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642 rebuild


Well-known member
Jun 12, 2008
that sounds like the prolem I ran into, change the cas sensor, it should fire right up and then adjust the timing, I had the same problem , fuel, but no spark, its the cam angle sensor, if you have a spare one throw it on or you can probly swap it out to make sure is that

Unfortunityly I am getting spark. I've gotten it to start once on sunday and finally again last night since the issue started, and it ran fine once it gets running, but it doesn't want to turn over. My room mate (i/e bum) has a laser and no license so I may steal his and try it anyways. Nothing to loose really.

So I finally sorted through some ofthe issues and got it running. Still having issues with hot starts, but seems to be consistantly cold starting. Issue ended up being a combinationof little things. MAS signal was because the pin got desocketed inside the AFC, temp wiring ended up being fine, base timing was at TDC, ect. Got all of it adjusted and been driving it for the last couple days. Set the tune for WOT a little rich and finally let it open /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif Going to get the EGT installed so that I can get it tuned in closer, but definitely the fastest car I've driven, and oh so smooth. Only issue is that its hard to stay out of the boost. Comes in low with relitively light throttle and I can't say that I mind. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Here's a link to the troubleshooting thread that I had

So... I relized that I never posted finished pics from once everything went in. Its still not running right all the time (start issues). Made a couple changes; GM MAF w/ MAF-T, swapped valve covers (kept scratching the flat black paint), FAL fan controller, and a few other odds and ends. Strut bar isn't in because it just gets in the way while troubleshooting, and the random wire hanging over the engine mount is for EGT which hasn't been installed yet. Going to swap GM MAF for a 2G unit once I make up a wiring adapter. Alternator bearings are going too, so might just do a double and make a relocation bracket for a Saturn/Subaru alternator in the AC location. Going to get rid of the front battery terminal wires and relocate to d-blocks mounted on firewall/behind shock tower.


So I'm going to revive this thread. Shortly after I posted those finish pics a year ago the turbo(which was on its last leg due to shaft play) blew its seals and and left everything nice and oily. Was still have starting issues as well and its been sitting since...until earlier this week. Finally getting some time to work on it and have gathered parts.

Did a compression test and got 65-40-110-80 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif Pulled turbo and head on tuesday. Head gasket and cylinder walls looked fine. Valves/seats on the other hand don't look so hot. Whoever had rebuilt that head (PO) did a shitty job. Half the valves didn't appear to even be lapped and a couple appeared bent (pre lap based off of the wear) and you could see light coming through around the edges on a couple when fully seated. Neither pistons or valves showed signs of contact, so guessing it must have happened pre assy or during a timing. Can't believe it ran as well as it did in that condition.
Had a lot of oil in the intake from the turbo. I'll be making sure all the piping and intercooler is thuroughly flushed and clean before it goes back on.

Next is sorting out the slow cranking. Even with the plugs pulled it cranked rediculously slow which I believe is one of the main starting issues. Got to borrow a dial torque wrench from work next week to measure bottom end rotating torque. Also going to double check flywheel teeth count incase they found some random flywheel that fit with a higher teeth count that just so happens to meshed up with our starter (not holding my breath, but nothing would suprise me at this point).
Reassembly after that. Trying to decide if I'm going to attempt to salvage the head, or just get a new one and do a rebuild on it. Leaning towards the latter of the 2. Got an Evo3 16G to replace the retired small 16G. Also got a aeromotive FPR to sort out the wandering fuel pressure issue.

Hopefully they'll be steady progress over the next couple months. Wish me luck


New member
May 12, 2020
Massillon, OH
Reviving the dead. It's been a while since I've been gone. I can't believe the Galant's been sitting lifeless in my driveway for 9 years/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/uhh.gif

So going back to where this left off, when I pulled the head and discovered the valve seat issues that started down a very bad road for the car. I was going to take it down to our local machine shop which is pretty well known to have the valve redone. When I did the tear down, I found that not only had whoever had rebuilt the head had not lapped the valves, they hadn't cleaned out the oiling holes either. The cams and cam journals were completely destroyed leaving the head totally trashed. It also called into question the the condition of the bottom end as I wasn't sure how much of that debris could have made it into the bottom end. I had a spare 6-bolt short block that needed a rebuild, but replacement heads weren't so cheap, especially without a core. Luckily this all happened before I thrown on my brand new turbo.

At this point I started totaling the cost and knowing how much more I had to put in to 'maybe' get it running caused me to put it on hold. The other big factor was how bad of shape the chassis was in. I never really addressed it on here before, but the chassis had pretty bad cancer on the floorboards/frame rails/body/everywhere. I was aware of this when I got it. I tried to keep most of the valuable goods to thing that could transfer over, but I was loosing interest for all the work which seemingly was going to have a short payout before I'd have to transfer it to a new chassis and potentially restart the troubleshooting again. I wasn't ready to part ways with it just yet, but was still somewhat optimistic that I'd get the itch to finish it eventually.

Fast forward 9 years and its become a reminder of my lack of follow through and a rather big eyesore. Every time I move it the rust outline it leaves gets bigger. This last time, I had to jack it up to break each of the wheels loose before I could move it. I had to re-raise it multiple time on each side since the 3 foot long 2x4 that I'd placed between the jack and frame rail kept sinking in further and further. It's time for it to go. Going to pull off some of the more valuable goodies to sell and then its off the the scrap yard. Another VR-4 gone. Hopefully I'll have some stuff posted for sale shortly so that another can live on a bit longer.

On the positive, it'll be making room for my wife's 55' Chevy which she'll hopefully be inheriting early. It needs a little work, but her brothers got it up and running, just needs a little sorting to make it what we want.
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