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  1. FS: 9 Year UPDATE! GVR4 #404/1000: Corvallis OR, $1000 OBO

    Sorry I forgot to update, will do that now. Sorry man - ended up at $1400 and went to some guys at Garage 808 out of Eugene. Thanks for the interest.Nathan
  2. FS: 9 Year UPDATE! GVR4 #404/1000: Corvallis OR, $1000 OBO

    BUMMMPPPPPPP!!! Car is for sale for a steal. Has issues, read up, and fix it up! Or part it out and make moneyCall/text/email: 541-231-7862 [email protected]
  3. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    it wouldn't bend valves because they are all opening when only one bank is supposed to. but i believe i have one dowel up and one down.
  4. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    Jesus. In my hurried reassembly I didn't realize there are two timing marks per cam gear..?That would certainly be my issue then. Thanks for the reply.... time to tear it apart again, I'm really getting good at this. :P
  5. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    Turned out the tensioner was bad and leaking. Replaced the tensioner with an OEM, everything else has less than 10k on it, belt looks in good shape.***NOW, I checked 10 times that the crank, oil pump, and camshaft pulley timing marks were all lined up even after hand spinning the crank... but...
  6. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    Wow I feel like a complete idiot. Didn't even have to start the car to see the belt was too loose.SO, is this usually because the tensioner slipped and I just need to redo it? Or is it because the tensioner piston is bad? The tensioner only has 10k or so on it.Thanks for the input! I'm...
  7. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    So you think a loose timing belt could make THAT much noise? I checked the tension by hand without it running and it seemed fine, but I'll go run it for a bit and check. Thanks.
  8. Loud noise from under timing cover below 3000RPM

    After a 45 minute highway drive my car started making very loud RPM dependent noise which is coming from the timing side of the motor. It has ran smoothly for several months prior to this. The timing belt looks good from the top (I did the timing belt and all components less thank 10k ago)...
  9. FS: ECU chip,rims/tires,exhaust silencer,HFC fs

    do you know what MAF it is for? is the 'EVO 8' label just for the injectors or is that the MAF as well?
  10. FS: Random parts including hood/trunk molds

    I am also very interested in any chip you find with 550 or 560 and 2gMAS. Willing to tip you for your time. (just the tip?)Thanks! LMK
  11. On the dyno for a retune.

    haha that's funny. I just do the chip thing because its been enough of a baseline for me and its been mostly free since I've had friends with burners. My car might have to have its shop virginity violated soon if I can scrounge the money for tuning.
  12. On the dyno for a retune.

    I'm hoping to find someone to read my current chip and then just change the injector compensation from the 450s to some evo 560s I bought today. Do you know if they do that at English?It basically has all the basics: fuel cut removal, 2g MAS, CEL shift light, knock sum... Just need to change...
  13. On the dyno for a retune.

    Hey Spencer, its Kristen's friend Nathan. That was cool seeing you dyno the galant, great results!I haven't been on this forum or done much with my cars in a long while, but I recently got motivated and bought a clutch and a EVO3 16G and have been tearing it apart all weekend.What turbo...
  14. FS: 9 Year UPDATE! GVR4 #404/1000: Corvallis OR, $1000 OBO

    *****UPDATED, FOR SALE AGAIN - TRYING TO UNLOAD!!!***** Mods since original post: Evo III 16G, Evo8 injectors. Issues: Oil leak, alternator half off (not driveable), needs tow, turbo bolts backing outUpdated info in CL post: click*****Here is my 92 Galant VR-4 number 404 of 1000...
  15. Spark problems after car is started

    still trying to figure this out...what should happen if the temp sensor is unplugged? that way i can figure out if mine is acting normal or not.
  16. Spark problems after car is started

    hmm I will look into that, its all plugged in correct but it may be bad.I put a 2G maf in place and the spark problem went away, I didnt try driving it though because the chip was for larger injectors. However, it seems that this would mean it is the maf or maf wiring thats causing it..
  17. Spark problems after car is started

    any other ideas of what I could try next?
  18. Spark problems after car is started

    No check engine light, if I unplug the MAF then it revs up without cutting out. I checked the MAF wiring and cleaned up my connections (the car came with it cut and labeled).I am kind of suspicious of the MAF as well, but before it got parked due to a bad ecu it wasn't giving me problems.
  19. Spark problems after car is started

    I've been having troubles figuring out what is up with the galant and finally broke down to make a new thread about it.The car starts, eventually idles fine, but when I try to rev it at all it will first stumble and then rev to about 2000ish and then cut spark and fall back to idle. If I hold...
  20. Oil pressures down!!!!!! Finally

    could it blow the oil filter HOUSING filter? or would it just blow the oil filter gasket (filter side or housing side)?theres oil everywhere and its hard to tell where its coming from.. i already ported the housing and put a new filter on and it was fine for a few days then started leaking...
  21. Oil pressures down!!!!!! Finally

    Should RTV be used on the oil filter housing gasket?
  22. Natoe's White 1992 #404/2000

    I acquired #404/2000 in March 2007 in a straight trade for my 1995 Impreza EJ22T that I built. After pulling the newish motor for maintenance and some lack of motivation after several ECU's going bad, its finally running right, and strong, one year later.Engine + Other: ARP Headstuds...
  23. 1990 Oil Filter Housing Question?

    CP, (or others) where exactly was the leaking oil coming from before you replaced the housing? i have a 90 housing and cooler and have eliminated the balance shafts and it is leaking a lot from down hoping i didnt blow out my new front case seal or something else because of the extra...
  24. MistaVR4

    bought an ECU from Steve, great communication and fast shipping. even promptly took pics of the caps for me. Thanks
  25. Replacing front axles

    im confused about that too... the intermediate shaft has the carrier bearing, then the green part of the joint where the CV axle connects, this boot on mine is torn in my question is, does the new cv axle portion come with both joints on it for the spindle AND the connection to the...
  26. Replacing front axles

    hum, well again i need to take another look at it, but the shaft tore completely out of the joint to the intermediate shaft... pretty sure its fubar
  27. Replacing front axles

    well its considered equal length since it would behave better than completely different length shafts. but with the car i got an axle since the one on it is shot, but its for a non-equal length car...ill have to double check to see if the intermediate shaft is ok, it probably is actually now...
  28. Replacing front axles

    i need a new driver side front axle, these ones you are all speaking of come with the intermediate shaft and CV axle? (All GVR4's are equal length correct?)i need the whole shebang--ive never driven my galant before (just finishing a lot of work..), and this is pretty much the last thing...
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