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  1. Need to sell this quickly 452/2000

    says 3-5k obo in the description.
  2. Need to sell this quickly 452/2000

    It's the skim coating or whatever it is on the roof. It was peeling and cracking pieces off. Nothing fell on it, the metal is not split open.And no HOA. I've questioned as well why there was a neighborhood sweep when we don't have an HOA. But they've been going thru a lot of areas lately. They...
  3. Need to sell this quickly 452/2000

    Long story short, I need to sell this, realistically before next sunday 4/21, otherwise I have to have it towed away due to a random neighborhood inspection sweep. The old inspector that used to come thru was ok with the car being covered but this one won't allow it.I'll try to post as much...
  4. What availability is left for having a trans built?

    Its been quite awhile since I've been on here. I ran into some financial hardships years ago when my wife was rear ended in a car accident. Things have gotten a bit more stable and I started looking into having my trans built but saw that a lot of websites builds are nla due to lack of parts. I...
  5. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    Quoting thomcasey: That is a cracked and broken skim coat on the roof. My son has the same on 100/2000. Looked perfect until the PO got mad and dented the roof. Big piece broke off.So best route would be remove it all, do the por fix, apply a new skim coat and paint?
  6. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    This is whats going on. About 6 inches to the left of this is the windshield
  7. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    So just a really thick coat of paint? The stuff chipping off is like 1/16" thick, probably thicker.
  8. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    Its like a thick material??? Anyways i haven't been on in quite awhile. Car is still jsb and outside forces have kept me from getting the car running again. I do however want to keep/slow things down from getting worse. Just wanted to know the best route to go. Thanks
  9. found a guy with a built trans but the center diff is welded. can i....

    Ive read quite a few people talking about a welded diff wearing out other components a lot faster
  10. found a guy with a built trans but the center diff is welded. can i....

    Just remove the welded diff and use the one out of my transmission, stock 2 spider, for now for driveability? I dont plan on pushing it this winter as id like to be able to get thru more than 1500 miles before something else breaks. Is it easy to do and should i send out mine to get the 4...
  11. tre stage 3 or 4

    Jacks wants more for the parts than tre wants to do a full build labor included.
  12. tre stage 3 or 4

    True. But then maybe the transmission sites should be posting tq limits instead of "intended to handle up to 600hp"?
  13. tre stage 3 or 4

    So i thought about it for a few days. I figure ill be fine with ~450hp im sure the transmission will last longer than 600hp. If i decide the need to push it ill set money aside for a dogbox.
  14. tre stage 3 or 4

    Quoting citymunky: Did you try TMZ? clickBacked up til October
  15. tre stage 3 or 4

    It does seem like his site is misleading after talking to him. Making claims of improved power it can handle after swapping to evo 3 gears and treating the gears but still saying the 245tq number. He stopped talking to me and isnt responding. Guess i made him mad. And i got the car so it will go...
  16. tre stage 3 or 4

    I can afford that. Hmmmm... to have that setup though would most likely eliminate street driving. Meh. Ill sleep on it. Maybe ill just dip the wallet and get a dog box.
  17. tre stage 3 or 4

    Like I said, I’m not trying to scare you off but I don’t recommend putting a sh*t ton of torque through these gearboxes but if that is what you got out of my replies then I guess we’re done here.Sooo hes saying his stage 4 is no better power handling wise than a stock transmission. Im getting...
  18. tre stage 3 or 4

    I asked him if he doesnt want to do the build and he hasnt responded. I dont want to keep bother him if hes getting out of the game.
  19. tre stage 3 or 4

    It does make them stronger but I still hold the opinion that people are asking way too much out of the transmissions and even the EVO-III parts were only rated for 245 torque.I’m just saying….Then he sends me this bs. Really and after seeing 730 horsepower. Im tempted to call him out and...
  20. tre stage 3 or 4

    So this came from him when i found out he has no transmissions or transfer cases in stock to do an exchange build. I told him as posted id like to be able to support 600whp and it seems like he just doesnt want to do it. Telling me to tone down the power? Why advertise your site anymore...
  21. tre stage 3 or 4

    Ive been making a little bit of progress here and there and tweaking my funds. Im at the point now where ive settled on what turbo set up i want but im not sure if i should get a stage 3 or 4. My setup should be something along the lines of an fp manifold, fp black, fmic, 1600cc injectors evo o2...
  22. Bulfab still around?

    Whats the weight difference? Im in the process of por15ing the car and my rear crash bar is rusted out and the front needs to be modded for a fmic. Shes going on a diet lol.
  23. 1g hks hi power on the vr4?

    I have the cmp downpipe and 3" cat. Cops in my area get cocky somtimes and its not worth the ticket for a few extra hp. Atm im cleaning the underbody to repair some rust. Once i get it fixed ill cut off the hangers and probably the flanges to mock it up.
  24. 1g hks hi power on the vr4?

