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The "Registry"


Just picked up #1730/2000 couple weeks ago, Belize green, broken sunroof, in pretty rough shape but I'll take care of her.


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936/1000 soon to be back running/breaking sh!t /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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I just bought 91 741/2000. I don't have the VIN handy at the moment tho, but I'll get it tonight.


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I own 1458/2000 Belize Green originally.
I also own 539/2000. Car was total loss when i purchased. Has been used for parts to rebuild 1458 which was sitting for years. If you want vins, pm.
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I have owned 263/1000, BG, Sunroof, since July, 2014
I have owned 1788, Nile Black, No Sunroof, since October, 2014

They are kinda one car now.


Just picked up
383/1000 white no sunroof
And use to own
909/1000 green sunroof
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Might as well note that 167/2000 is gone.


I have 1192/2000 Belize green with sunroof, running


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Updates from my autopsy table:

418/2000 - Black Non sunroof this one Im keeping for a personal car. (car is now wrapped silver). Went all way from New Jersey to Miami, FL to get it..rust free!

610/1000 - Grey Sunroof - rotted/parted/scrapped Apr 2016

469/2000 - Black Sunroof - Im sitting on this shell, deciding on rebuilding to sell

????/2000 - Black Non Sunroof: hard front end crashed, parted, scrapped Jan 2016 (no badge) - rumors of this car being 1365/2000,

167/2000 - Green Sunroof: bought as pre-parted shell remnants, finished partout/scrapped - Jan 2016

125/2000 - Black Sunroof: sold to Richard Pancake from NY state fall 2015 - he's rebuilding it I believe - non rusted shell

1353/2000 - Black Sunroof: rotted/parted/scrapped Sep 2015

247/2000 - White Sunroof: crashed/Parted/Scrapped Aug 2015


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Just pickup

Summit white
Digital radio
Original Chicago car have original owner address and name.

Was in Chicago for 4 years then California the rest of its life


I have 842/2000 in Nile Black

No Sunroof
Black on Black with purple tint (soon to be removed)
Picked up in Atlanta, GA
Kept clean and out of the salt mostly in PA currently, headed to MI soon.

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577/2000 summit white, sunroof


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I am the current owner of 313/1000 it is summit white, sunroof car, vin # JA3CX56U1NZ01048, located in northern Illinois if any further information is wanted for the registry pm me.