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  1. WTB: wheels and tires( also maybr carpet)

    Im looking for stock 4x114.3 rims and tires. Nothing crazy. Want to spend 100 but can spend more. Also need a new carpet.
  2. sputtering at 2500rpm

    parts: 750 injectors dsmlink wideband o2 16g turbo walbro 255 pump 2g maf 272 cams Hey guys, when I accelerate my car struggles when it gets to 2500 rpm. it starts to sputter and struggle to get past 3000rpm. Does anyone have any suggestions? As of now, that...
  3. How many VR4s are left

    I have 1572/2000 over in Rhode Island!
  4. bumper cover trouble

    Hello there, I'm trying to put my new Intercooler in and I'm struggling with the bumper cover. I have all the side and front bolts and screws out but the front main ones I am struggling with. I took the blinkers out and I see theres one bolt right on the back. They are rusted to the stud. Is...
  5. major problems

    I apologize. The injectors are 750, I've had a long day haha. But ya the timing is spot on. I'll run through the link and check everything tomorrow morning.
  6. major problems

    I'm pretty positive that the set up and the injectors are right because I talked to the guy from ecmlink and he said that everything I was going to be running in it was fine and he set up the main settings on my chip for me.
  7. major problems

    I'm having big problems trying to figure out why my car won't run right. Adding boost helped it a little bit but it doesn't get u and go. It is running like it is way of time but I know it is not. I have checked it numerous times. Apart from running like a dog I noticed as I was driving the...
  8. loss of power

    I have looked over the data log and there is no knock. Everything seems to be right except for the af ratio. But one thing I did notice is that when I bumped up the boost it went a little better. idk why I was running it at 8 ponds but now I'm at ten. I plan on bumping it up to at least 14...
  9. loss of power

    I recently got my gvr4 up and running. I have noticed that I have a big loss in off the line power. I've been logging it and when I jump boost the timing should be around 10 at 8 pounds. But it is way down to about 3. I have set it up to be around 10 at idle because of the parts that I have put...
  10. WTB:

    haha thats funny. but i do need a new head.
  11. WTB:

    Hello everyone About to finish my small re-build on my 1991 gvr4. there are a couple things i need to finally finish it. 1. cylinder head 2. balance shaft remove kit Pretty sure that is it. if anyone and everyone could help me out that would be great. i my water pump seized up on me...
  12. confused

    And my issue is that as of right now I know the timing Skipped. Haven't torn that apart yet
  13. confused

    I have for upgrades. -255 walbro pump -750 injextors -DSM link chip -16g tdo5h turbo -Wideband o2 -2g mas -boost gauge -high performance pistons and shaft -new timing assemblyIt is a completely rebuilt engine. All fresh sh*t. Torqued down and everything. New gaskets. Better head bolts. I...
  14. confused

    so I was having power problems. and I changed the timing a bit through the crank angle adjuster. put it at 13 degrees. and it was running great. we took it down the road and then all of a sudden the timing went. it was all belts and bearings and what not. I re built the entire engine. all the...
  15. no bottom end power

    alright. here is what I have done. I went ahead and took the turbo and manifold off to check it. the gasket for the manifold to turbo was completely trashed. so im guessing that was the big leak I was having. so that may be my problem. the gaskets are coming in today for it so once I go and get...
  16. no bottom end power

    alright. ive checked my timing. it is all set and now I am lost. I have no clue wtf to do. im thinking if it could be bad gas. but I don't think that it would solve my bottom end power! any other suggestions?
  17. no bottom end power

    alright. ill check it out. I do hear a leak up front I think. but so if isn't that or the timing is there anything else I should check out?
  18. no bottom end power

    i did put better quality pistons and rods and valves in it. but ive already done a boost leak test, and I do not have a bc. there are no leaks anywhere, maybe really small ones but nothing that would make a significant change. around 3000-4000 in the higher gears im making about 10 lbs of boost...
  19. no bottom end power

    so here is the deal. I re built my engine. put all of the necessary upgrades to it to make it compatible with the bigger turbo. I have checked and fixed all vacuum and boost leaks. but for some reason I have almost no bottom end power. I am having a hard time trying to figure this out. it is the...
  20. turbo rebuild

    I just did a boost leak test this morning. im definitely replacing all the lines and moving around the tees and getting rid of as many as possible. I have two very small leaks one at the intake manifold and one with the other end of the intercooler piping. after I fix all of these leaks, do you...
  21. turbo rebuild

    alright. when I fixed the line the flapper completely opened at 20 lbs. I took her for a ride, and I gained 5 pounds. so now im running ten pounds and my bottom end is still really laggy. in first there is no boost. second there is a little. then third its a fricken rocket. so im thinking that I...
  22. turbo rebuild

    no. its hooked up. that line going from the waste gate to a tee was trashed. I went to test it and it held no pressure. I just fixed it, started it up and now it seems to be running a lot better. my wide band is reading 13-14 again. so im going to take her for a spin and let you know how it...
  23. turbo rebuild

