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  1. Non-AC VIN

    Does anybody have a VIN for a USDM 6G Galant with no air conditioning? Or does anybody have part numbers for the duct that would replace the AC evaporator? Curious if it's something that would be available.
  2. WTB: 92 or 93 tail lights with garnish

    I've have a set from a '92 that I think are in good shape except for where it says "VR4" is cloudy. What are they worth?Also I can get a few more sets at a local yard. The only problem is that this particular yard charges a lot for tail lights. But they have many cars with the '92 style and...
  3. WTB: Rear end with/without suspension

    If you don't have any luck I've got one up here in NY. Definitely has some rust but not as bad as others from upstate NY. I think this particular one was originally from a southern car. I've got 2 complete rear end assemblies that I'll be looking to get rid of but one is still underneath a...
  4. WTB: Rear bumper support foam

    I have one! PM me and we can work out the details. Would greyhound be a good way to go?
  5. WTB: rear upper seat & heat sheilds

    I think I'm going to downstate NY in a couple of weeks...I could deliver a rear seat back that looks mint from the front but some rodents chewed on the back side. They never went near the front, they were just in the trunk. I'm not looking to get much and you could save on shipping.
  6. FS: 2 Sets of Belize Green Doors Western NY

    Hey guys I have all 8 doors from 497/2000 and 924/1000. One set has GGSX (cloth insert) door panels and the other set has VR4 door panels in pretty good condition. They're all complete and in pretty good shape, couple of dents. I think all or almost all have some rust underneath.The set from...

    Quoting LIV4PSI: OP, it does belong it the newb section as it is very basic stuff, don't take it personally.I have both water pipes available. And I disagree with Alpha Male, you can still use a 91-94 turbo water pipe with a 90 OFH. You just have to block two coolant passages, which is much...
  8. Please help after mods car stall and won't run......Fixed

    One time my friend accidentally put the washers to the intake manifold nuts in between the manifold and the head. And don't try using the 2g intake manifold with a 1g/gvr4 head. Just get one from a 1g. They're very easy to find.
  9. WTB: Blue Doglegs & sideskirts

    Just wondering if there is anyone outside of the US that can get me the complete set of side skirts, doglegs/fender caps in my color (shipped to the US).Color is "nordic blue", B96. Same color as shown in this thread. Figured I would ask before I go out and have a set painted. Thanks.
  10. bad pcv valve caused my blow by?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned putting a plastic check valve in line with the PCV valve to make sure you only have flow going the proper direction.
  11. How rare is a galant vr-4

    There were a whole lot made, but I don't have any numbers can check Japan ASA and see how high the chassis numbers go. I think someone on here had a Japanese parts manual that listed all of the production runs. I think you can find the exact number (at least for the JDM) pretty...
  12. Galant GSX Information

    Got a '90 Galant (USA) brochure. It's pretty neat. All GS and GSX had gray interiors. The '90 GSX was available in Summit White, Ascot Silver, Nordic Blue, Sahara Gold.No surprises there. But it's interesting that there were 8 available exterior colors, but only white, silver, and gold were...
  13. Just an FYI, fuel filler tubes

    Are we talking about the lower part or the upper?
  14. 1G Throttlebody vs VR4 TB

    Not really relevant to your problem but the idle speeds for 1g and GVR4 are slightly different.
  15. GVR4 ABS proportioning valve question?

    The non-ABS prop valve for the GGSX and (non-USDM) GVR4 is NLA and you are SOL
  16. Non abs prop valve

    Well...the front to rear bias changes based on braking force.It's not all about the brake setup on your car but also it's weight distribution. For example, the Galant GSX and non-ABS JDM GVR4 have the same prop. valve even though the brakes are different. And I believe the USDM GVR4 and 1GB...
  17. Torn on whether to keep ABS

    I guess it depends on what kind of future the car is going to have. But also, I would factor in the unavailability of the proper proportioning valve.
  18. FEELER: 90 ggsx 87k miles $2500 Fort Wayne IN

    Not a bad deal if the underside is perfect. They only made 2900 E38As for the Japanese market and even less for the US market.
  19. Which colors were available for our cars?

