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  1. What coil-over setups are you guys running?

    Hot Bits are on 570. They're perfectly fine for me, as they give the car a very stable feel. I wish I had more to compare them to, but I don't. Only issue I have with them is that they are noisy with the solid pillow ball mounts up top, but you only hear them when you're driving on crappy roads...
  2. Radiator Fan constantly on even when the car is off

    #4 in the diagram switches the fans to high-speed. If the controlling wire touches ground, it will activate the relay and fans(I think it's Black/Blue). Also, the fans get switched on via ground on GVR-4's, so power is always there. If you rewired new fans into the car, double check your wiring...
  3. Potential all aluminum bolt in radiators?

    An EVO 3 radiator will fit, however, a bit of shimming is needed in order for it to fit snugly, as the height is a bit shorter. As Spatchana said, many don't come a bung for a fan switch. If you decide to have one added, be aware that 3/8" NPT will fit the factory sensor well enough, but the...
  4. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    Which MAS is plugged in? I'd try using a stock 1g MAS, and disconnecting the GM MAF. If the car is starting and then turning off, the CAS is getting a signal to the ECU, which is what turns the fuel pump on, not the key. However, the CAS may still be installed wrong. There's a dot on one ear of...
  5. Clutch drag

    I had a warped pressure plate that gave me a ton of trouble before I finally figured it out. It didn't feel like I was hitting something with the pedal, but the pedal never passed the "tight spot" that most pedals have before getting easier (difficult to explain). If it were me, I'd start from...
  6. WTB: White trunk lid

    Just like the title states, looking for a white trunk lid. I don't need the wing. Located in NC. I'm only looking for one that has decent paint and no rust/dings.
  7. Is black RTV ok to use on oil pan?

    I've had bad results with black.
  8. FS: TurboLab Bastard 20G, 2G Exhaust Manifold, Stainless o2 Housing

    I'll take the 2g manifold, pending pictures. PM paypal info.
  9. FS: evolution 9 ix front seats off my gvr4

    Why, so you could see them in my car? GLWS OP.
  10. FS: parts want to get rid of

    I'll take the inner fenders. Send me paypal info.
  11. Does anything "kill" starter motors?

    I killed 3 starters in 6 months due to a BS being out of phase. The bendix went bad in all of them, solenoid and motor still functioned as it should, but the pinion just wouldn't engage the flywheel.
  12. FS: 567/1000 part out /fire sale

    I need the passenger side front lower inner fender plastic.
  13. Electrical peeps - wiring rad fans into link this weekend. relay question

    Quoting MuffinMan7580: The fan switch at the bottom of the radiator controls low speed (green and blue wires) and the blue and black wire at the back of the thermostat housing controls high speed.Fan switch should be green and black wires, not sure why I put blue.
  14. Electrical peeps - wiring rad fans into link this weekend. relay question

    The fan switch at the bottom of the radiator controls low speed (green and blue wires) and the blue and black wire at the back of the thermostat housing controls high speed.
  15. The last radiator fan wiring thread

    Quoting broxma: So tonight I got the bug to figure the entire thing out. I have been able to get the fan working by grounding out the sensor plug. I learned one thing in the process. Onto the definitive answer.The image of the clip from the schematic above is from the HARNESS SIDE.
  16. Radiator Fan Woes

    Issue resolved. I wired it up as per the other thread that was linked, and it worked as soon as I remembered to hook the grounds back up!I feel like I should have noticed that pin 6 was grounded as much as I stared at the diagram.
  17. Hot no-start

    It may have nothing to do with it, but you could also double check your grounds. Hot surfaces tend to be poor conductors, especially if they're old and corrosion is present.
  18. Radiator Fan Woes

    If this is true, then I'll be aggravated and relieved.
  19. Radiator Fan Woes

    I'm still at a loss with this. Fan is wired up to pins #3 (+) and #6 (-) as per the FSM pinout. Wiring for the fusible link box has been put back to stock, as well as the alternator wire.HVAC control box behind the glove box-Has no effect on the fans, plugged in or not.Managed to locate the...
  20. an flair savers

    I've always used motor oil to lubricate the threads and flare surface to help keep burrs from forming.
  21. Radiator Fan Woes

