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  1. FS: 1991 G-VR-4 #665 Rolling Chasis and Parts bundle - $4500 - Lexington, KY

    Hello every, sorry I haven't responded to PM's. for some reason I'm not getting e-mail notice.I have accepted a deposit on the vehicle, and it is currently pending local sale.
  2. FS: 1991 G-VR-4 #665 Rolling Chasis and Parts bundle - $4500 - Lexington, KY

    ***SOLD***I've had this car for over 15 years. Unfortunately the car was taken off the road 10 years ago, and life has gotten in the way to putting it all back together. I've since lost interest in the project, and am looking to sell off the chassis and all parts as a bulk sale.Currently...
  3. looking for ideas on a bolt-on exhaust sound dampener???

    Quoting turbophein: will choking the exhaust down to say 1.5" exhaust piping hurt anything?Nope. Wont hurt a thing. You'll choke airflow from a WOT perspective, but you just want to quiet it when idling in your driveway, so no problems. You know those aftermarket mufflers that come with...
  4. Febest drive shaft center bearing support ..Any body here ever used this before?

    For u-joints buy the yoke recall kit. Each one comes with a u-joint, and it's MUCH cheaper than just buying the u-joint separate. You'll just have to press it out of the yolk.
  5. BITCHIN TOOL!!!! Coolant

    Interesting. How much did I run you?That's basically how OEM's fill cooling and brake systems.
  6. Absolutely true of every vr4 ive owned

    Wow, welcome to like, 2 years ago? Maybe longer?
  7. What turbo do you run?

    My point is someone who just wants a quick 300hp dd and someone who wants a 600hp beast will have two very different setup's. One will respond saying they have an Evo 3 16g the other a FP HTA GT3586R. What does that tell you, that is relevant to your setup, if they don't tell you what the car is...
  8. What turbo do you run?

    This thread is basically worthless. Choose your turbo based on your application.What are your goals?
  9. PCV Valve Elimination

    Ideal:Keep the stock hose routing, just put a catch can in the middle of each.So you'd have:PCV valve > CC > IMandCrankcase Vent > CC > Intake Pipe (pre-turbo)There are catch can's designed to accommodate this. I have one of these: click
  10. Have not started the vr4 in a year. Any tips?

    Change the oil, put fresh gas in her, and crank her over.Probably going to need a new battery too.
  11. alignment, still pulls left - am I missing something?

    Do you know accident history on the car?Sometimes the frame is tweaked, and even though the numbers are in spec, it wont drive straight.See if you can find a good shop with alignment tech who definitely know what they are doing. Not just those guys who throw it on the rack and let the...
  12. Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line for a Galant Vr4. Where can get some?

    ^ thisNo reason to replace the hard line unless it's busted.
  13. FEELER: 1991 Galant Gsx Wheels

    From the forum rules:Quote:3. Post must contain asking prices, this is not eBay and we don't do auctions.
  14. missing undercarriage brace...

    Go to the Junk Yard. I think any 1g 4g63 DSM will have it.
  15. Front axle length?

    Quoting PreskitVR4: State side, the L and R axles are very different. The drivers side(us) is twice the length of the passenger.Not quite.The axles themselves are the same length. There is a carrier bearing that plugs into the transmission and bolts to the block that takes up the...
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