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  1. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Im down for 2! Thank you for doing this!
  2. FS:Random Stuff

    Good day, I am interested in the seat brake lines. How much shipped to 48197? Thanks for your time!
  3. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Another great transaction with Pot! Great straightforward seller. Thanks again! Brian A. Moreno
  4. FS: 2 galants are being parted!

    I am looking for the hood latch release cable tube that directs the cable behind the grill. Do either shell have one in functional condition? B. Moreno
  5. Ugh..I don't know what I want anymore.

    I have an mhi 18g for sale... pm if interested ~Brian A. Moreno
  6. WTB: 20g turbo

    I have a 18g that will bolt right up to your stock ex manifold. PM if interested ~Brian A. Moreno
  7. Outter cladding clips

    I would check your local hardware store too. I have been disappointed by lowes/hd hardware selection. working on a p/n...
  8. Outter cladding clips

    Go to your local hardware store first, they might have a lot more automotive hardware then you think. I ordered some from DORMAN through my local auto parts value, only to find then cheaper and in stock at the hardware store... Here is what I bought that works like a charm. Hope this helps! Let...
  9. BBS RX 202..... What color?

    I say go for the blue! Be different, heres what I'm going with on my ggsx till my amg type 2's are refinished.The camera/ lighting doesnt do it justice, cream green ~Brian A. Moreno
  10. FS: 1992 Galant VR-4 #205/1,000. $6,000, SE Michigan

    Glad to see you on here Ryan! This car is everything he says it is. So very, very clean! Ryan is hands down the most mitsu-knowledgeable, and detail oriented person I know. Click HERE to visit his company website. *shameless plug* GLWS! ~Brian A. Moreno
  11. WTB: lower timing cover, rear middle lap belt

    I am almost done with my gsx rebuild and the lower cover I have is missing a mounting hole. Looking for better option. I also need the rear middle lap belt, the oe I have is rusted stuck. Please pm with photos of what you got. Thanks! ~Brian A. Moreno
  12. Matte black GVR4?

    I like the gloss/matte two tone, looking forward to seeing it on a vr4! Now how bout some more info on that summit/expo?! ~Brian A.Moreno
  13. After seven years, the 5zigens have been replaced...

    Excellent! Your sir have great taste Also thanks Paul for the new wallpaper ~Brian A. Moreno
  14. Hi there!

    Welcome to the forum! Do you own a vr4? ~Brian A. Moreno
  15. New Gasket Smoke? + Tranny Issue!

    Before you replace the slave, inspect the rubber clutch hose that the slave attaches to. If there is any ballooning that may be adding to your problems and it should be replaced immediately. I have always replaced the stock rubber for braided stainless lines on my cars. To properly inspect the...
  16. Has anyone used this Gumout professional series product

    I have always sucked seafoam through a vacuum hose on the intake manifold utilizing a stock hose, with the engine running. Depending on which hose you use you may need to cap the port left open by the hose you are using. I use one of the ports on the throttle body or on the plenum of the...
  17. laser webs on BG

    I loved my meshies... ~Brian A. Moreno
  18. New from Michigan.

    Welcome! Glad to have some one with a vr4 so close! Shoot me a pm if you ever need a hand! ~Brian A. Moreno
  19. new from michgan also

    Good to see more MI gvr4 folks! I don't have a vr4 any more But my GGsx auto is in the process of coming back to life... Congrats on the purchase! ~Brian A. Moreno
  20. 521/1K Is Getting A Facelift

    Beautiful! ~Brian A. Moreno
  21. WTB: Windshield wiper parts

    Good thing you said something, I just did a parts search You are correct the motor is on the passenger side, and there is linkage that drives both wipers.HERE is another thread on here about the linkage, Iceman has a good tip: Quote: One of two things has happened: You stripped the...
  22. Progress on my 1992 Galant GS

    Love your dedication! 6g love at its finest ~Brian A. Moreno
  23. 1517's thread ***More pics added 12/31***

    Now all of this sounds good... how about some video! ~Brian A. Moreno
  24. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    I have been watching this build from the shadows, excellent work sir! Glad to hear shes moving again! ~Brian A. Moreno
  25. WTB: Looking for Expo LRV with 3rd row PNW

