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EVO 8 Fuel pump?


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You will probably need to rewire it, and since the Evo 8 fuel pump just squeezes by without overflowing the stock fuel pressure regulator while not rewired, you will probably also need an AFPR.


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Well when one says enough....

here ya go


And to back, if you don't rewire, you won't need the AFPR but if you're upgrading, it would be contradictory to intentionally limit the fp just to not use an AFPR. It would be enough but are you buying or did you get for free?

If buying, just spend the $$ on something that flows better. It's easier on the pump and will have less of a tendency to break since it's efficiency will be closer matched to what you WANT to run, rather than being "just enough". Evo's push that much on the stock pump anyways so it should be ok, but the pump is one of those areas where you don't want to skimp.
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The EVO 8 fuelpumps have an issue with the pressure relief valve opening early, according to AMS testing:

Rewired, it can do 169 liters/hour, which means it *can* support 650's with no problem. BUT, once you exceed 60psi total fuel pressure (37psi base + 23 psi boost) the fuel pressure drops very quickly, so be careful.
The EVO 9 or 10 fuelpumps are a better choice, as you can see from the above graph.
This graph also compare the EVO pumps to some Walbro combos:


Hey man thanx. I guess I'm going wally or EVO 9 Pump.. An it was free out of my old car, Had two of them.
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OK looked at the graph and looks like the EVO 9 pump will be good for me I will not be pushing more that 23psi. But with the pump do I need a AFPR? Thanx for all the help guys.


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Quoting mac515:
Hi guys is the EVO pump enough for a big 16g 650's and 20-21 psi?

190 walbro would be better IMO


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^ based on what?

Here's the numbers for a Walboro 190, as tested by RC Engineering (for RRE):

Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 12.5V 43psi 6.0amps 168.45 Ltr/Hr
Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 12.5V 58psi 7.0amps 145.11 Ltr/Hr
Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 12.5V 73psi 8.0amps 88.96 Ltr/Hr

Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 14.0V 43psi 6.5amps 208.83 Ltr/Hr
Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 14.0V 58psi 7.5amps 162.78 Ltr/Hr
Walbro "190" LPH GSS-250 14.0V 73psi 9.5amps 104.10 Ltr/Hr

It flows a bit less than the EVO IX, which mac already has access to.

And all of them SHOULD be run with an AFPR, even if you COULD get away without one.
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Quoting mac515:
But with the pump do I need a AFPR?

It all depends what you have to tune with, and how much FPR overrun you are willing to live with. Even the dinky RRE Denso 165lph pump overran my stock FPR on #1886. I got the same fuel pressure hose ON as I did hose OFF. I was able to tune around it for a while with my AFC, but I eventually got an AFPR to make it right.
I'm still looking for someone to be a guinea pig for a new 43psi FPR that I'm pretty sure will fix the overrun issue with most smaller pumps, like the Walbro 190lph or the EVO8 or 9 pumps. It bolts right on to the rail too. I need someone that can verify they have overrun with a fuel pressure gauge. Anyone? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif