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    I've not even been able to start digging yet.

    I have to see if I have my stock one first. Let me look for it and get back to you.

    Does it have to be an AMG? I have a cyclone on mine that I might be willing to pull off.
  4. Floor mats

    I still have these floormats available. You can see info about them in this thread. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions. They are great mats.Scientifically proven to shave 2/10ths off your quarter mile!! :grin:
  5. Floor mats

    Apparently, my Google account does not like getting emails from Yahoo. Yours went to spam. I'm glad you posted a message here!
  6. Floor mats

    I'm still doing floormats for members. You can find info here. I just delivered a set to one member and there is another who's order is shipping soon. Maybe they will chime in with their experience. I don't think it is my place to say who they are without permission.These are not factory...
  7. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Here are threads that don't pull photos in. Though it could be they no longer are hosted elsewhere.
  8. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Speaking of data loss... Are all the pictures from the old board lost? I have been looking for some for coils on Cyclone intakes and they won't load as if they were not imported. Any way to bring those in?
  9. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    You are probably aware but those witty tag lines were only editable by mods. They were usually funny to some degree, but hilarious when you knew the backstory.I think another question to evaluate regarding the creation of a Vehicle Profile section would be: Would it be worth building here or...
  10. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    They are still available. Best course of action is to email me directly at turboflanagan @ the with your inquiries. I'm not even giving estimated delivery times anymore. Thanks covid!
  11. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    There have not been any orders since Covid started, but I should still be able to get a set made for you.Just email me at [email protected] to get the conversation started. Last sets made were $135 shipped to the contiguous US. They are probably $580 now with "covid pricing"...I'll...
  12. New To Site

    Thanks for saving it! I sure do love the Kensington Gray ones!Good luck with the rebuild!
  13. Back in the house

    Alive and kickin'.Have had a few orders even though I haven't been around in ages. I have a couple of sets that I might post up for sale. They were sets that I had to eat because they were embroidered wrong from the order.It took some work to get the mat embroiderer (that looks really...
  14. Back in the house

    Yup. Far too long...
  15. Back in the house

    Hey VR4 crew!I have had my Galant for more than 18 years. I can't really believe it's true.It has been parked for ages and currently isn't licensed for street use. I hope to rectify that very soon and start daily driving it again.I feel like a newb all over again and I suck at the...
  16. GVR4 One Lap story

    Yup. Curtis is 'da bomb'!
  17. ISC test with megasquirt

    Thanks for posting that.I have increased the timed step size which helped get it moving when actuated. I have gotten the idle up a little bit, but it is still not consistently holding the idle I set at different temp points.The isc is working. The computer is working. I think I must be...
  18. ISC test with megasquirt

    I have a megasquirt computer running the Galant. I am unable to adjust my idle and need some testing input.I have a new ISC and have verified battery voltage on pins 2 and 5 of the connector (the 2 middle ones).To verify the computer is grounding the other terminals, could I just use a...
  19. New guy from Mass with a 4G63 Ram 50 and now a GVR4

    That looks nice man. Well done.Seeing some of your body work pics reminds me of a video from, crap, I don't know how many years ago... Some guy was restoring a Datsun 240z I think and had time lapse video of doing metal work. Cutting, welding, laying lead... it was quite fun to watch.Your...
  20. What does this part do?

    Thanks! Finally found it!Had looked all over the compressor and controls sections of the a/c and didn't find it. Finally went page by page and found it.
  21. What does this part do?

    What does the Auto compressor control unit do? It lives behind the glove box on the HVAC housing.As seen here:
  22. Oil drain tube replacement

    I still get a sick feeling in my stomach from losing oil in my '84 turbo Colt while cruising down the highway.If you guys are using hose on this drain tube, please, please get fuel/oil hose. Pressure or no pressure, that thing can dump all your oil in no time and make your engine sound like...
  23. Oil drain tube replacement

    Thanks guys! All great suggestions. I have ordered a new drain tube from JNZ, which I didn't find yesterday prior to posting.Anybody want to come over and pull my HVAC box out? I really don't want to pull the dash again... I had to park it outside for a season and apparently rodents got...
  24. Oil drain tube replacement

