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  1. Anyone need front speaker mounts?

    Following up.Was just able to get back to this. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. It's not a %100 reproduction but %100 functional and about %95 accurate. I still haven't pulled the trigger on any speakers yet but I can at least test fit it in the car and see if there's any tweaks I want...
  2. Anyone need front speaker mounts?

    With the weather warming up I'm getting back out into the garage and doing an inventory on what I have/need to get the car back together. I found I only have one of the OEM front speaker mounts. I have a 3D printer and had just made some custom mounts for my daily to run 3.5" coax in place of...
  3. #383/2000

    White no sunroof 💦💦💦A JDM rear bumper would really be the icing on the cake.
  4. Drivable Galant VR4s

    I was about to say, zero vacuum sounds like timing off and to check the bottom pulley. Glad you got it figured out.
  5. Drivable Galant VR4s

    I'm so glad you still have that Kyle!
  6. Very clean rear seats

    I'll rep-ping my friend to get off his ass and get these.
  7. FP68HTA V3

    I was going to say the same thing.My buddy had a 90 Eclipse with 264 cams, an ACT 2100, and a 2.5" turbo-back exhaust at 16-17 psi and that thing ripped and pulled great to redline. Even with the 14B.My 272, 2G head, Evo III IM also rips all the way to 8k rpm too though. I'm just wondering...
  8. FP68HTA V3

    I've been on an E316G forever and have been really contemplating something larger. If they still made something like the FP 3052 that would be my easy choice. I don't want "huge" power so the component jump to T3 doesn't seem worth it but the new aero and response on all the new gen turbo's is...
  9. Very clean rear seats

    Interested for somebody as well and I'm in NH
  10. Hey. New 6G Owner

    This car looks so good. Awesome job!
  11. WTB: Stuff

    Got the xfer case, bracket and CAS all worked out. Could really use that clutch pedal pin. Anyone?
  12. WTB: Stuff

    OMG yes!Paypal?
  13. WTB: Stuff

    Oh shoot I mean the part that that bolts to. It's also the front pickup for the stock motor mount.
  14. WTB: Stuff

    Rebuilding a car for somebody and missing a few bobs and bits.Need an UNCUT power steering bracket.An upper timing belt cover. Or has anyone had any experience with the Zaklee cover?A 91+ Cam angle sensor. Car came with a 90 one. Eff that noise.23 spline xfer case.Drivers side e-brake...
  15. OEM parts?

    I'm looking for small Galant specific bits so parts stores won't be much help.Bueler?
  16. OEM parts?

    Where are people buying OEM parts these days?I always used JNZ but they don't seem to have and OEM parts section anymore.Thanks

    Bruce Kwartler has a GGSX auto shifter assembly for sale on Facebook. It might just be on the local page but just message him.
  18. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    Bump for updated price. But I know he's flexible and willing to ship.
  19. FS: Direct fit aluminum radiator

    I'm dumb and this is sold.
  20. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    Still looking for $500 but now the tires are off!
  21. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    It's available anytime. Shoot me a PM and we can figure it out.I'm kinda jealous I don't have room for this one right now or it would be mine.
  22. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    Sorry the site was down on me for a couple days. On second look on a lift this thing is SOLID! There is slight swelling on the bottom of the drivers side door lip but the others are great. He was going to run a 6262 on E85 with the body just the way it is and surprise supercars. Brand new zero...
  23. WTB: Aftermarket cams

    Looking for something for a customer car. 264 style preferred but willing to consider 264/272 combo or straight 272s.
  24. New owner of 1458

    Holy crap is that a stock exhuast?!
  25. was hoping for about 350whp, got 260

    I'm thinking stock head and cams as well here. The 4G63 doesn't flow nearly as well as heads these days and the cams were designed for midrange so you are probably making a healthy torque number but it falls off after that. You need to carry that torque higher in the rev range.People have...
  26. FS: Direct fit aluminum radiator

