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  1. FS: Mitsubishi Diamond Logo Horn Buttons

    “Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) collaboration.This is the famous Mitsubishi diamond logo(three water caltrops). The logo was chosen by founder Iwasaki Yatarō and combines his family crest with that of the Tosa clan(the family crest of his first employer). It also reflects...
  2. FS: VR-4 Logo Keychains

    “Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) keychain collaborationThis is the exact trunk badge logo from the E39A Galant VR-4. Matches the horn button to perfection and makes a great companion if you already have one. Super nice metal keychain with a very ornate bail, which makes it super...
  3. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Badges have landed and are ready to ship out! Check out the first post for details.
  4. FS: Custom DSM & Eagle Logo Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Yes I do. The quantity available should be up to date. Thanks.
  5. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    4 more weeks! I approved the mold and we are in the production phase.
  6. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. The badge is actually made out of zinc alloy, not ABS. This makes sense because ABS plastic doesn’t oxidize like metal does. The cost went up for me, but the pricing will stay the same. Molds are almost 100% completed. The rejection rate has been high, so...
  7. FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Thanks for the pictures guys. The buttons look great!2 spares still available. Thanks.
  8. FS: Custom DSM & Eagle Logo Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Hey there. After having success with the VR-4 trunk badge logo horn buttons, I’ve come up with a couple designs for the DSM platform.“Mind Limiter” (Mind Power x Rev Limiter) collaborationI have 2 options available.Option #1 is the same exact Diamond Star Motors font logo that is on...
  9. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Alright folks... Badges have been paid for and I sent both of my badges out to begin the design/mold making process. It should take anywhere from 6-10 weeks to complete and ship to me. Stay tuned!
  10. Got another one

    Nice! Is the budget car going to be more for street use compared to the money pit?
  11. FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    And they’re here. PayPal is <b>[email protected]</b>. I leave for Portlandia on May 16 for 5 days. I’d like to get as many buttons shipped before then, but otherwise I’ll start shipping again on the 22nd. Please include all relevant info to help keep things smooth. Thanks so much everybody!
  12. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Yeah, the red ones came on 8G Galant VR-4, Super VR-4, and Legnum VR-4. Looks like production ended in 2006 for those, so the badge could still be available. If they aren't available, reproducing them would not be a worthwhile effort for many reasons. Yes, they are fire and I have one too. I...
  13. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Are you referring to the Super VR-4 badge? AFAIK, the JDM cars have the same badge unless it's a Super VR-4. I have a new one and would love to have that replicated too, but I would need to have 300 units made and foot out another $1000+ mold cost. There's a very high likelihood that I will not...
  14. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Hey everybody. I am working with a company to reproduce the VR-4 trunk badge to exact perfection. The OEM badge has been NLA since about 2012 when I bought mine new. A lot of people have been asking me to buy one, so I have decided to do something about it. Lots and lots of emails, but I'm...
  15. FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Hey everybody. I haven't been very active due to unforeseen circumstances, but I'm back with a product that I'm sure a lot of you will really like.I am partnering up with Adam of to produce a batch of '91 VR-4 trunk badge logo steering wheel horn buttons. I myself came up with...
  16. FS: 1991 GVR4 Green, 300k miles. Feeler for whole or parts?

    GLWS. I have a real AMG grille, but it's missing the diamond badge thanks to that douche, Racah15. Wop was the one who sold it to me. Over the past 7 years or so, I've seen a few stateside, but they are still pretty rare. Props for having a complete one.
  17. WTB: Super VR-4 Badge

    Ask JondoeVR4.
  18. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Not much progress on the car. I heard from the tuner that they plan on getting the car out of the shop in a month or so. I have been dealing with the loss of my first dog, so that has been emotionally draining on me these past couple weeks.Installed the Whiteline caster bushings.Bought...
  19. Headlight pinstripe?

