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  1. Coil on plug build

    Yes the engine still does have the NA pistons which I my info is right, that Gives me a 9:1 vs the 8:1 of the turbo blocks. It feels like a misfire tho not knock, I do run mid grade to premium 89-93 octane respectively. Should I only run premium? I did do some reading where that if the...
  2. Coil on plug build

    So if I did not have a CDI but the inductance/resistance was the same between factory coil and CoP, with a new factory coil pack I would see like to no improvement? My problem is that I have a na block that I have changed everything I could to support a turbo but if I push more the 10psi I have...
  3. Coil on plug build

    Ok so why things are wired the way there are makes sense. Checking inductance and resistance makes sense but what are you talking about in reguards to the CDI? Is that another apart that I have to wire in? So I can not just wire the new coils in the a connection where the old coil pack plugged...
  4. Coil on plug build

    Hey all, this has most likely been asked by many but I couldn't find the link. I want to make my own coil on plug set up but had a couple questions. Why is it that from what I have found, that the coils are wired in series vs parallel circuit and does it truly matter what 2 pin coils I use? I...
  5. Cry for HELP

    The tag on my diff is gone, that's why I never noticed it before. Tho 3.54 gear ratio diff's should be tag? Also you guys are saying that 3.54 diff's can but rare, be a 3.54, they are out there? Also if I found a 4bolt 3.54 can I swap over the guys to my diff(crown and pinion) on order to save...
  6. Cry for HELP

    I did a spin check on the diff the other day and it did appear close to 2 3/4 turn for every one turn of the wheel. So I do believe it to be the incorrect 2.84 gearing. May I ask what tag is for the 3.54 gearing?
  7. Cry for HELP

    Well thanks to Jack's transmission, I have a line on a center diff. I just want to make sure I find the correct rear end so I don't have this happen again. So you are saying that there are 3 bolt diff's with the right gearing in the back? Do you know the tag/model number I should be looking for?
  8. Cry for HELP

    Ok I see, but as per my question, where the axle bolts to the wheel end, I currently have a 3 bolt. So this confirms I have the wrong diff but if I need to use a 4 bolt then I also need to change the wheel huds to use a 4 bolt. Basically I need a hole new rear end? Diff, axles and huds or at...
  9. Cry for HELP

    So if it's the count of bolts at the wheel and then I need new wheel huds too?
  10. Cry for HELP

    I will see if I can take a pic of the tag but that will come in a bit. The car is out side my shop in the snow lol. The tranny was in the car for about a year and a half. It was a used tranny So it is hard to know if my car cause the failure or if it was dying over time. Also just so I am clear...
  11. Cry for HELP

    See but I guess I am still confused. Sorry to sound dum but from an outside appearance, what is the difference. The diff in the car is currently a 4bolt. Just so I know what I am looking for.
  12. Cry for HELP

    So it took me awhile to find the info but if what I found is correct, being that I have a non turbo car originally, the tranny would have been a W5M31 and I installed a turbo car tranny, a W5M33, not knowing the difference. This means then that the rear diff does not match the W5M33 tranny. So I...
  13. Cry for HELP

    Being as my car is a Canadian eagle 2000gtx with a 4 bolt rear end, I reused my diff and transfer case. The spline count was the same. The tranny came out of a awd turbo eagle talon. If the ratio was different, come winter I should have noticed a driveability problem right
  14. Cry for HELP

    Just so I know, how can I make sure the gear ratio is a match?
  15. FS: #1941 Part Out NOT ANYMORE

    I am interested in the Center diff. Please pm me , thank you
  16. FS: Full 2G partout, 1G/GVR4 parts, Everything

    I saw a center diff mentioned. Do you still have one, does it fit a w5m33 tranny and what might be the cost. pm me please
  17. Cry for HELP

    Hey there everyone. I kinda an outsider looking in. I have a 91 eagle 2000gtx some of you may have heard me speak of. I have recently finished my turbo install however unfortunately the tranny has decided it wanted to take a dump, well more so the center diff. Everything inside the center diff...
  18. dreamer

    yes I finally did get a tranny for it, it is so nice to have the car back
  19. dreamer

