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  1. tyeler18

    fwd to rwd

    A VR4 rear subframe isn't a straight forward bolt in swap in the first place so you'll have plenty of fab work to get a FWD chassis to RWD. Might as well do a solid axle and longitudinal 4g, but I assume you wouldn't be here asking this if you were planning that.
  2. tyeler18

    1991 Summit White Partout *UPDATED March 2023*

    Don't see it listed but figure I'd ask- driver auto seat belt?
  3. tyeler18

    Which rotors for Diamante calipers?

    The rotors for an N/A 3SI are 10.8 outside diameter which is the same as a VR4, same as a 92.5+ DSM, which we can assume means the caliper is identical to a VR4 caliper. I know the caliper is the same, I assume the bracket is the same. The difference comes in what style (banjo vs flare) the...
  4. tyeler18

    WTB: FEAL Galant Coilovers or Bilstein or Koni inserted ready to go struts

    You want Evo bilsteins? I have a set of Evo 9 bilsteins with swift spec R springs I was planning to sell eventually. Had them on 736 and they ride wonderfully but when I 5 lug swapped I had to go to coilovers to fit the new wheels. I have galant top hats on them right now so aside from some...
  5. tyeler18

    I have E39A tein camber plates, do I have more options for coilovers now?

    7/8/9 are all the same, not sure on interchange for other years. You'll still require either SCE adapters for the rear shocks or weld in the galant lower shock mount, but yes the fronts bolt in with some spacers for the knuckle. Just follow the evo coilovers in a 1g/galant guide without drilling...
  6. tyeler18

    I have E39A tein camber plates, do I have more options for coilovers now?

    Yes the galant specific plates allow a direct bolt on front shock from a 1g. I'm using galant cusco plates to run evo 8/9 JIC's up front, but 1g will bolt right on and have proper camber adjustment too.
  7. tyeler18

    No crank/no start

    It sounds like you should pull the starter and inspect the terminals on the back regardless, but yes you can extend the solenoid wire from the 2 wire connector at the air box, it only runs from the connector to the S terminal of the starter. At 190k-ish I began having intermittent starting...
  8. tyeler18

    Swift springs on kybs and agx's.

    It's basically a poor mans GC kit yes. I didn't want the Eibach springs that come with the GC kit so I opted for a cheaper sleeve knowing I was junking the springs that came with them. $45 for the sleeves and $300 for 4 swift springs in the rates/lengths that I wanted. I'm using bilstein inserts...
  9. tyeler18

    Rear caliper replacement

    Performancepartout sent in a big batch of rear AWD calipers for a rebuild and I believe RTM? Or someone posted on dsmtuners that they were rebuilding them again. I have a stock pile of cores I need to send in still but theres a few companies rebuilding them now at least.
  10. tyeler18

    Swift springs on kybs and agx's.

    I don't have any experience running coil springs on dsm/galant stock struts but I do have a home built swift coilover setup on my e30 that would require basically the same approach. This is a common coilover path for e30 guys since the strut tubes are welded to the knuckle. You'd want to cut the...
  11. tyeler18

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I've been using gates full timing kits for nearly 15 years without issue. Just use an OEM hydro tensioner. It's like $43 for the gates kit on rock auto.
  12. tyeler18

    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    Left, push the wire in towards the tool, flip the lock then pull out.
  13. tyeler18

    Scirocco radiator question

    Sorry I misread, we are using the AFCO which uses 1" cores, I assume this uses a 3/4" core if it's saying 1.5" width. The extra width your measuring is probably just end tanks and not actual core thickness. The AFCO core is definitely plenty here in AZ on 115F days it has no issue. I'd think...
  14. tyeler18

    Scirocco radiator question

    I put the same radiator into a customers 2g with the same spal fan. He's an FP black/2.3 stroker and has zero issue cooling the car. I use the same fan on my X-line in 736 with an FP red and it can cool with the A/C on on it's own almost.
  15. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    Oh i thought you were on a red and that's why you were asking. 260 on a dynojet still sounds low for an HTA at 20lbs. We made 325 on 21lbs on a stock 6 bolt with intercooler and exhaust with a V1 HTA68. Car trapped 118? IIRC. Who tuned it?
  16. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    Never been on a dyno so now clue what power it makes. I'm on pump gas and 22lbs of boost right now so it's nothing crazy. Intake is just a 3.25" pipe into an evo MAF, the evo maf has made 500+ without issue, is there power to be gained without it? Sure, but not enough to make it life or death to...
  17. tyeler18