    I found my oil drain tube pissing oil. Must be cracked in the "flex" section because it is all dry above that.I'm not too keen on just putting another 20+ year old part on there.I have not bought any aftermarket parts for this thing in quite a while.What good replacement drain tubes...
  25. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Quoting snailspool: Turboflanagan, i have emailed you a few times, including at least once in April and received no response. Is your paypal addy a good address for correspondence as well? Ill try PMing you the email on here too.I can't find any emails from you. My email address is...
  26. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Good bad news! Yours have not been delivered yet. Looks like they should be there Thursday.Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.I'll email your tracking number.
  27. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    I just got tracking info sent to me a little while ago and it looks like all orders have been delivered except James, who's order went in after the others.I hope you enjoy your mats! And for Pete's sake, if you have dirty shoes, wipe them on the carpet and then lay the floormat back down!
  28. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: Mine got here today. Peter got the order perfect, and shipped fast. Truly a stand-up member, and overall great guy. Thanks, Peter!You are welcome! They have been shipping them out quick. I have not been getting tracking info or I would be sending it to you guys.I...
  29. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: WTF? Are you Irish or something?Why yes I am! What gave me away?
  30. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Quoting ercp98: i got them. thank you.You are welcome!
  31. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    They have a lot of templates. If you want something different you can email me. The cost will be higher, but they will probably be able to do other makes. Someone wanted me to check into a Lexus sc300 that I just have not followed up with. Maybe I could do a batch of "other makes". I'm sure...
  32. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    There are 7 orders currently in the pipeline.Anybody else wanting a set of these should jump on it and let me know ASAP.
  33. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Yes, the pricing is the same.I can't believe I've been doing these mats for almost 10 years.
  34. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Alright guys, I'm about to put in another order for these mats. If you want some, let me know. It is much easier for me to deal with them in batches for time and sanity sake.I hate it, but I am almost never on the board anymore, so email me at [email protected] if you are interested...
  35. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Quoting BLUELIGHTSBABY: I want a set too, How long is this sale running, cause I just logged on and saw it. It will be two weeks before I can pay for mine.It has been going for a long stinking time. I don't think it will end any time soon.
  36. My restoration and build of #1444/2000 - lots of pics and video!

    Quoting 92_talon_awd: Dang, those are pimp. I was wondering where people were getting their floormats. I def need a set of those. My stock ones are in good shape but everytime I get in the car with dirty/wet feet I cringe to step on themThat's how I feel about my custom ones! I wish I...
  37. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Email me at [email protected] and include a link to those pics and we can get you your own personal set. We can even include your own car number if you want.
  38. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    They are still available. Thanks for the email.
  39. FS: Whiteline 22mm front and adj 26mm rear set

    These bars ROCK!! Been running them for years and Love them!
  40. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    These mats are still available.Click for available fonts. Other options are available, but you will have to pay a custom set-up fee. That is whether or not the particular design you are wanting has been done before. A simple explanation for this is that the guys making the mats were getting...
  41. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    I am ready to place orders anytime. Just let me know what you are looking for and I'll get it going for you.The best way to communicate the details is to email me at [email protected]
  42. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Working on emails and pm's tonight.
  43. Getting settings from Keydiver chip for MegaSquirt?

    Yes, looking for maps and pulsewidth settings. Cranking, priming, warm up and so forth. It started beautifully with the Keydiver chip, and I have yet to be able to get my starting settings (and running for that matter) sorted to give similar results. I have given very little time for it and...
  44. Getting settings from Keydiver chip for MegaSquirt?

    Is there any way (besides bugging Keydiver) to get settings from one of his custom chips to input into MegaSquirt settings? It would make a small part of life much easier right about now.
  45. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    It was a sticky for a long time, but was taken off for a variety of reasons.I didn't get an email from you. I am guessing you sent it to the yahoo address for the paypal? I almost never check that email anymore.You can email me at [email protected] with questions. I am heading out...
  46. Landing Page

    This one?I still have it. Was kicking until a couple of days ago when this problem developed. It is just sitting in the garage now waiting to get back into the fray.I need to get it cleaned up again and get some new pics!
  47. Starter engagement problem

    That is what I am hoping, but it does not seem weak when tested out of the car. I don't have another in hand (yet) to compare with.Looking for one now.
  48. Starter engagement problem

    I have recently started driving the Galant again on a regular basis. Now it seems to be getting me back for letting it sit too long between spirited driving.A problem with the starter has developed. The starter will not fully engage the flywheel to spin the engine over. It has been working...
  49. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    You can get this design or the other one I posted above with the embroidery out by the door sill.
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