    Well here we go. After being on this website and having the car for far to long and done nothing to it but maintain it. I think its time to get started. I am currently just tracking down the last few small parts to install a factory style turbo set up. My goal is to get it happy and running at a...
  20. WTB: Galant want to be lol

    ok and this is go to sound bad maybe but how maybe different style were there, of bumpers thats is?
  21. WTB: Galant want to be lol

    thank you guys for the response. i am broke right now lol. tho i am looking forward to talking to you guys about the parts
  22. WTB: Galant want to be lol

    hey all. i am a canadian in search of part for my eagle 2000 gtx which is basically a galant GSX. i am looking to turbo the car and have the big stuff, IC, turbo, exhaust manifold, pipping, BOV. this need oil cooler, a MAF sensor/translator and a factory turbo ecu, with or with out the...
  23. FS: Turbo, Cyclone, Crystal Headlights

    do u still have the cyclone intake
  24. FS: galant vr4 part out

    PM send need body stuff
  25. dreamer

    this year is a happy year. finally i get my car running again. i have found a tranny locally and have the car moving. after being sitting for 4 yr of sitting i am repainting it and plan to turbo it. witch bring me to a new need. a dsmlink and a EDM bumper and match plastic trims. any one selling...
  26. FS: 774/2000 Full partout (updated with more pics/parts)

    this seem like an old thread but could you let me know if the front bumper is still available along with all the side plastic trim. PM me if they are along with the price. i am a canadian so i will have to look in to shipping. thank you
  27. dreamer

    Ya lol. I do see that it is something that happens everyday, mostly. Just was wondering if it is hard, but from what I read, it dont look that bad.
  28. dreamer

    Ok, lol I will try. So it would be easier to part out a hole car into mine? I guess I would have every thing but is there real that much I would need to change? I don't have a garage of my own. I will be swapping engines at a rented garage. Time will be my enemy. I was hopping I could just swap...
  29. dreamer

    i thought it be hard and i not offended. i kno how to but a motor together the computer stuff is all new to me. i unstand alittle as from reading her. this is a great site. how hard is replacing the capacitors. i kno what they are it is a smiple computer. i but a together this computer i type...
  30. dreamer

    i looking for any info that can help me make this car run with a new engine. more importantly the fact that the car is currently not turboed and i will be changing it to one. then maybe when i have more time and money and a garage of my own will i buy a shell and part my car into it. i like my...
  31. dreamer

    quote it's a much larger, more free flowing, more accurate air allows you to run the sensor in the intercooler pipe and allows you to use a much more free flowing intake.that is what i thought but was not sure, also was not sure how easy it was to install. another question. me being...
  32. dreamer

    You happen to have the rear end to your GGSX?Thanks, Alan-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes the stock rear end is still in the car. it is a four bolt rear end dont think it is an lsd diff tho as to y i want to replace it with one. the car...
  33. dreamer

    i bet eagle just bought the galant GSX and rebadge it eagle. guess it is that close. i have found a parts shop in calgary that can sell engine tranny/case ecu and harness. maybe can get the diff from them as well. also i see alot of you guy using GM maf sensor in the intake pip. what dose it...
  34. dreamer

    so the eagle 2000 gtx is the clone of a galant GGSX or GSX. they are nice cars, fell in love with how the car handles and drives (mines not turbo so not as fast ). the car is all wheel drive with a four bolt rear diff. i dont think it is a limited slip diff tho. there is no all wheel steering...
  35. dreamer

    yes and yes that is how close this car is, just needs the turbo lol. also dosent have the interior of the VR4.
  36. dreamer

    its close but is not the love galant VR4
  37. dreamer

    yep that my car in that pi. just no front badge, sun roof and diff rims. i think i kno the parts that would have to be replaced and change, just want to kno real if anyone kno of a goal suppler of full under hood swap packages. a limited slip diff i can fine later. dose anyone kno the web site...
  38. dreamer

    hi guys. i have a 1991 eagle 2000 gtx awd. i want to replace the tranny. it feels very bad when driving and 1st and 2nd gears are giving me problems. i have looked around alittle and saw the going price for tranny are under or around $600. i have flirted with the idea of pulling everything and...
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