    They are headlight covers. I stole this pic off of 988's FB. Not sure if the pinstripe serves a purpose other than aesthetics.
  20. STOLEN

    Good to hear it's safe.
  21. New Owner of #1899/2000

    No update on the car yet. It's just been sitting out in the rain, snow, and shine at the shop. Acquired a couple items in the mean time though.Dorman Control Arms. I got sent the wrong ones the first time despite ordering what was pictured, but the right ones did come in. The reason I went...
  22. 909/1000 Build thread

    Yup! What kind of shenanigans were you up to at SM? Hoping they can get my car into the shop soon. I'll have to stop by your place once it gets going before I make the trip back up north.Interesting caliper choice. I thought you were going with 3KGT brakes at one point.
  23. Momo hub adapter

    I have a MOMO Monte Carlo with #6101 hub adapter. Fitment was perfect.
  24. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Glad you were able to catch the oil leak before it did serious damage. Maybe consider a JNZ premium remote oil pressure sender kit? I ended up getting one for insurance and highly recommend it. You can even get a rubber cushioned clamp mount to help dampen vibrations. The accuracy of the...
  25. 802/1000 Diary

    Looks great with the XD9's. Nice camber plates too .
  26. Feal CoilOver 441MI-05 7K 7K

    Hey David. I ordered a set of those brake line mounts recently and can't wait to get them. Thanks for making them available.
  27. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Car is officially at SM Speed in Blaine, MN thanks to the recommendation from Jason Everts. Kind of ironic, since I bought the car in Blaine four years ago and now it is back. It was quite the struggle trying to get an appointment, but we are good to go now. Unfortunately, my buddy Charles'...
  28. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Snail is here. Custom GReddy 20G Built by my friend Matt Gesch who was a former turbo builder at MAP. I think jeverts can maybe vouch for some of his work. Anyways, the compressor cover has been bored out to accept a 20G billet wheel. I think the bearing housing is aftermarket(same kind that MAP...
  29. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Tentative appointment for service and tuning is September 14th. The guys are busy with racing, so I will be able to bring the car in after Proving Grounds 2. I was hoping for this weekend, but it is what it is.Did some major work on the car and removed the ABS motor and lines. I was able to...
  30. 909/1000 Build thread

    Mmmmm. Billet knuckles. Would you want to borrow a clean, unpacked set of non-ABS knuckles to model off of?
  31. All Mitsu Cookout -- August 23rd, 2015 -- Ramsey, MN

    Wish I could have came, but the car just isn't ready. Looks like a blast and glad to see some Galant's there. Next year...
  32. Wizardawd

    Thanks for doing business Aaron. Payment was sent promptly.
  33. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Thanks Shaggy. I got the restrictor from eBay. clickNew injectors came in directly from FIC. Decided on 1120cc low-z. I figure that this will give me a little room to grow. Plan is to stay on 91.Flow sheet.New OEM TOB, retaining clip, fulcrum ball, clutch fork, 1G clutch master...
  34. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Thanks Shane. I made sure I knew where the valve was and the hose was also marked with paint pen to make it easy.More goodies have arrived. Getting real close to getting the car towed down to a shop. Ended up choosing an ACT 2600 Xtreme clutch kit with sprung street disk. Probably didn't need...
  35. New favorite tool

    Nice G. Been meaning to get one of those. I removed the trunk badges and the adhesive is petrified on there good. Probably should remove the blue pinstriping on my car too and redo it at a later point in a different color too. Thanks for the inspiration.
  36. FS: Gauge interest group buy Front air diverter

    Quoting jeverts: We are suppose to be getting a FARO arm soon so I am waiting on that. It will speed the design process considerably and get a better product. Otherwise I am going to be cutting this out of cardboard and having something that isn't going perfect.Siqq.
  37. FS: Gauge interest group buy Front air diverter

    Hey Jason. Just seeing where we are at with this. Thanks.
  38. All Mitsu Cookout -- August 23rd, 2015 -- Ramsey, MN

    When is the deadline for signing up?
  39. All Mitsu Cookout -- August 23rd, 2015 -- Ramsey, MN

    I always say I want to come and have never had the car ready. I'm thinking this is the year. Look out!
  40. New Owner of #1899/2000

    faqinshiet - Kind of. The cups are NLA in the U.S. Part numbers are in the pic. Check with JNZ.Martin - Thanks. I sure hope so.Trying to make a big push to get the car going. A few more items came in.New Koyo radiator. Part number is W0133-1816199. It hurt me inside to run the car...
  41. FS: Gauge interest group buy Front air diverter

    What did I tell you Jason?
  42. WTB: '93 Grille

    Bump for a white one still. Thanks.
  43. New Owner of #1899/2000

    David - I will for sure let everyone know how the suspension performs.^Thanks. It's almost been 4 years since I've had this car and I hope to be able to drive it around this summer/early fall.Little bit of progress. Removed the E316G and got to see a preview of my billet wheel GReddy...
  44. EGT

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