    I don't have a MBC. but no I hav not tested it. I had it off and made sure that the flapper was in the right position. at that time I wasn't aware that it wasn't building boost. ill go test it and let you know
  24. turbo rebuild

    this is what I am looking at getting to rebuild itclick
  25. turbo rebuild

    im only getting 5 pounds of boost. I pre loaded the waste gate and still got 5. then went a little more and still got 5. so that's where im at
  26. turbo rebuild

    I have a tbc tdo5h 16g turbo. im looking to re build it because after doing a leak test on the hole system I came up with nothing. so im going to try and see if that is the problem. im only suspicious because I just rebuilt the engine after blowing it ujp and am not sure if I blew something in...
  27. boost leaks

    when my car is running. I have pre loaded the waste gate and the most boost I am getting out of my 16g is 5 pounds of boost. im wondering where to look for leaks. I have the tester. just looking for guidance if someone has any?
  28. wide band o2

    i need to find a cable to connect my wideband to my laptop. I have the innovative system from ecm tuning. its a nine prong vga chord. I heard that there are some cables that don't work. which brand name cable would be best recommended
  29. FS: rolling shell, lots performance and stock parts

    Hi I'm wondering about the intake pipe. Does it have the bov return and everything to plug it right in?
  30. boost controller

    I'm nonverbal a dick. I've been lost about all this stuff and this is helping me out a lot. Sorry if I'm coming off that way
  31. Intake

    Hi, I am looking for a intake pipe for my 91 gvr4. I want one with a bov return. Having a hard time finding one. Anyone can help me out?
  32. boost controller

    thanks. this helps me alot
  33. boost controller

    ya I actually am getting a v3 for it
  34. exhaust

    im trying to find a place to get a performance exhaust for my 91 gvr4. anyone know of where i can look or should i just weld mine?
  35. boost controller

    thanks, What is so special about this one if you dont mind me asking
  36. boost controller

    hi, im looking into a boost controller. im chipping my 91 vr4 and doing a bunch of upgrades. i want to know what would be the best and cheapest way to get a boost controller. my limit would be $50 if that is possible.
  37. hood heat shield

    im sorry but i didnt find anything. and the second one is in japanese... haha i cant read it
  38. front bumper

    Pretty soon i am going to be putting a new intercooler in so i am wondering if anyone has and links i could check out to see how to take off the hole front end? i want to be prepared for this so i can get it done quick
  39. hood heat shield

    My car sat for a while and when there were mice in there they ate away at my hood heat shield. So does anyone know where I can get a new one?
  40. WTB: new lines

    by chance, does anyone know where i can get all new lines for cheap. i want red ones to match everything. from radiator lines, to all braided lines in the engine bay. ive been trying to find places online but little luck thank you.
  41. headlight assembly

    thanks. that helped a bunch. their in now
  42. headlight assembly

    I am trying to put my new headlights in and I am having a hell of a time. can someone tell me how. i got the grill off. and im lost. idk how to get the side lights off. im sure from there it is a piece of cake.
  43. data log

    I need some advice on a data logger. i am going to be getting a dsm link for my car and im wonder what kind of data logger i should get?
  44. WTB: headlight assembly

    I am highly interested. If you can just private message me your number I will call you about them with in two days, if not tomorrow. thank you =)
  45. WTB: headlight assembly

    Hi, my right headlight has a crack in it and im looking for one that is in good shape. as long as there are no cracks in it then I may be interested. or if anyone dhas and idea of where i can get headlights for my 91 gvr4 than please let me know. thank you
  46. fog lights

    Thought this was a forum, not Facebook. I got it though, thanks guy
  47. fog lights

    All I want to know is how to change my fog light bulbs on my car. They have been out and I love how my car looks with them. Just don't want to brake anything. Thanks
  48. A Cold Start

    I have no clue. I will have to check. But no i dont have a logger, I plan on getting one though
  49. A Cold Start

    I havent had problems with my car starting much. Usually it takes about 2-3 times of it turning over to start. But now it has gotten fairly cold (about 32 *F) and it takes about twenty times for it to start. What can the problem be and how can I fix it?
  50. need advice

    This car has been in our hands for about 19 years. My mom held it for me and it sat in my driveway for ten. Thats why i did do the timing belt.
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