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WTB: Galant vr-4 Seattle, WA - Any1 have info on 862/2000?

Looking to purchase a gvr4. would prefer it be in state. thanks
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I have one for sale as well in tacoma and everybody knows black is da best!

Theres a guy in Kalama WA sellin a white 92 GVR4 for $1250 on Craig's. Looks pretty clean for that price too. Guy obviously just wants it off his driveway.

Thanks so much for all the replies, sorry i didn't come back to check them earlier. Really missed out'd on some great cars. been really busy working my internship for the summer, so buying a car kind of slipped my mind.

Anyhow, i just wanted to bump my thread and let people know that i am still looking to acquire a galant vr-4.

I would prefer something that is in good running condition since i won't have much time to tinker with it till school starts at the end of sept, but i'd love to hear about absolutely everything being sold within WA and OR.

Thanks again for all those replies, just sad i didn't get aroudn to them earlier.



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Mar 24, 2006
by the river next to the delta
fly down to cali and you can find a few, I know of at least one, oh yeah a white '91 sitting in my backyard call or email for more details.

conrad /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

ahh i wish i could make the trek down, but i gotta keep working to pay for school. thanks thou.

bump, looking for clean vr4 in washington area. thanks

quick bump back to pg 1.

looking for decently clean and running g vr-4 in the washington, greater pacific northwest region.


bump? Anyone in WA, or even the surrounding states with a g vr-4 for sale?


I know someone that has at least three of them. He lives north of Bellingham. I will see about contacting him and seeing if he has any for sale.


I'm jealous haha.

Well do let me know, and thanks in advance for askin'. That'd be great cause my friend goes to school up at western, so it'd be a fun little trip up.

*crosses fingers*

I have one that I might be willing to sell, Its not running and paint is a little chipped up not a cream puff, it needs a tranny and turbo It was starting to be parted when I came across it. I'd rather have some cash now so let me know. The interior is VERY clean!

I'm looking to get 2200 for it clean title in hand.

i actually just saw your post on craigslist.

sadly, i don't have the means of towing a car, nor the time to restore one.

school starts end of this comming month and im still trying to work enough for my tuition.

but i really appreciate you posting, goodluck with the sale, sorry i couldn't help.


There's one with a bunch of mods in CA selling for only 2k, as it's "running rough." Pay my bus fare down and I'll drive it up for you. /ubbthreads/images//graemlins/grin.gif
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