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Recent content by RedTwo

  1. Shifter troubles.. need help

    Should be able to take the cable to a boat rigger for repair.
  2. Screws for JDM fog lights

    4x16 (covers) and 5x30
  3. FS: Eterna, ZR4 Grills, AMG, JDM.

    AMG cover sold to GVR4_1057 via the worlds quickest PM. PMs sent/replied.
  4. FS: Eterna, ZR4 Grills, AMG, JDM.

    I owe cheekychimp money. You should buy my stuff before I disappear while in police custody.I accept paypal.Photos are on facebook but I don't *do* facebook so you will not get a response.Eterna Grill. one crack in rear of fin as per photo, otherwise great condition. JDM...
  5. AWHP record for the GVR4???

    rlturbo35 1004.7 @ 8971 rpm if you want to be exact I thought it blew up shortly after the dyno run. Could be wrong though
  6. Screw drag racing...

    Did you have to export that DSM to Japan before doing custom RB26DETT/RWD swap, with only an engine crane a spanner, the night before your big race against the Yakuza?
  7. JDM & EDM part numbers

    Quoting G: Quoting fuel: ASA comes back with *NO DATA* for the part number of the 'PANEL,AIR DAM SKIRT'I have that problem as well on certain parts. Red has hacked mitsubishi.Hah I wish! Sometimes you just have to be less specific (chassis/model) when you search for things.
  8. JDM & EDM part numbers

    MB716854 Cover, Clock Hole, D-Gray MB716904 Panel, Air Dam Skirt, D-Gray
  9. JDM & EDM part numbers

    Quoting G: Anyone have jdm caps working? I would like these part numbers. I had it working on an old pc, but can't get it to work anymore.97047 MB607038 Full time 4WD for N/A cars 97047 MB607037 Full time 4WD for turbo cars 97892 MB880411 Montecarlo decal97013 MB634000 Car Of The...
  10. JDM & EDM part numbers

    Quoting G: Red, do you know the part # for the non-abs 4wd galants proportioning valve ? What about the housing/ hood for the top of the dash ?Non ABS proportianing valve from VR4 RS MB534829 '88 MB699649 SuperceededMB316182 '89 MB699642 SuperceededMB699642 '90This little cover that...
  11. JDM & EDM part numbers

    Quote: How about AMG engine parts, intake manifold to be specific or the coil bracket and vacuum actuator for the butterfly valves?AMG Parts Inlet manifold upper plenum (Tank, Eng Air Intake Surge) MD144737 '89 MD168086 '90 MD178716 '91Inlet manifold (Manifold, Inlet) - This is either the...
  12. JDM & EDM part numbers

    E33A SNSS 2000DOHC-MPI/2WD AMG/5FMT PNC:01137 MD146678 Cover, Rocker Cover, CTR
  13. Feeler: Enkei RPF1's

    Quoting bobdole: Sorry guys this isn't going to happen. Enkei said they can't make the 4x114.3 bolt pattern. Sucks wanted to get this going. I know a guy who can make these in CF. Payment in full, in advance via Western Union to: Skip Townsly. First Caribbean Bank, Cayman Islands.
  14. So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    Nice work. Sounds like you crushed the competition but the Greek Council and the Dean didn't want Animal House/Tri-Lambda to win...Pretty stink ways of working out 'value for money' and "power delivery" off the top of my head. I find it hard understand how you can compare the costs of a...
  15. hood vents

    Don't the hood vents normally sit directly over the manifold?