    I'm changing it up a little bit an no longer need this. It's not in amazing shape as it's probably 15 years old but with only about 20k miles on it. Not sure the brand as it came in a car a picked up a long time ago and I've been running it in my Galant for about 3 years.Looking for $100 +...
  27. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    Sorry did this at work in a hurry and used the body in a couple places.I'm still harassing him for pictures as I've already gotten a couple bites. He owns a shop and is super busy/this car is buried in a warehouse.
  28. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    Listing this for a friend. It will probably go up on the Facebook group soon too.1094/2000Was an auto drag car that was picked up as a rolling shell to convert back to manual and make a street driven car. The chassis is typical Mitsu paint faded with some bumps and bruises here and there...
  29. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

    I'm in NH and would go check it out with you.
  30. 736/2000


    I tried PM'ing but it says there is no record of that user when I do."This is weird but I was just thinking of letting mine go last week.Comes with the 14B/16G over the manifold outlet pipe. I added a third bracket to the back top of the core for a custom aluminum bracket to use if you have...
  32. FS: E46 fitment 135m wheels

    Long shot I know but these have been chilling in my basement for a while now and the wheel cleanout continues.Coveted 330i ZHP wheels. 18x8 ET47 and 18x8.5 ET50 with 225/255 Conti DWS tires mounted with ~%80 tread left.2 are in nice condition 1 good 1 fair.Stock photoLooking for...
  33. 736/2000

    Love the update! Love the car. Love that you've kept it for so long. Love the parts you're using (I might steal that catch can location). And love that driveway shot. I had that exact same 1G back in the day and I still think it's the best body style and color.
  34. Wont start Send help!

    Quoting JRuby: Plugging them in would definitely be a start in the right direction! I tried the OEM orientation and that did not work. Will try that order and see if that nets me results. I ordered a spark checker just to be sure. I think this is a 2g ignition coil after reading some posts about...
  35. Wont start Send help!

    Both pictures show the plug wires not connected. Might want to start with that.One coil does 1-4 the other coil does 2-3. In the OEM location the order is 4-1-2-3 left to right. Your coil looks flipped so try 3-2-1-4. If that doesn't work try the OEM order.
  36. FS: Mitsubishi Diamond Logo Horn Buttons

    f*** now I need to buy another Galant to put this horn button in. Thanks a lot.
  37. Replaced blown intercooler pipe, runs terribly NO BOOST LEAKS

    Did you leave a rag in one of the pipes?Ticking sound could be the PCV valve clacking away. I used to get that at idle sometimes until I deleted it.
  38. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    Just a guestimate but I shipped 4 18's in 2 big boxes to Cali last year and it was $80 so I'd probably say around there. Maybe slightly less since it will be 2 slightly smaller boxes and slightly closer.Bad wheel buying decision?! You're talking to the person with 11 sets and only 4 cars
  39. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    I checked with my work and they said no way they would ship them internationally. If you want to find one of those middle men services in the US I would send to them no problem.Down to $500 + shipping. Space is at a premium, I checked over the weekend and I have 11 full sets of wheels and tires.
  40. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Looooove the cloth interior!
  41. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    Bump. Will do $600 shipped with no tires.
  42. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    They need a better home than my basement.
  43. WTB: Foglights and radio brackets

    You want USDM foglights? I might still have a set kicking around I'll never use.Same with the radio brackets actually.
  44. FS: Evo K&W variant3's

    Sold to a loving new owner.
  45. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    Apparently I can't access my Photobucket anymore so I can't find a photo.Was on a Belize green car though and I loved them.
  46. FS: 16x8 5x114 BBS RG-II +42

    These don't fit over my brakes anymoreThey look absolutely boss on the Galant with a 225/50 tire.From the web:"Genuine BBS wheels. These are the RG-II which are super rare, only sold in Japan, and very difficult to find here in the US. From what I have read online, these are the...
  47. Tuner refused to use DSMLink v3?

    I'm a complete noob myself but I've been lucky enough to get some cars running and driving better on a couple different tuning softwares and the big hurdle is learning a new interface. The fundamentals are exactly the same but my first time going from ECMLink to TunerStudio was a lot. Then...
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