    TMZ Throttlebody Rebuild or S90

    You're not going to see any performance benefits from the s90 that a stock throttle body wont have. They're leaky POS throttle bodies. Stick to OEM
  18. tyeler18

    Fight with insurance--We won

    How about a thread dedicated to the galant sales? That's how we track the price of e30's on the R3v forum. Makes it easy to pick through previous ad's for insurance.I will say that progressive wouldn't honor any sales ads from forums, craigslist, facebook marketplace, or similar sites because...
  19. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    This is the Build Thread for Daily racecar, 736/2000. Reply below.
  20. tyeler18

    Coolant issues

    Coolant wont boil at 226 if your radiator cap is holding pressure. You either have a leak in the system or the cap isnt holding pressure. Also if the upper hose was empty when you drove it you don't have enough coolant and probably have an air bubble trapped, hence the small bubbles you're...
  21. tyeler18

    bent power steering hard lines

    Any good hydraulic shop can braze on fittings to the hard line and then build hydraulic hoses between the fittings. My power steering hose on my montero and BMW are both -6 JIC lines brazed onto stock lines with a -6 JIC hydraulic hose then built to connect them. You need steel fittings for...
  22. tyeler18

    VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    736/2000 checking in
  23. tyeler18


    Update time! Had a roller coaster of the past few months since my last post. I had just turned the FP red up some more and a few days later while passing someone, top of 3rd I let out to decel and was greeted by a cloud of mosquito repellent out the back. My intake vent in my hood has ruined a...
  24. tyeler18

    USDM bumpers to JDM bumpers E39A

    Yes you need the JDM brackets and crash bar.
  25. tyeler18

    Occasional stall issue

    Test for spark when it does it. Does the fuel pump prime while cranking when it's acting up? Majority of the time I see this happen on higher mileage cars it's the CAS. On a lower mileage car like yours I'd be looking at the ECU first. CAS is easy to swap and cheap though if you wanted to fire a...
  26. tyeler18

    Spare engine - should I buy?

    All turbo 6 bolts are 7.8:1, n/a cars were 9:1. As long as it's a turbo 6 bolt you're good to go.
  27. tyeler18


    Derailing this build thread with montero stuff but I got to play in the "mud" we got this weekend. Supposed to rain all week so I'm hoping for some real mud to go play in.clickWaiting on a few parts back from paint on the galant and I'll have some updates for it. It's currently hogging the...
  28. tyeler18

    was hoping for about 350whp, got 260

    20psi is barely in the operating zone of that turbo. Stock cams, intake, intake pipe and the 2.5" exhaust are doing you no favors but on a mustang dyno 260whp sounds "normal" for 20psi. I've had link estimate just over 300whp on a similar setup, e85 and 23lbs. The car went 12.0 @119 the drivers...
  29. tyeler18


    Do it, it's a blast. This was supposed to just be an N/A V8 tow rig that I could reliably haul around a single car trailer with. It snowballed a bit from there
  30. tyeler18


    Right now it's on virtually stock Gen 1 suspension. Torsion bars cranked in the front and gen 2 rear coil springs, just off the shelf KYB shocks. It actually handles really well up to around 130mph. The wide tire stance significantly improved how top heavy it felt with stock wheels and tires...
  31. tyeler18


    Everyone always mistakes this for a trooper My neighbor bought a trooper after going for a ride in mine thinking they were the same thing too lol.One of the montero guys has an LS in his gen 3 montero and is putting an M122 blower on it, looked like an easy swap in there as well but he's not...
  32. tyeler18


    Everyone always wants to go for a ride in the evo or the vette, but the montero is the sleeper monster in my fleet nothing like pulling on a new camaro or mustang in a lifted brick on 33s.Untitled by Tyeler Andersen, on FlickrUntitled by Tyeler Andersen, on FlickrI'm a 4g and LS guy, the...
  33. tyeler18


