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- WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

This thread is for ALL Wanted to Buy Galant VR4 or Wanted to Trade for Galant VR4 ads from this point on. Please use the format shown below. When the ad is no longer valid, please edit or delete your initial post. Inquiries should be addressed privately to people placing the ad, via PM or other if listed in the ad. This thread is not for discussion or chit chat. If someone on this forum wants to sell their car, they will either look at this thread or post an FS thread. Therefore, no bumping allowed.

Price Range:


Price Range: $3000-$4000
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Range: 200 miles
Contact: PM
Details: Looking for something in decent condition that runs well for a daily driver. Preferably no mods.
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Price Range: 500 to 1500
Location: milwaukee,wisconsin
Range: just about anywhere i travel alot
Contact: pm, or [email protected]
Details: im looking for a nice shell i can put a motor and tranny in it and have a good summer car...

is this right now other wise i feel real stupied! thanks for the help guys bear with the knob!

Price Range: Up to 5k
Location: Aurora, IL
Range: 100 miles
Contact: [email protected]
Details: Looking for a full car in decent driving condition as close to stock as possible.


Well-known member
Jun 28, 2007
Shakopee, MN
Price Range: Up to 4000
Location: Lakeville, Minnesota
Range: 250 Miles
Contact: PM
Details: Looking to get into the VR4 scene. Want a running and driving car. Thanks
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Price Range: up to 4500
Location: Sheboygan, WI
Range: 50-100 miles
Contact: PM
Details: Wants a decent daily driver.

Price Range: up to 5000
Location: Appleton, WI
Range: 300-400 miles want to stay midwest
Contact: PM or email [email protected]
Details: Looking for a running driving car

Looking for a stock(ish) vr4
Close to Chicago, IL
looking to spend up to 5k
PM if you think you may have something

Price Range: ~5k
Location: Abilene Texas
Range: 500 miles'ish
Contact: Pm Flip4G63
Details: Looking for a running gvr4, fairly stock to stock, runs good and decent body...


Well-known member
Jul 15, 2003
Price Range: up to 15k
Location: NY
Range: Any
Contact: PM
Details: Last look before I buy a black Evo X MR. Want a black VR4 with under 75k original miles...price will depend on show quality and mods.

Price Range:0-7K
Location: Hershey, pa
Range: 100-200 miles
Contact: pm
Details: nice, respectfully modded and respectful for the price.

Price Range: 3500-5500
Location:St. Robert, MO.
Range:will travel to pick up
Contact:pm or [email protected]
Details:i own a 1991 sohc automatic 2wd non turbo galant....willing to use as partial payment on-reliable "close" to stock GVR4{prefferably running}

Price Range: 4000
Location: Doswell, VA
Range: A couple of hundred miles for the right car and price
Contact:pm or [email protected]
Details: Ive got a nice 87 chrysler conquest id be willing to trade, or sell for 3500. Id prefer it modded, as long as its not hacked up and in good shape.

Price Range:Any
Range:Any where in southern california or surrounding states within a days drive
Contact:[email protected]
Details: im looking for any Gvr4 in any condition

Price Range: $3-5k
Location: Salt Lake City Utah
Range: Anywhere in the USA
Contact: email works best for this, [email protected]
Details: Great condition, no mechanical problems, everything working (cd player, AC, AWS, etc), well taken care of


Well-known member
Dec 4, 2007
Queens, NY
Price Range: up to 6k including a plane ticket if i need one (usually at least $400 no matter where i fly to)
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Range: The car must be able to drive back to Tallahassee in one shot if I come to get it... But I don't want to drive much over 1000 miles.
Contact: PM
Details: Clean title. Must be able to make the trip back to Tallahassee safely and daily driver. Prefer somewhere between 250-325hp- will take stock but not a rally monster.

Price Range:4000-5000
Location: Connecticut
Contact:PM, or AIM: Getzhabitat
Details:Details: Looking for something clean, That will be a good daily driver. Preferably no mods.

Price Range: A trade....'04 Lancer ES..Auto..Less than 75000 valued at 7500
Location: Monroe, WI
Range: Wherever
Contact: PM
Details: Looking for Galant VR4 in good condition that runs well


Well-known member
Apr 25, 2008
San Bruno,CA Home of SFO
Price Range:2500-4000$
Location:San Bruno, Norcal ,CA
Range: 25 miles
Contact: PM
Details: Looking for a GVR4 with no rust, straight body and clean title, must have no leaks, no cracks on dash, and all electrical work. please no dents or bondo work, preferably stock.
-Shane AKA Brunoboy

Price Range:up to 5000
Location:memphis tn
Range: 350 miles
Contact: pm
Details: lookin for a clean good running vr4
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