    A little update. I went back and found all the wiring I had moved, and it all checks out. The second wire I moved was the white/black wire from the main fusible link junction to my distribution block (B+). The main fuse box is now oriented so any wiring in the back of the fuse box is not in...
  22. FS: 1992 vr4 255/1000 Harwinton, CT $5-$150

    Lol, no, there's a cover above the kickpanel I think. I'll grab a picture tomorrow of where it is.
  23. Radiator Fan Woes

    Pictures of any/all of the bolted connections of wiring entering/exiting the fuse box, and the same type of connections of the wiring in the battery terminal fusible link box, and what they're associated with. I know it's a pain in the ass, but I'd be really grateful.I'll double check the A/C...
  24. Radiator Fan Woes

    I was afraid I'd hear an answer of that sort. Help could still be provided though, if anyone is interested in checking their fuse blocks and taking pictures of how a stock one is setup (where power is provided from and such). I was a dingus and didn't take pictures of how it was before I...
  25. Radiator Fan Woes

    Thanks for the reply, I'll try to paint a better picture.Relays-They function as designed, along with the fan switch and A/C engine temp switch. A/C relays are in unknown condition, but having them installed or not in the fuse box does not change the operation of the fan as of right now...
  26. Radiator Fan Woes

    I have an issue with 570/1000. The PS fan is coming on whenever the battery is connected (key on or off, doesn't matter, or the storage disconnect active or inactive). The low speed circuit is utilized for the PS fan. I did not have an issue with it until I removed the fusible link box off the...
  27. FS: 1992 vr4 255/1000 Harwinton, CT $5-$150

    I need the interior piece that covers the ECU shipped to 28307.
  28. J-pipe

    Have you called ETS about ordering the J-Pipe by itself? I ordered mine last year by itself, it was pricey though (around $80 if I remember right).
  29. FS: HKS Twin Power and USDM Fogs

    I'll take the Twin Power. What's your paypal?
  30. Radiator Temp Sensor Adapter

    The fan switch's threads are M16x1.5.
  31. Crankwalk?

    I wouldn't worry about stretching the rod bolts either. Rod bolts are pretty resilient, and would be the last likely cause IMO to cause a spun rod bearing.
  32. FS: Gauge interest group buy Front air diverter

    I'd be interested in one if the price was below or around $100. I'm not interested in carbon fiber.
  33. Crankwalk?

    +1. Did you set your crank endplay correctly?
  34. KOYO radiator options

    I'm tracking the change in cores. Does anyone else have an EVO 1-3 radiator that can chime in about the bung for the fan switch?
  35. KOYO radiator options

    For M16x1.5? Almost everything I've found is NPT thread. If I do that, I'd still have to drill and tap it, on top of buying the inline housing.
  36. KOYO radiator options

    Bringing it back from the dead, but I ordered a Koyo EVO 3 radiator for 570. I'm fine with it being a little shorter than stock, but I am not alright with it not having a bung for the fan switch! I will see if the part number was on the box and post that as well, but if anyone else has the KOYO...
  37. mpi fuse keeps popping

    Yeah, what was the deal?
  38. FS: arp head studs 6 bolt torqued once 55 shipped!

    What did you torque them to, and what lube did you use?
  39. cam degreeing issues (resolved)

    Yes, solid lifters go in for cylinder #1. What is kicking your ass?If I understand how cam degreeing works, you should be showing .040" of lift at 144 degrees, and then .040" of lift at 4 degrees (according to your degree wheel). That's a total of 212 degrees of open valves, you should have...
  40. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    Still haven't found a set, and still looking.
  41. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    Thanks for trying to help, but I'm looking for the old style ones.
  42. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    Still looking for a set.
  43. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    What sounds more reasonable price?
  44. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    I've seen a couple pairs go for around $250 with scratches. If you upload good pics showing NIB condition (front, back) including proof that they're your pictures (piece of paper with date and username in view), I'd do $325 shipped and pp'd (negotiable). I have a few things that might be worth a...
  45. WTB: Old style HKS Cam Gears

    I'm looking for a set of the old style purple/teal hks cam gears in good to excellent condition. Send me pictures and then we'll talk price. Picture as an example.
  46. Talon not running right, need technical help

    Check your CAS, as already suggested. Sounds a little weird for it to be missing on only 2 injectors though. The 4 wires at the CAS should have 12v, GND, 5v, and signal to the ECU. Check for 12V and 5V. Easiest, and most likely IMO, you have a bad connection somewhere. If you just pulled the...
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