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  1. FS: Parting out 89 galant

    89 grill? Pm pics and price shipped if possible. Thanks.
  2. WTB: Summit white passenger Fender

    Looking for a rust free, good condition summit white passenger fender. Front dog leg not needed.* please inbox me of you have one. Thanks.
  3. WTB: stock Gvr4 Intercooler Piping

    Looking for factory intercooler piping for my galant. I do not need the oem intercooler or the bov. Just the piping from turbo(jpipe) to throttle body. (Do not need tb elbow) pls text me for fast payment! Don't get on here to often. 773-507-4482. -Manny. Thanks!
  4. 22nd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 15-17th 2014 Norwalk,Ohio

    I'll go ahead and add myself and my bro to the list. It'll be our first time there, sad I know haha. But were hoping for a kickass experience and a good time. Also hoping to camp out with fellow vr4 members to save on spending money on rooms1. GSX_TC (Mike) 2. LIV4PSI (Craig) 3. AlainB7...
  5. 5lug swap...ABS delete Q's..

    Thanks for the responses guys.. now to locate a non abs valve, or get it new..
  6. 5lug swap...ABS delete Q's..

    So I recently did a 5lug swap on #271, all went well but I used 1g awd non abs hubs for the swap. I clearly no longer have abs, and I'm ok with that and plan on buying the abs line delete kit. But my question is, do I really need the 1g non abs proportion valve? Or will I be fine with my oem abs...
  7. WTB: Afco scirocco radiator

    Still looking!! Anyone? Had a local, that promised pics but never heard back.
  8. FS: Fuel Pump, Race Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel

    I'll take the walbro...pmd
  9. 5 lug swap question

    I will be doing my 5 lug swap on #271 tomorrow. This might help... click
  10. FS: Stock VR-4 Parts Engine, Electrical, Interior Partout

    Headliner plastic trims available?
  11. fmic?

    Running a 1g VRSF kit and absolutely love it!! Highly recommended, I'm also on a 3core Honda half radiator if that means anything. But I will be switching to an afco come summer.
  12. how many of yall daily your gvr4

    It's my daily, while my 99 Gsx is the garage queen.
  13. Just bought my first GVR4!

    Welcome fellow KG owner! what suspension setup is it on? Nice ride height..
  14. FS: Ground Control Coilovers and 92 vr4 wheels

    I'd like to know what they sold for aswell lol.. was so ready with PayPal but they went like magic.
  15. 690/1000 bites the dust - part out/sell

    Kensington grey!!! NO!!!
  16. Information For The Public Registry

    username: Chi271 badge number: 271/1000 vin number: location: Chicago, il status:DD running the streets of Chi color: Kensington Grey (fastest! ) sunroof: yes rust: ZERO!!!FL car, just moved up to Chicago this year. Absolutely rust free: proper build thread soon to come guys...
  17. WTB: Afco scirocco radiator

    My thoughts exactly...
  18. WTB: Afco scirocco radiator

    That griffin looks like it wouldn't work considering were that coolant fill cap is located. Never seen that on a afco radiator. Can anyone confirm the griffin working with fill cap in that location? Thanks.
  19. 350+ WHP evo316g cars out there? post your dyno plots

    I would also love to see some more results, my current setup is MHI E16g/ Fp manifold/ ported e3 o2 housing/ 1g vrsf fmic/ Evo9 fuel pump/ Evo9 560's/ 2g mas, with injen hard pipe/ 3" turbo back/ Mtx-l wideband and ecmlink v3 full. Going to street tune it myself in a week or so. Just have to...
  20. FS: 1587/2000 Part-out OBO

    I need the driver and passenger headliner trims. Pm me pics. Thanks.
  21. 365/ 1000 back in action

    Brother from another mother! about time you make a better intro haha. And yes Mike, the plan is to have them both at the shootout next year.
  22. Rally Armor Mudflap install on 1772

    Looks great! Funny how I was just on there website last night contemplating on getting a set, and you post this. I'm sold!!
  23. WTB: Afco scirocco radiator

    Looking into an afco scirocco rad since I decided to lose my ac setup. I'm on a Honda half size, and it's cooling good for now, but come summer and I know it's gonna be challenging. Don't need a new one, used is good shape is preferred. Tryna save a lil $. Thanks guys.
  24. New custom radiator diverter....

    Love it milt! I need one of those templates brotha!-Manny
  25. Took the shitbox to the drag strip

    She's moving out nicely!!
  26. Installed hood vents..

    Doing this soon with Evo X vents I have here sitting around. Under hood shots will help a lot
  27. Rain Guards?

