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New member
Sep 11, 2022
Southern California
Howdy all,

Bought this 1990 GSX about a year ago as my first foray into Japanese cars. I've owned a bunch of old American V8 muscle cars before and wanted something different.

I found this car in Phoenix for a fair price and it was very clean with the original dealership window sticker (!). It's from Michigan originally (I have no clue how it ended up in Phoenix) and I bought it from the second owner. It had a blown engine, some hail damage, and a small amount of rust. I bought a used 7 bolt 1G engine and a friend of mine and I swapped the motor in a weekend. I got to enjoy it for a few thousand miles before suffering a timing belt failure. Then I bought a 91 Talon as a parts car, and swapped the engine into the Galant. That motor smoked so badly from consuming oil that it lasted about a month before it got pulled out, and I decided to put ANOTHER used motor in, which proceeded to immediately throw a rod.

IMG_1427.jpgIMG_1448.jpgIMG_1883.jpgIMG_3924.jpgIMG_9115.jpgNQMSE5235.JPGI'm currently putting a 7 bolt back in it to get it back on the road, as I've gotten pretty good at removing the drivetrain at this point. I'm in the process of building the 6 bolt engine up to be more robust and reliable.

I have a bunch of parts I've collected over the last year and I'm excited to have the car back on the road in a week or so and then continue to improve and personalize it. It's very cool to find a group of owners of the same platform to all nerd out together. I will flesh out the build profile for the car as I go and continue to try to post updates!


May 3, 2016
Hey everyone! I just recently purchased a JDM 1990 Galant Super VR-4 and found this forum as I was doing some research. I've been a car guy since before I could drive, and have a love for pretty much all things automotive. I've always leaned more toward the show car world, and built several show cars when I was younger. One of which was a Lancer OZ Rally which I purchased before EVOs were available in the US, and tried my best to get it to EVO level.

Through my time touring car shows, I became involved with the inner workings and began working with several big event organizers and have continued to do that to this day. Long after I sold my previous cars it has allowed me to stay close to the scene I love. It just didn't make financial sense for me to begin another project while I was busy raising a family. Now that things have slowed down and I'm financially in a better place, I began searching for the next project. I had been looking for quite some time when I stumbled across the VR-4. Being a Mitsubishi guy, I had always loved them but honestly had never considered it as a project for myself. But this thing immediately caught my eye, as it's the most heavily modified one I've ever seen. I loved that it was well built with quality parts, and it's such a rare platform that it turns heads everywhere it goes. During my search I came across a lot of amazing vehicles, but this one truly was "me", so I pulled the trigger.

So far I unfortunately haven't had much time to enjoy it yet, but am looking forward to cruises, meets, shows and more! I'm also excited to connect with other VR-4 owners out there. So feel free to drop me a line anytime!

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Watched that go to auction and was very tempted!! How is it in real life?


Sep 8, 2022
York, PA
Watched that go to auction and was very tempted!! How is it in real life?
It's awesome! Very well built, tons of fun to drive and gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes. Had a few small things to address, which most I've already taken care of. Just kind of stinks I didn't get it until the end of the summer. Been trying to enjoy it as much as I can before putting it away for the winter.
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