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Recent content by conquesttsi

  1. FS: PA, 92 GVR4, 637/1000, 96k miles, RUST FREE $4.5k

    This looks like a fantastic VR4 I'd buy it if I didn't already have one. Not every day you get to buy a car from a celebrity. ;-) GLWS
  2. DynastyLCD

    DynastyLCD is a stand up community member.Bought a fantastic gas tank off DynastyLCD. I hit a rough patch with money, he could have sold to someone else, but he didn't. He didn't have to do that.Not only will 1933 be back on the road sooner but I won't have to cut up a car that is very...
  3. galant vr4 RS

    fleabay super 16g gt or whatever it's called is already milled to spec of a ported 7cm housing. You could use the housing of that. I bought my vr4 with an Ebay turbo on there and in 2 years I have not had one problem. That being said...I have an MHI turbo waiting to go on as we speak, so take...
  4. galant vr4 RS

    Hey Phil, Did that plan to have Every Evo generation at the 4 cyl & Rotary nationals ever pan out? If so, got Pics?
  5. galant vr4 RS

    You can use the 14b housing. You'll spool a bit faster, however the trade off is that you will loose some pull on the top end. If I were you I'd slap that thing together to get going but I would keep my eye out for a stronger 7cm housing.If you need assistance with getting it
  6. galant vr4 RS

    Older Evo III b16g's had a 6cm housing. They now have 7 cm housings.
  7. FS: 96 Talon TSi AWD $6000, NH

    Intrested....Better shot of the headlights?Oh...Nice car too!
  8. finally boosted over 5200rpm

    x2 I hate Toyota's more than you can imagine. This is one of the best sounding cars in the world!
  9. motor pull

    I'll put in another vote for remove hood, axles, transfer case, transmission. Do a bit of extra work, make the overall job easier on yourself.
  10. ProSport boost gauge issue?

    Intresting. I use prosport gauges. I have a mechanical 30/30 boost gauge and an oil pressure gauge. I Had them in 1933 for 2 years with no issues.I personally have never been a fan of electronic boost gauges. I guess it could be the sending unit..or the gauge, without spares to swap out it's...
  11. finally boosted over 5200rpm

    Nice congrats. I love the feeling of accomplishment you get after figuring out a difficult issue and successfully fixing it!
  12. Really annoyed by brake noise!!

    Sounds like your rotors are warped. Bad rotors will wear your pads much faster. I'd look into getting some replacments even if they are just stockers for now. Not sure if you could have the powerstop's turned but that might be an option as well.
  13. ProSport boost gauge issue?

    Got a mechanical you can throw in just to see if it's the gauge? Otherwise I'd start looking for a vaccum leak (a small one). You might want to get out the soap and water for this one if you can't hear it.
  14. ProSport boost gauge issue?

    Aftermarket FPR? Do you have the input to the solenoid still hooked up with the output going nowhere by any chance? If that was the case the open solenoid could cause a small vaccum leak leading to this condition but not bad enough of a leak to cause any real operational issues.
  15. Really annoyed by brake noise!!

    This is hard to diagnose w/o really hearing the noise. Do you still have rusty old heat shields? Are the brakes working ok other than the noise? Feel anything in the wheel as you brake..(ie. Vibrations, Pulling to one side or the other. These aren't cheapie chinese ebay rotors are they? If you...
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