    As far as ive read a 1g exhaust will fit the vr4 by relocating hangers and extending it. The hks is angled at the back and when i mocked it up it looked like it wasnt going to fit at all. Has anyone done this or seen it done? Ive already got it from a previous abandoned project and like the tone...
  25. how long can my galant be jsb before problems occur

    As in brakes locking up fuel going bad etc. Unfortunately some dumb b ran into my wife at a red light and broke her neck, so to speak, and ive had a major decrease in funds as well as shes not getting better. I have most of the parts to put i5 back together but im afraid to spend any money til...
  26. New parts to make life easier

    Wish i would have had that when my line snapped.
  27. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    Thats the thing. drive-ability isnt my concern. I just want to take it to the track and very limited street use. I thought about it most of the winter. I used to have a 300hp 240sx. The car weighed nothing and had no problems getting to 150+mph on the highway. It was fun but expensive. 30k...
  28. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: Just keep in mind, if you ever decide you want to get rid of the car, it's going to be hard when it's missing things like the power steering and a full interior. I'd just keep all the comfort items as long as they are still practical. I guess worst case, you could just keep...
  29. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    Quoting coyotes: what are your desired boost and power levels? I have pretty much the same setup about to go into my car this year, I only plan on running an hx35 on 25lbs or so. nuthin fancyI figure somewhere over 9000 lol. Not sure. 4-500 tops. They just got e85 about 20 minutes from my...
  30. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    Im just gonna roll with it. I definitely need to replace a few suspension bushings and parts to get it safely driveable aside from going solid bushing. The transmission and transcase will be rebuilt as well as the driveshaft. Im contemplating deleting the ps and ac as its just not going to be a...
  31. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    Yeah this has the s5ock 7.8. That was the other part I figured as far as taking the high boost id like to throw at it. Well f*^k it ill throw it in and if it blows oh well. Its all fun and money. Thanks guys.
  32. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    I bought a refreshed 6 bolt from craig last year which sat from excessive work hours and procrastination. Its stock minus some cams a metal hg and arp studs. Lately Ive spent time doing more research than actual wrenching on the car. Im pretty much settled on a fp black. Ill be using the fp...
  33. suspension/bushing availability

    Well I just need f/r control arm f/r subframe bushings mustache brace and sway bar bushings right?
  34. suspension/bushing availability

    So should I just buy the energy suspension kit and put the sway bar bushings aside? Then just get the rear diff and mustache bushings from boostx, this replaces all the bushings on the car aside from motor mount and driveshaft? Sorry for such a noob question. Ive been out of my head for almost a...
  35. suspension/bushing availability

    Ok. Im trying to search and find what fits from the eclipse talon kit.i found the one site. Im just tryin to find the post that has the entire rear setup. I wish this forum would separate suspension steering fuel turbo etc for easier navigation.
  36. suspension/bushing availability

    Slowly working my way to de-jsb my galant. Curious about the availability of bushings/suspension parts. Id say the entire rear needs to be rebuilt and if I can poly swap or better the whole car it would be great. It isnt going to be much of a daily as ive had it almost 3 years and barely drove...
  37. how much por15 do I need for my car

    Well the work is going 5o be under the body.and in the fender wells. Plus in a function over fashion kind of guy. Paint the galant pink. If it runs 10s its a pink galant that runs 10s lol.
  38. Insuring your Galant for what it's actually worth

    I went to nationwide after state farm doubled my insurance for an accident they didnt pay for. My wife put a small scratch on a truck and we paid for it but because it happened they raised the rate. State farm also had the galant insured as a regualar galant and my crx was insured as a civic...
  39. how much por15 do I need for my car

    I dont plan to keep it forever. But im not going to screw the next owner over like the prev did to me. Money isnt really an issue and I could use it on more than one vehicle. Guess ill get a quart. Thanks guys. Ill try not to disappoint. Ill be working on it more now that im not working 60...
  40. how much por15 do I need for my car

    Sorry I havent been doing much. More so sitting and reading posts. Weather, motivation, and personal issues prolonged this.Ill be doing the entire underbody, sanded down, minor body work, por15, and recoated with underbody spray. Both front inner fender areas as well as side skirts and...
  41. Front mount

    It will help. You can run more boost as well pending supporting mods
  42. new here #1390. What to do first

    Go over the body to check rust and determine whether its worth it before going faster. I should have invested in the body but I bought go fast parts first. No regerts thou lol.
  43. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    I have the cash to do this. But nowhere to put all this. Damn.
  44. Dont hate me RIP 1900/2000

    Much like im doing restoring my crx, its not about it being a living creature. Its the level of pride and the feeling we have from all the dedication we put into something. Some of us get the hurt feels when we see one of our own being destroyed or ruined. Especially when a car is so rare does...
  45. stock boost pipework - pics needed

    For all the effort Just run hard pipes and a fmic. Nice power gain over stock and the intake temps will be cooler.
  46. nice size rust hole. do i stop or attempt to repair?

    I already planned to do the entire underbody and fender area. Why stop now? Shes already jsb and it will be a fun experience fixed or junked. Its just money and i can always stop if it gets too bad.
  47. nice size rust hole. do i stop or attempt to repair?

    Is there a writeup on these repairs. Ive never been in the body work area before so i wouldnt really know where to start other than sanding and cutting out the bad stuff.
  48. nice size rust hole. do i stop or attempt to repair?

    Underneath will require sanding metalwork and reundercoating. I just wanted to make sure this isn't a safety risk
  49. nice size rust hole. do i stop or attempt to repair?

    Sorry i haven't posted in awhile. Busy fixing the daily. Been doing a hr here and there on the galant and noticed a rust spot. A few pokes and this is my result. The underbody has rust and holes as well as both lower fender areas. Is this worth fixing or should i part this out and stop now
  50. stock boost pipework - pics needed

    I actually removed that pipe, cut off the bracket, and reinstalled it. Had no issues running 22psi on stock rubber hoses. No real reason. Was switching to fmic and hard pipes for mock up and bracket was annoying.
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