    It's in storage, but I think it's B96.
  20. How do I achieve this fog light look (turn signal)?

    Interesting. Can one buy this cover plate somewhere?
  21. You think you have rust?

    Update on this car:It will be scrapped this spring. The water authority did a repair that resulted in a very large dip in the road. It was going uphill and I couldn't see it. Basically, the gas tank was ripped off the car. The filler hose was holding the whole thing up, but ripped and an...
  22. How do I achieve this fog light look (turn signal)?

    So the non-turn signal part is just painted over or something?
  23. Which colors were available for our cars?

    ASA calls KG HB2, but it's really H52. It calls BG GB1, but it's really G31. It doesn't have interior/exterior listed for my GGSX.My white 93 Mirage is W83T, should be W83 A white Evo II RS is W83MIn ASA Japan, E39A-0010800 (3/3 in 10/1988) and below have no exterior code...
  24. How do I achieve this fog light look (turn signal)?

    I have a JDM bumper. This is the look I want:I don't know much about what fogs were available. I've seen the projector fogs. Did another type of fog light have an integrated turn signal? What part is in the picture? A regular fog light with tape over it? I was thinking I could have a...
  25. Which colors were available for our cars?

    The firewall plate on my KG says H52. What's the color code for your black JDM car?I wonder if there's any way to find the production numbers on the number of blue E38A and E39A cars. And I really want to know what years that blue color was available. I wish I had a JDM brochure with a full...
  26. Which colors were available for our cars?

    The USDM cars are so simple; wish we had all the info readily available.Why would a car company use two different versions of white for different markets? After a search I did see that there might be a W09 and WA9.They have to have had K-grey in other markets. I bought a JDM gas door from...
  27. Which colors were available for our cars?

    ...Or should I say the non-USDM GVR4s. Of course we all have access to the production numbers of the SW, BG, and NB 91 cars and the SW, BG, NB, and KG 92 cars.But what other colors were the pre-facelift and post-facelift JDM VR4s available in? Looks like the Nordic Blue and silver color...
  28. Starting delay...

    My Galant GSX behaves similarly. But rather than holding it for 5 seconds, it's sort of random if it wants to crank. 70% of the time it doesn't. Eventually it does. I've tried manually turning the engine to a different position to try to give it an easier time. Can't remember if that helped...
  29. Water in the car when it rains

    I've got similar issues with my GGSX; I've had the carpet out for over a year because it would get soaked in the front floor area, but it will now pool in the rear floor area. The speaker opening thing is interesting, because a PO opened up those holes on my car (and it looks ridiculously nasty...
  30. WTB: Nordic Blue JDM Rear Bumper

    I saw someone selling one on here I need one! If anyone has any leads please let me know. Paint doesn't need to be perfect but it would be nice to start with the right color.
  31. Battery Drain

    Ok, I found the receipt. The alternator was purchased at Advance Auto 1/12/13. It says limited lifetime replacement.
  32. Battery Drain

    Sounds like it's probably the alternator. This reman. alternator is probably not even a year and a half old. I hope I have some kind of warranty. I pulled all the fuses that were bolted in and the only one that had any effect was the 100A ALT fuse. But this test was inconclusive because it...
  33. Battery Drain

    The other morning I went out to my car to find the battery dead (0 deg morning). I've been daily driving it for over a year and haven't had too many issues. Once in a while the car would crank slow, but now it has a 2A-3.1A battery drain. I believe a normal value is somewhere around .05A. So...
  34. FS: Immaculate Condition Galant VR-4 AWS For Sale. $4500obo Little Rock Arkansas

    Ha the first sentence is hilariously wrong but we'll forget about that.Underbody pics? My '92 shines too but you can put your hand through the floor.
  35. WTT: My Nordic Blue for your Belize Green - Buffalo, NY ($4,500)