    Rear section over hangs onto our quarter window some.. about 2-3".. so I cut with a dremel and used the sanding wheel after to make a nice rounded curve..I'll try and get a pic up sometime soon..
  28. Rain Guards?

    I said the same lol.. I've gotten complimented on them twice this week, without anyone noticing my tweak to it haha..I'm curious to try an aftermarket front bumper accord lip.
  29. Rain Guards?

    Wish I could upload a picture for you guys... But my buddy gave me a set of rain guards that he got new on eBay for $25, for his 92 accord sedan. He sold the car, and gave these to me considering he thought it looked so much lime an accord lol. Well never the less the fronts fit nice with no...
  30. Manual seat belts

    Got a spare complete set of 2g belts I'm going to try. Hate the auto belts
  31. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    Need driver inner door handle.. headliner plastic trims both sides front to back, also outer door handle plastic end caps/covers (little black square pieces) all 4. Pls let me know. Thanks.
  32. VR4 Spotted: Logan Sq Chicago

    On the other hand I saw your vr4 parked by Sacramento Blvd, and palmer I think it was.. on the corner of the block, friday evening.
  33. VR4 Spotted: Logan Sq Chicago

    Might be my guys. 365/1000 it's Nile black. But has a visible exhaust,although small.
  34. Mike Barda's 222/2000 Anthracite Pearl Metallic VR-4

    Accord rear bumper lip up front... ... Wonder how the front accord lip would look. Should flow a little better
  35. My restoration and build of #1444/2000 - lots of pics and video!

    Welcome!!! Nice summit white. And you mean to say...THE MIRAGE TURBO is gone!!??
  36. Swift R springs with MR suspension...

    No pic at the moment but I'm running Evo8-9 teins, on 1g awd kyb AGX. It's very appealing, but like any other lowering spring on a 1g strut, it loses so much suspension travel, that it bottoms out to often. I might have to invest in coilovers once these new agx's sh*t the bed.
  37. FS: Garage Cleanout

    I sure can use that tcase, with my switchable jdm trans!!
  38. FS: 2003 Mitsu Evolution VIII GSR $15,900 IL ***SOLD**

    Glws... Them X wheels flow very well surprisingly... I like!
  39. MOD 2013 - Normal IL 9/21

    I'm only 2.5 hours away... So anyone headed there coming down from Wisconsin, or any surrounding area get with me, so we can set up a caravan. Roll as deep as possible lol.
  40. You think you have rust?

    So innocent on the outside.. that side shot makes her worthy to fix..well to some maybe lol.
  41. MOD 2013 - Normal IL 9/21

    Ima try and make this aswell... Josh, I'll see how many Chicago guys wanna go so we can caravan together and meet up.
  42. 2013 DSM/EVO Shootout Pics by GSX_TC

    I'll bring 271 out next year, and looking forward to saving some $ and camping out with you guys. I'll even convince my bro to bring 365 out.. it'll be both of the vr4's first visit at the shootout..Nice pics mike!! Felt like I was there..
  43. 1929/2000 has a new owner.NOW POSTED FOR SALE. IN FS SECTION

    Saw this last night... This explains why he never responded lol... But it's all good. I guess all that rot explained the 400 obo pricing.. ... What he let it go for?
  44. Ma Kelly has cancer

    Exact reason why I paid $850 to ship my galant to Chicago from Florida... Rust free ftw!!!
  45. FS: 91 Black Galant VR4 (615/2000) san jose area, CA $1,000.00

    Do you have a good condition passenger side headliner trim panel? Mine is broken..looking for a replacement.. let me know thanks.
  46. Driving to the 2013 DSM Shootout in Ohio & The Tail of the Dragon in NC in VR4

    Props mike for 20+ hours in.... In only about 6-7hours tops and have never been to the shootout! next year no exceptions! I'm in, just have to choose between driving the 99 Gsx or the vr4
  47. WTB: passenger side headliner plastic trim

    Looking for the bullshit paper thin headliner trim piece that runs from the front to the back on the passenger side. Any color is fine, but prefer grey. Would consider both driver and passenger side if they are grey. Please shoot me a pm with price shipped thanks.
  48. FS: evo16g Hotside, gauge pod, 450cc inj, grant steering wheel, ngk wires

    Still have ngk wires?? Send PayPal addy if so.... Thanks.
  49. ??? how many 1992 Galant VR4 out of 1,000 is there left ????

    271 here in Chicago, along with 365 in the chi..
  50. Galant Rain Visors

    I'd take a set.....
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