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New guy


Jan 22, 2013
St. Louis
Been about 3 years since owning my Laser. Back then I was on a college budget, owned very few tools, and had little to no room to work. I always said I would build a 4g63 the right way someday. Well Hopefully that day has come.

Drove down to Tennessee to pick this thing up. Its a little rough around the edges but I was looking for a project to waste some time with. Unfortunately the badges have been ripped off so I have no Idea what production number it is /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif.

1991 Galant VR-4.

She came equipped with some sort of FP turbo. Full 3" exhaust (which looks brand new) Tial External WG, GM MAF, a few strut tower bars. and I'm sure some other hidden goodies. From what I've found I feel like this car at one point had a good caring owner, who put quality time and work into this car. For whatever reason was sold to a kid who did nothing but F the car.

Loaded on the trailer in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.

Like I said a little rough.


As I was tearing it apart, I found a random wire that had been soldered into an ecu plug. Wait a minute that looks familiar. So I find this.


But wait JACKPOT!!!!!

As of right now the car runs and drives, but is getting ZERO boost. With all the janky intercooler clamps I have a feeling it has a serious boost leak. But at the same time the car idles fine and doesnt seem to be hesitant at all. I tried rerouting some vacuum lines with no luck thus far. I haven't put to much time into figuring it out, but if anyone has any ideas.

My guess is check boost controller, vacuum lines, and do a boost leak check, prolly where id start.


Staff member
Apr 18, 2008
Arlington, Tx
Are you familiar with link, If not the ecmlink wiki will be your best friend and so will some of the vids. Your need to ask for access from the moderators. I think you going to have some fun, you'll also need the v3 cable, which is $56 shipped.
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