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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 1821/2000 MA $3500

    I would love to have another GVR4....Do you like a Miata? I DD my 92 but it has a 1.8 engine from Jappan, 5 speed trans + a spare, I redid the interior, Harddog roll bar, Tien coilovers....tons of others, here have some pictures. click
  2. WTB: TD05 16g Compressor wheel

    Hey everyone, I know it has been awhile but I still need this piece, if you have one please PM the price shipped to 23112 + your paypal. Thanks!
  3. FS 4g63 $600

    Sold! Thanks~
  4. FS 4g63 $600

    Will do.
  5. FS 4g63 $600

    Engine sale is Pending.
  6. FS 4g63 $600

  7. WTB: 344 mount

    Sent you a PM....
  8. FS 4g63 $600

    BUMP. New prices on the stuff I have left. I need to get rid of it.
  9. FS 4g63 $600

    I believe that one was cracked pretty badly anyways :/
  10. FS 4g63 $600

    Car has gone to the scrapper, the ONLY parts I have left are listed on the first post. Thanks
  11. FS 4g63 $600

    When I bought the car I was told it had been built less then 500 miles ago. I drove it from Fredricksburg VA to Richmond VA and started the tear down to restore the rest of the car. It is the engine only, no manifolds, fuel rail, accessories and needs the crank pulley also (guy had an unorthodox...
  12. FS 4g63 $600

    Throwing it out there.... Engine $1000 shipped anywhere within the 48 c. states.
  13. FS 4g63 $600

    SS Clutch line has been sold!
  14. FS 4g63 $600

    The SS Clutch line is still up for grabs, $ has not been received. Nothing "Sold" until $ clears PayPal. Thanks!
  15. FS 4g63 $600

    Sure. Paypal is [email protected] Please include you address/name. Thanks!
  16. FS 4g63 $600

  17. WTB: clutch pedal assembly

    I have one.
  18. FS 4g63 $600

    I do not have the trunk nor the rear lenses.
  19. WTB: Radiator Fan resisitor pack

    I do not have that part, sorry. Was hoping to help.
  20. WTB: Wiper linkage ASAP

    I can pull the ones off my car today for you $30 shipped?
  21. WTB: Radiator Fan resisitor pack

    Picture? I may have what you are looking for if you show me what one looks like.
  22. FS 4g63 $600

    Now with even lower prices
  23. FS 4g63 $600

    Yes I have the hood still though I have no way of shipping it unless it is picked up by the shipping co. (I drive a Miata lol). As far as shipping the motor you would have to take care of that, if the shipping co. can pick it up from the house the car is stored at then sure.
  24. WTB: 344 mount

    Paypal is fine, PM your address
  25. WTB: 344 mount

    Got one! $15 plus shipping fair?
  26. WTB: 344 mount

    I have all of the engine mounts....are you talking of the long metal one?
  27. FS 4g63 $600

  28. FS 4g63 $600

    ***Update*** Well the VR4 is pretty much gone the only parts really left are... Hood(White)- $50 Built Engine - $1000 OBO Energy Suspension Poly Bushings for: Front Sub-frame Front Stabilizer Lower Control Arms - $75 Shipped (inside the 48 contiguous states) SS Clutch Line - $25 Driver...
  29. WTB: TD05 16g Compressor wheel

    Sweet, let me know how much if you still have it and I can Paypal you some $$$... Mirageman could you send me the contact info for your buddy? Thanks guys!
  30. WTB: TD05 16g Compressor wheel

    I need the intake side compressor wheel, if you have one in good shape or even new let me know how much including shipping to 23112. Thanks!
  31. FS 4g63 $600

    Thanks Josh! Fitting everything in the Rat was nothing short of impressive! Sweet, that would be amazing if I can sell that!
  32. FS 4g63 $600

    BUMP! Lots of stuff gone,make an offer for what is left!
  33. FS 4g63 $600

    Sorry the VR4 badge has been sold..
  34. FS 4g63 $600

    $13 according to UPS's website.
  35. FS 4g63 $600

    Wait were you speaking of the badge on the trunk or the dash badge? I still have the one on the trunk, $5 + Shipping...Thanks, and thanks for the bump!
  36. FS 4g63 $600

    The badge was sold last week, thanks!
  37. FS 4g63 $600

    It's great, shifts smooth and all nice and clean. PM me with your zip and I will get a shipping quote.
  38. FS 4g63 $600

    Kick panel was in pretty rough shape, cracks ect....I would look elsewhere honestly. Sorry
  39. FS 4g63 $600

    I will check on the hood Tuesday when UPS is open... The FPR is gone but the intake and exhaust manifold are still available. PM me your zip+which one you would like. Sorry it is taking me a bit to get back to everyone, lots of requests.
  40. FS 4g63 $600

    Intercooler/piping sold a few minutes ago, I will have to check to make sure the driver side kick panel is in good shape if it is does $15+shipping sound reasonable?
  41. FS 4g63 $600

    ...-ARP Rod Bolts -Wiseco Pistons -ARP Head Studs -ACL Race "Tri-Metal" Main Bearing Set (.25mm oversize) -Cometic 1.3mm Head Gaskit -8.1:1 Compression Ratio *****Will need Oil pan/Valve Cover gasket and a crank pulley
  42. WTB: OEM 91 or 92 GVR4 wheels

    You have a PM.
  43. WTB: Throttle body... (CLOSED)

    You have a PM.
  44. WTB: 1g dsm ecu

    Nevermind, I checked and it is not an EPROM.
  45. WTB: 91 tails

    You have a PM.
  46. WTB: 1g dsm ecu

    I have one out of my 91 GVR4...PM me if you are still interested in one.
  47. WTB: hood hinges 91 vr4

    I have some $15 + Shipping and they are yours.
  48. WTB: interior parts

    You have a PM.
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