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The "Registry"


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782/2000 has been parted down and Nate Crisman-d
72/1000 is now in my possession.


How do I find the number of my car if it didn't come with the car? The VIN says it's a real GVR4 so I know it's not just a rebadged Galant base.


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I currently own
559/1000 White with sunroof (weekend driver, 2.3 stoker with swapped automatic awd transmission)
666/1000 Kensington grey w/o sunroof (project car shell)

532/1000 Black with sunroof (car fire destroyed car about 7 yrs ago, thanks to a stupid cousin playing with fire in a field where the car was parked)
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I recently got 152/1000, gonna fix it up a bit more and drive it and 949/1000, getting parted and sent to the crusher.


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100/2000 was been sent to the crusher in May of 2019.


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Hey there! Finally getting around to adding mine to the list. I Purchased AWDARMY’s white non sunroof galant in 2017. It is 1347/2000.


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I am the owner of Summit White #1531/2000

Currently undergoing a complete rebuild from ground up after sitting in my garage for years.


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I didn't happen to see it on the list but I am now the current owner of 1102/2000.


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Current owner of 145/1000
Its a white sunroof car
Have had it for about 5 years slowly putting it back together
From the digging I have done it seems to have been a rolling shell for the last 10 years