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  1. Question about Thermostat AC Switch

    Ok so my AC has not blown cold since I got the car in March. Havent driven it more than three times due to things needing to be fixed. I was under the hood the other day poking around with a potential buyer when we noticed the AC switch sensor on the thermostat housing wire had broken off. He...
  2. Dogleg clips

    Was finally able to source my missing dog leg, but wondering how I should go about the clips that are missing. I found some part numbers on an old post but they are all listed as out of production. Can anyone lead me in the right direction on what to use? Thanks!
  3. How many VR4s are left

    979/1000 is setting in my driveway waiting for me to continue working on it or for its new home haha.
  4. New Owner

    Quoting GalantVR41298: Quoting ApexHunter: Welcome!Are you going next weekend? clickI did not know there was such an event, I will try to swing by even though my VR4 is not ready yet.Its a pretty cool event. I went to a couple a few years ago when I have my Lancer and 1g. Sadly wont...
  5. New Owner

    Quoting ApexHunter: Welcome!Are you going next weekend? clickI was so looking forward to this, then my clutch started slipping :/
  6. No Start Single Click

    Thanks for the tip I will try to get it tested tomorrow.
  7. WTB: MD171056 Water Pump Inlet Pipe

    Whoops forgot to update, I did in fact get one and all is well! thank you very much!
  8. No Start Single Click

    I was thinking this as well. I bought the car a few months ago and yeah it just sat while I was getting ready for the timing work. What throws me off is with after I jumped it a couple days ago when installing the reworked ecu I powered it off after about a half hour of idle, powered off then...
  9. No Start Single Click

    Thank you, I will try and take a peek at my lunch break!
  10. No Start Single Click

    Where abouts should I be checking grounds? Starter? Battery? Alternators? etc I am HORRID with electrical crap haha. The Battery is trunk mounted though I doubt that has any effect.
  11. No Start Single Click

    Ok guys, so I finally got my timing done, got the car back, ecu has been recapped and socketed recently, and I have a parasitic battery drain. So today I decided to drive it in to work(54 mile one way) to make sure all the work was in order and what not. Had to jump it due to the drain. Got to...
  12. SOLD: ECMLink v3 in Galant ECU $525

    Damn, this popped up in the wrong month for me haha. GLWS!
  13. Looking for P/N MD171056

    Well thanks to Eztoril for saving my ass AGAIN, got one located locally!
  14. Looking for P/N MD171056

    It wont let me pm you, shoot me a text at 760-468-4625 or email me at [email protected] and we can work something out hopefully
  15. WTB: MD171056 Water Pump Inlet Pipe

    For some reason when I try to PM you it claims there's no user with your name? shoot me a text if you can 760-468-4625 Thanks!
  16. WTB: MD171056 Water Pump Inlet Pipe

    Hey guys, my GVR4 is currently in the shop getting a timing belt/water pump job done. My mechanic contacted me saying the water pump inlet pipe is corroded and he does not have any in the shop. He said its a part that mitsu has now discontinued. I thought I lucked out with JNZ but just received...
  17. Looking for P/N MD171056

    My mechanic called me yesterday informing me that my water pump inlet pipe is corroded and needs replacing. I thought I was fine until I just got an email from JNZ saying the part is discontinued and no longer available. Does anyone know where else I may be able to find one of these? Mechanic...
  18. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Quoting Eztoril: I enjoy helping others thank you. You need the front main sealOne last question, should these seals all be OEM? I know certain parts on these cars should always use OEM was just curious if these seals are one of them. I am able to get non OEM a little quicker and cheaper...
  19. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Awesome, thanks so much! I just spoke with Chia, he also recomended the grab the oil pump seal as well so Ill be adding that to the list. Really cool guy!
  20. What to expect to pay for timing job

    You are the hero of the month haha. I will hit him up if I need him. Worst case I can drive the car up there and it is in running order. When it comes to the seals m assuimg Ill need TWO cam seals, but the crank seal is this one the "front" or "rear" that will be changed out?
  21. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Dude holy crap thank you! Ill give them a call on my lunch break! I believe I have a triple A tow available to get the car up to him!
  22. What to expect to pay for timing job