    Here is an other one Loved my expo, hope to get another one some day. ~Brian A. Moreno
  26. Brian Moreno's Galants

    Now here is my 1991 Galant GSX automatic. I bought her back in 2007 from a guy in Newark NJ for $900. I was foolish enough at the time to believe the previous owner when he told me that the car was "fine to take on a trip", so I did just that. Me and my girlfriend took the train to Newark and...
  27. WTB: 93 smooth door cladding

    pm sent. ~Brian A. Moreno
  28. Proud new owner of 28/1000

    Glad to see you are excited to own her! Do take good care of her, Ryan held on to her for a long, long time, and took the utmost care with her. Now get 'er cleaned up and come to the midwest meet! (that has yet to be scheduled.... ) ~Brian A. Moreno
  29. Calendar photo shoot - SW MI, NW IN, NE IL area members!!

    Come on guys! Don't let my JSB-ing ridiculousness silence this thread! I mean the offer stands... but who wants to come to Lansing anyway Set a place and a time someone, or at least list some times and distance willing to travel. RALLY DORMANT GALANT OWNERS! ~Brian A. Moreno
  30. Calendar photo shoot - SW MI, NW IN, NE IL area members!!

    Quote: you make a very hard to resist offer sir... ... well stop resisting! I can do a different national food per meal... thai lunch, italian dinner, french breakfast...mix and match... ~Brian A. Moreno
  31. Some videos of this seasons Auto-x.

    It is always a pleasure to see these cars actually drivin! Btw iswud...~Brian A. Moreno
  32. WTB: nt 1990 parts and stock gvr4 parts

    I have your power seat belt ~Brian A. Moreno
  33. Calendar photo shoot - SW MI, NW IN, NE IL area members!!

    My gsx needs work... wana meet in Lansing? I'll cook ~Brian A. Moreno
  34. 649/2000 with new shoes.

    Quote: I would pay to be part of something like that man 1st step: pm me for my paypal info 2nd step: come to the midwest photo shoot ~Brian A. Moreno p.s. 649 is looking great Josh! Thanks for the new wallpaper
  35. FS: Maybe the last fuel fill hoses

    received mine today! Many thanks! ~Brian A. Moreno
  36. #1900 - 'GOLFBALL' build - 2.4-AUTO-NITROUS.... Street car?

    subscribed! dieing to see what you are doing with the manifold! great build! ~Brian A. Moreno
  37. Sell my car?

    If you want rwd, go rwd! I am a big fan of starion/conquest 4g builds, as well bmw 4g builds. I have also thought it would be fun to build a number of other rwd 4g builds, e.g. non vr4 galant, diamante 3g eclipse... the options are only limited by your budget, creativity, and skill. At the end...
  38. WTB: Adjustable rear control arms

    pm sent ~Brian A. Moreno
  39. FS: Cam Timing Tool

    I will take a set if you have any left Thanks, ~Brian A. Moreno
  40. FS: Arp head studs 1990 trans intake radiador

    pm sent ~Brian A. Moreno
  41. any short shifter

    sounds like an adjustment issue... check in if you are still having issues ~Brian A.Moreno
  42. any short shifter

    a 1g short shifter. If I understand you correctly, the shift arm and possibly new bushings should be all you need. Are you asking about a stock 1g shift arm(which is shorter then the stock gvr4) or an after market "short throw" shift arm? ~Brian A. Moreno
  43. 19th Annual DSM Shootout Aug 20-21 2011 Norwalk, Ohio

    ^ Please tell me the expo is coming to shootout! I miss mine so much... I hope to be at NRP on sunday for the race, gots to work on saterday all day ~Brian A.Moreno
  44. Tease: Shortened Front USDM Bumper

    well done sir! I look forward to seeing the mechanism that holds it in place as well as the newly shorted backspacing in-front of the radiator support. ~Brian A. Moreno
  45. WTB: ash tray

    which ashtray? also where is this "hole"? I have one sitting around... ~Brian A. Moreno
  46. Making a top mount intercooler and have a plumbing question.

    Although there is a lot of factual information in all of this, it saddens me that a group of odd rare car enthusiasts would have so much negativity for someone trying something different. I understand that y'all may be trying to help him make more power, or not do something "that has been...
  47. WTB: AWD 6-bolt flywheel options

    pm sent ~Brian A. Moreno
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