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SOLD: 1992 black galant vr4 ..433/1000.NY

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to the price 1800....awsome deal for someone car will not let you is in amazing all original condition

hahahaha if i could i would but would cost me like 400 bucks plus what ill at work... im sorry i wont be able to do that.....a navigator is worth much more then my car and im not looking to trade my car plus cash


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Jun 3, 2007
I am trying to add to my collection of mitsu's so I would do a straight up trade just for your information /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif

all pms replied lots of ''ill take it's '' but no one steping up ....i think im offering one hell of a deal hear i wrong?

bump it up this is a great deal for someone if it dont sell soon im gonna fix and keep but i could use the money!!!

yea thanx thats what i keep hearing i wish someone would actually come see it so they know how clean it is

Hey i am interested in the car and would like to take a look at it when ever you are avalibe also would like to no what part of ny you are located i am in the city

sold to hx40tsi he came tonight and gave me a deposit he has 2 weeks to get me the rest of money and get car at which time i list the car as SOLD untill then im keeping this post up......shomari the man who is buying the car seems to be a real stand up guy and look forward to him taking care of #433
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