    The only accident reported to CARFAX(which I can provide) was in 1994. It put a little wrinkle in the pass. side frame rail near the battery. The rad. core support also has a dent. I have a clean replacement rad. core support if you feel it needs to be repaired. Here are pics of the damage...
  36. WTT: My Nordic Blue for your Belize Green - Buffalo, NY ($4,500)

    Rusty parts that you see are probably more from mixing and matching with rusty cars than from this car being exposed to winter driving. I've never seen it exposed to salt, and I don't think Alpha Male exposed it to salt when he owned it. The following pics are all from August 2013 and once...
  37. WTT: My Nordic Blue for your Belize Green - Buffalo, NY ($4,500)

    What I'm looking for: -A Belize Green, sunroof, Galant VR4 Must have never seen winter salt. Underbody pics required. -Clean title (no salvage) -Original dash badge -No accidents -No body hacking (excessive cutting, severely dented floors, etc.-Doesn't need a drivetrain, good paint...
  38. Galant GSX Registry

    If anybody wants to PM me VINs it would be cool to start tabulating colors / trim codes. I could make a public spreadsheet and maybe leave the VIN off - not sure of the best way to approach it.By the way, mine is a 1990 Nordic Blue, no-ABS, manual, sunroof, no CD, and is A70.
  39. Dsm seat fitment ..

    I agree that the Galant ones aren't any heavier but they have no side support! The leather 1g seats are awesome.
  40. What did i get? VR4 or GSX?

    Like was stated above the E38A/E39A gives it away for us in the US.VR4 is JA3CX56UxNZ GSX is JA3CX56RxLZI haven't used ASA but I know that CAPS will tell you the answer to this type of question.Also, color is another giveaway. Unless it's white. And maybe black (are there black GGSXs...
  41. how many of yall daily your gvr4

    I daily drive 924/1000 and I daily drove 108/1000 for a year. Used to do 50+ miles a day, now it's only 2 miles to work each way. It's nice to not worry as much about keeping it reliable, but the long commute ensured that I'm on top of maintenance/repairs. The car is about to crack in half...
  42. Regular Galant engine versus VR4 and more..........

    Yes, I was going to mention that the FWD turbo DSM trans may be a better choice, but I don't know too much about the FWD autos.
  43. Regular Galant engine versus VR4 and more..........

    As was stated, I'm pretty sure the 6g FWD Galants can't feasibly be swapped to AWD. I know that's always been the consensus with the 1g DSM, which pretty much has the same chassis. This is unlike the FWD 2g DSM and 4g Mirage/Lancer which do seem to be mostly setup the same as their AWD...
  44. 89 under dash installed

    You gain leg room with that?? I need to install mine...
  45. Evo swapped vr4

    Quoting brunoboy: 96-01 mirage would work too. I was contemplating making mine a Evo 5/6 but I didn't have a parts Evo laying aroundI was going to bring this up. At least the engine is going the right way, the current drivetrain sucks, its cheap, lightweight, not rare, and you can use some...
  46. You think you have rust?

    You've been looking for 2 weeks? Try 2 years! Its next to impossible. Sellers don't seem to understand that many of us only care about shell condition. And many people have lower standards than I do, so I won't find out that a car is unacceptable until I've wasted a lot of time and energy trying...
  47. You think you have rust?

    I think that pictures of rust trouble areas should be mandatory in the for sale section. Just like adding a price and location. Look at every thread. Everyone is asking the same question. I don't think there are any exceptions to this. It would really streamline things. You already can't post a...
  48. You think you have rust?

    You're preaching to the choir. Trust me, I would never a clean vr4 in the snow. I've gone very far out of my way to store my rust free cars. I own 6 cars and only 2 of them will ever see snow. I have a horribly ugly 1g with 192k on it that I even store because it has zero rust.The problem is...
  49. BOV Recirc Hose

    Dayco 71277 with the end chopped off. I guess I had to go to a store that actually had a decent inventory of hoses. It's the lower rad hose for a subaru or something. Was $11 at autozone, $6.18 rockauto.
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