a bigger turbo. Literally, useless. In my own car('90 AWD DSM trans), launching at 10lbs on my T67 I have to shift into second prettymuch RIGHT after I let the clutch out for the launch. Still, I come close to or hit the limiter(which is also moved to 7800)most of the time....also, the tach's arent 100% accurate either. My tach will read 7k but Im actually on the limiter, for instance.

Evo3 gearsets are the best bang for the buck AND the best ratio, so the best of both worlds for our cars and DSMs. This is also why most rebuild shops (Jack's, TRE, Shep) offer them in their rebuilds as an upgrade. As soon as I can foot the bill I'll be getting myself a Jack's stage 2.1 with full EVO3 gearset again, and will never look back.


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The story I heard for our idle being higher is for the higher electrical load. We also get a 90A alt instead of the wimpy 75A a 1g gets. Just off the top of my head you have two more electric windows that can be operated and electric windows can draw pretty good amperage. ABS was also standard equipment on a VR4 so I'd assume all of these factors would play into our car idling a little higher.

GVR4 first is a little taller then a 1g. An evo 1st is slightly taller than a vr4 1st. At one point John from TRE showed me the differences on why the Galant's first was wimpy, but I don't remember off the top of my head. I know the EVO 1st gear was superior in everyway, as far as geometry and material. The DSM first also was stronger than a GVR4, but the short gearing blows. If your just building a daily driver having a shorter first is no big deal.

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I'd like to know why it is weaker....although I know that it is. Wouldn't a little taller allow more space between the teeth making it stronger...I am sure that I only got part of it.

Maybe it is the material used?


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I will leave it up to you to do the rest of the leg work. If you want more info on the exact reason they fail contact Jack.


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