    It's an LQ4 6.0L with a 78/75. 4l80/NP263 tcase to keep it 4x4
  34. tyeler18

    crank no start

    Without a fuel gauge on it you're pretty much guessing. Clean the plugs, disconnect the injector pigtails and spray some starter fluid in the intake tract. Does it start now? If so you're probably flooding it, check your coolant temp sensor reading in link if so. If it doesn't start then you...
  35. tyeler18


    Thanks!I've had this evo ecu in the car for quite a few years and finally had a chance to play with the NLTS settings which have never worked. So much nicer to shift since I've been accustomed to the NLTS in my evo. Also turned on the launch maps which seem to be working great nowUntitled...
  36. tyeler18


    Back from the dead! I've been trying to get in the habit of updating build threads. This one's long over due, but I'll try and post some highlights since the car has changed quite a bit over the years.Started off with wanting some hood vents. I ordered a set of evo 3 replicas, installed them...
  37. tyeler18

    Completed the car - starter wont engage?

    The little rubber bumper on the pedal is probably MIA and not contacting the switch. 9/10 times thats what happens, the stopper disintegrates over the years.
  38. tyeler18

    steering rack

    Rockauto doesnt have any 4ws racks. Ive been waiting 15 months for one to show up. Last month I had a local shop rebuild mine for $189 with lifetime warranty. I can get you their contact info if you want. The OE rebuild kit is $180 alone. They quoted me $189 and stuck with that price.
  39. tyeler18

    FS: Bilstein MR Struts with Swift - R Springs

    Just wanted to say I used this exact setup on 736 for 3ish years. They are very comfortable, and the progressive spring rate of the Spec R's made for a well balanced, firm feel on hard cornering. I went to Evo JIC coilovers for more front camber, only reason I swapped them out.
  40. tyeler18

    Need good part number or source for Ebrake cables

    I've got both rockauto cables in 736, install was easy and they work great. Went 3 years without an ebrake and it's great to have it working
  41. tyeler18

    WTB: double din radio bezel

    Looking for the trim ring around the radio. Double din needed, preferably all the clips in good condition. Some moron broke into my car and stole the trim ring in his poor attempt at taking my stereo. I'm on here off and on, for a faster response text 520-610-4269
  42. tyeler18

    ISC replacement options.

    If you're replacing it, definitely get the newer version. The black ISC are a higher resistance and less prone to failure.
  43. tyeler18

    Car dies on warm idle

    The Isc can test in spec but be slow to respond to changes. The only way to truly know is to log Isc position.
  44. tyeler18

    Hood louvers - sanity check

    I live in the middle of the desert in AZ so I feel I have a fair understanding to the situation seeing as how I daily my galant in 120F as well as track it. I can tell you the fans are key. I have full working AC and it was 105F out today and I happily boosted along and sat in stop and go...
  45. tyeler18

    Evo 7 ecu into vr4

    The 8/3G ecu is much easier to source stateside. I run Evo8s in my galant, 1g and 2g. You can flash a 9653 rom onto the 3G ecu as a cheaper alternative just the only feature not available that the 8 ecu has is ecu controlled boost since the 3G board doesn't have it built onto it. I'm $75 into...
  46. tyeler18

    evo suspension owners... alignment specs...

    I'm also on bilsteins and swift spec Rs. I managed -.7* front camber with no camber bolts, and -1.5* in the rear with factory camber adjustment. 0 toe all around also. I have Cusco camber plates on the way and also plan on -2-2.5* front and -2* rear. Street car/HPDE car here
  47. tyeler18

    R12 or R134a?

    Regardless of what you have in there, unless you want to pay $150+ (average cost in my area for the amount a galant takes) for the R12 alone, not including evac and recharge, you'll probably want to have it converted anyways if it needs filled. Just make sure you have a reputable shop so it. The...
  48. tyeler18

    FS: carbon fiber hood and thule roofrack

    Ironically he relisted these on the Facebook page just a few weeks ago.
  49. tyeler18

    FS: All 4 centric OEM blanks, Front/Rear 4 lug hubs with ABS rinfs

    I recently 5 lug swapped 736, 6 months ago I did front/rear brakes. These are the thick centric OEM blanks, they have just under 4K street miles and zero track days. Their in awesome shape, still show some of the cross hatching in them, no lip worn in it yet or anything. I wasn't planning on...
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