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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 Shell, MO $800.

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Shell 24X,XXX miles **No Engine or Transmission** A few missing misc items I'm sure but all the hard to find parts are thereA rare car, that needs some motivation to get moving, or the more likely fate a roller for someone else project. I unfortunately do not...
  2. WTB: Underhood Fuse Block

    I'm looking for the fuse block and harness for the engine bay.Mine unfortunately was damaged and is now unusable.Please call/text me for a faster respone. 314-422-6164Thanks for the help! Cash in handAnoushir
  3. FS: oem roof rack

    I really want this... But can't justify. aggghhhh
  4. The heartbreaker dyno

    Factory Service limit for Compression is 121psi. With a variance of 14psi between cylinders.Not saying that is optimal but far from "needing a rebuild"
  5. The ongoing wheel hunt. Lancer OZ wheels?

    These came on my Galant when I bought it. Spray painted gold too for horsepower.I'm pretty sure this car was headed to the junkyard before I picked it up.
  6. Oil return threads BROKE off housing

    one thing after another...So I get my turbo back from Forced Performance. They rebuilt my FP3052. Everything looks great. no issues that I can see.Threading in the oil return line with the turbo on my dining room table. One side goes in not fully torqued. (I like to tighten the bolts in a...
  7. Door handle has play.

    I lubed the hinges but they seemed to be in good condition. No free play in them. When I flipped the body latch I also adjusted it in more towards the door and I think that played the biggest part.
  8. Door handle has play.

    I flipped my Body latches upside down tonight. Seems to work great! Doors open up much much easier.Worth a shot and is cheaper then new latches. My next approach would have been tightly wrapped electric tape.
  9. WTB: Radio Trim/Bezel

    I need a radio in this thing. The trim seems next to impossible to find... Anyone selling? preferably a single din but I'm interested in either. Willing to spend good money too!LMK!Thanks, Anoushir
  10. Door handle has play.

    The latch seems to have quite a bit of damage on one side. I haven't tried yet, though I was thinking about just flipping the latch upside down. flipping the used side with the unused side... I'll give it a shot tomorrow and update.
  11. Furbasher's 91' GVR4

    I've owned this Galant for about a year now. The car has come a long way since purchase, I'll try and keep this thread updated as much as possible.Unfortunately the badges were all ripped from this car. Has been rattle canned chalk board black, And overall looks like its been used and abused...
  12. Door handle has play.

    My drivers door is very hard to open. I'm pulling the handle completely out and then some in order to open the door. It seems to have gotten worse over the past few days with frigid weather. I've never had these doors apart but it would seem a cable has stretched.I doubt these handles are...
  13. boost issues

    This is a pretty vague question. Do you have a MBC or is everything factory? Turbos tend to spike and then settle when building boost but 4psi seems excessive. Also I can imagine the 14b turbo would sort of run out around 4500rpms. Could be wrong though.
  14. Figuring out Production number?

    I realize the badge number doesn't matter. I had a bug in my head asking what if its a fake!
  15. Figuring out Production number?

    Hello all, I've done quite a bit of searching with no results. I'm looking for a way to figure out production number on my car. The badge on the dash isn't there nor does it look like one ever was. I checked the body vin tag and it reads E39 as well as the title that says gvr4. I'm relativity...
  16. New guy

    Yea I've tuned with v2 Link. Still no pro by any means.
  17. New guy

    Been about 3 years since owning my Laser. Back then I was on a college budget, owned very few tools, and had little to no room to work. I always said I would build a 4g63 the right way someday. Well Hopefully that day has come.Drove down to Tennessee to pick this thing up. Its a little rough...
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