    I was actually talking to Road Race Engineering as I used to go to Road Race Motorsports for my ralliart years ago. But sadly it seems the guy I was talking to blew me off. He had asked for a few pictures and some info, I gave it to him and never heard back, then he stopped replying to my emails...
  23. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Quoting Eztoril: 100% true. Don't take it to just anyone. Most of the failures I've seen are people trying to set the eccentric pulley tension without the tool and later the belt jumps. It can be done without the tool from someone who knows how to set the tension properly. I recommend C&A...
  24. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Quoting gvr4ever: Unless you just can't, I'd do it yourself. You control the quality of the work. I remember in the late 90s early 2000s, one of my co-workers took a DSM to a shop for a timing belt job, and they did it wrong and it destroyed the engine.Unless you already have a trusted...
  25. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Its more of a time constraint mixed with lazyness haha. I already ordered the timing kit and will be replacing the water pump, tbelt,bs belt, and pulleys, as well as the other belts just for the hell of it. I got a quote for 600 labor from another guy so I am probably going to go that route.
  26. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Thanks for the info. I really have a hunch that these couple of shops ive spoken to are charging more because of the "rarity" of the VR4. Ive heard from others they charge less on regular DSM, which if I am correct is the same exact procedure.
  27. What to expect to pay for timing job

    Hey guys, been looking to get my Timing done soon. Though costs seem to be pretty high from the couple of shops I got estimates from(one being 800$-1k the other 1300$). Is this average for this car? I remember getting head work done with all timing components done on my moms 3g eclipse for 800$...
  28. Partout: #1365/2000 Black 91 CRASHED

    I just looked at your site, just want to be super redundant and verify that the doglegs on there are for the rear. Thanks!
  29. Engine Info Q/A

    More work than its worth. The motor/tranny set on opposite sides. Easier and cheaper to build the motor thats already in it.
  30. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Thanks for the tip, I will see if I can get my fat head under there tonight and take a peak. Im not sure what the numbers max at, I just see it hop around while driving. The guy I got the car from though maybe it was A/F meter but wasnt sure.
  31. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Awesome! thanks for the tip! Suspension will be on my list after I get it to where I feel safe driving it. I did try to start it today and noticed the battery was dead. I believe due to the radio, as it is not set up right and I guess turns on and off when it wants, and I also believe this is...
  32. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Whoops, didnt see the post about the carrier bearing. That would make sense.
  33. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Will do, Ill probably take it over to my grandpas house tomorrow and pull it over his pit(he has a pit he built for working on cars) to check everything out underneath it. Is there a go to place for getting driveshafts rebuilt? Or just find someone local?
  34. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Its under acceleration right after a shift.
  35. Recommendations for "Refreshing" engine?

    Hey guys, so as you may have seen I recently picked up 979/1000. As stated in that, it has 23x,xxx on the body, and the prior owner said the prior prior(blah blah) owners replaced the engine at I believe 160k. How true this is I dont know, obviously as it sets i wouldn't know how to verify that...
  36. New Owner of #1915!

    I wish mine didnt have a sunroof haha. Primarily because mine wont open...haha.
  37. WTB: Passenger side rear trim(1992)

    That is sad news haha.
  38. WTB: Passenger side rear trim(1992)

    Hey guys, im not sure exactly what this piece is called but it was the only thing missing on 979/1000 when I picked it up. Its the piece of trim on the rear passenger side by the door. Heres a photo of what im talking about(obviously not my car). If anyone has one of these somehow or knows a...
  39. Just picked up a VR-4

    Hey guys, just picked up a VR-4 last night. It seems on a google search one of the prior owners posted about recently buying it on here as well. Its 979/1000 located here in SoCal. For the most part it drives extremely smooth. Im not sure if the parts mentioned on the prior owners thread...
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