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getting my vr4 towed to the shop tomorrow. someone mentioned that it is bad to tow an AWD car with the normal tow truck that hold 2 wheels and drags the other 2. they said i would need one of those flatbed wrecker types. any merit to this?#1752

Most definitely! Well, I guess it depends... If it's being towed to the shop to get a new viscous coupling, then tow it however you want.
But yea, the correct procedure is to put it ON the tow truck. You could also drop the transfer case and disconnect the driveshaft, and tow it on the front wheels (I think...). Just put it on a flatbed.Jon F.
'92 #305

Definitely a flatbed bud. i watched some idiot repo a 99 gsx from a mitsu dealer because the timing belt blew and the guy said F-IT and let the bank have it. He used a wheel lift wrecker lifting the front wheels. He got 2 blocks, doing about 40, and the rear wheels locked up, the tranny case cracked, and parts were littering the street. We even told the tow driver while he was lifting the car what would happen, and he still did it, and said we didn't know what the hell we were talking about. I hear that HE would up buying a new engine and tranny for the car, as it mysteriously dropped into first gear when the viscous broke loose and spun the motor up to around 20 grand without a timing belt...

WOW , this is a good question and a good anwer! Brings good info! I havn't had my car towed yet since the shop is just across the street. But this is such a saving info!I'll look for a sticker, big enough, with a "FLAT BED SERIVE ONLY " markings and place it on the lower part of the bumper. Here in my place, illegal parking is towed w/o notice. They just leave a note.