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  1. High idle after changing spark plugs

    Cool thanks for the info!
  2. High idle after changing spark plugs

    My issue turned out to be that the bolts holding down the throttle cable were loose and I guess at some point I somehow moved the throttle cable a bit. I just adjusted it back to where it should be and it was good!And thanks for the tip on the gap, I honestly wasn't sure what to gap them at...
  3. High idle after changing spark plugs

    Yep, that was it, it was the throttle cable!Thanks for all the help everyone!
  4. High idle after changing spark plugs

    Also, would it be safe to drive a bit like this? For just a couple miles?
  5. High idle after changing spark plugs

    No vacuum hoses knocked up, but here is the idle stop switch (i assume this is it lol), but the wire had actually been knocked off for a while, here are a couple pics of it.
  6. High idle after changing spark plugs

    I just changed out my spark plugs and noticed now that my car is idling high, at like 3000 rpm. I've looked around and haven't found much about it (so im guessing this is probably a dumb question but I just want to be sure before I drive it around a bunch lol). Is it just idling high because I...
  7. FS: leftover parts from 539.

    How much for the center console!!!
  8. FS: leftover parts from 539.

    How much for the center console and the trunk carpet if you still have it! Thanks!
  9. White smoke from under the hood

    Cool, hoping it would be something fairly simple lol. So just replace the radiator and im good to go? Sorry for the crappy first post btw, I was already late for work so just tried posting something real quick lol.
  10. White smoke from under the hood

    So I was driving the other day not far maybe just a few miles and while waiting in a drive thru I notice my car starting to overheat. Right when it starts getting into the red I hear a pop noise from under the hood and white smoke starts pouring out (coming out mostly at the passenger side of...
  11. knocking noise when braking

    Will do, thanks!
  12. knocking noise when braking

    Cool thanks for the tip, I think it was loose because I had the tire removed recently from switching out belts, I might not have tightened it up enough since I replaced the alternator belt but still havent replaced the power steering lol.
  13. knocking noise when braking

    Thanks for the responses! I got out of class and had time to check it out, looks like there was a loose lugnut, got them all tightened, drove home and it was fine! Sorry, I should have checked it first but I had class and work immediately after and they are both across town so I was freaking...
  14. knocking noise when braking

    I literally just started getting these knocking noise while driving to school about an hour ago. It sounds like it's coming from somewhere on the drivers side under the hood and it starts knocking when I brake or rather when the car starts to get under like 10mph while braking. I can drive and...
  15. Power Steering Belt and Alternator problem

    So, a couple days ago as im driving, somehow the power steering belt just flips around, it does a complete 180 and the teeth are facing the other direction. It happened as I was trying to speed through a light, I switched gears too quickly and released the clutch too early. The belt was really...
  16. Where to get Accessory Belts!!

    Cool thanks for the tips! Yeah i've told them VR4, I think its the ac belt that they always give me the wrong one and they don't seem to ever have the power steering belt. As far as using the right tension im not sure. Ive tightened the alternator belt a year ago when it started getting loud...
  17. Where to get Accessory Belts!!

    I've been pulling my hair out on this one for a while. My belts are getting super squeeky, and ive been to like 3 O'Reilly's in my area trying to get replacements but they all always give me the wrong belts. They say in their system that the Galant VR-4 only has two belts, when it has three...
  18. FS: Custom Galant Vr-4 Shift knob buy is over and done!

    Quoting 240essex: If anyone wants a refund i got your payment right here!!!! haha seriously though. Im mad i didnt see this months ago. If anyone backs out ill take one^^^This!! If anyone doesn't want theirs ill take one too lol, these are awesome!
  19. Brake light turns on randomly (kinda)

    The same brake light thats on when the parking brake is up
  20. Brake light turns on randomly (kinda)

    parking brake light in the dash
  21. Brake light turns on randomly (kinda)

    So for the past week my brake light has been coming on somewhat randomly. I only say that because most of the time when it comes on is after I do a left turn lol. And sometimes it will turn off for no reason or when I do a hard right turn. Weird, im not too much of an expert but im guessing...
  22. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    Paypal sent for a 1991 keyfob!! thanks! Hopefully you still have some lol
  23. FREE: You cover shipping - random items

    pm'd you about a few things.
  24. TPS issue

    Yeah i was gonna check the wiring first, hopefully thats what it is, i dont wanna spend 150-200 on a new sensor lol. but yeah, I was wrong, no 93's near me, only 90's, but they sensor looks completely different, but I got the wiring from the 90' tps, is the wiring on the 90'tps the same as the...
  25. TPS issue

    Alright sounds good, ill go ahead and remove the throttle body and test it with my multimeter, seems pretty straight forward. Lol, no luck finding the right sensor itself in any pick n pulls near me, Ive got the wiring for the 90' tps, which I heard I would be able to use to replace the old...
  26. TPS issue

    Okay, I'm following, I think lol So should I replace the entire sensor? From what I was told by the place that diagnosed my car, they just made it sounds like it just the wiring that needs to be replaced, and that I can just run over to pick n pull, and use the wiring that I find from another...
  27. TPS issue

    I had my car checked for a check engine code that was popping up off and on and I got codes 11 and 14 for the 02 sensor and the tps. The 02 sensor is no problem, ive got a new one and just gotta replace it (which is basically done, the old one is just being stubborn lol). Anyway I just wasnt...
  28. Check Engine Light On and Off

    1000 is high, what should the idle be for a car with stock ecu? I think its always been at least slightly below 1000 if I remember correctly. Alright, at least ive got something to check on, im still not too great with cars yet, so ill see what I can do before consulting with a few people I...
  29. Check Engine Light On and Off

    Actually I was wrong about something, I just turned on my car and it when from 1000 rpm up and down to 2000 rpm, resting at 1000rpm. I still didnt hear anything, no knocking or anything as far as I could hear. I had my 4 year old nephew bouncing around the inside so im not 100% percent sure...
  30. Check Engine Light On and Off

    So this has been going on for months. Ill have the check engine like come on for a few seconds then it will turn off. I think the first time I noticed this was about a 9 months ago it popped on once while driving at night. I was unable to check it out because the alternator went out a while...
  31. Knocking/rattling noise on the Front Driver Side

    Here is a video up. You can hear the noise about 25ish secs in when I roll up the window lol. click
  32. Knocking/rattling noise on the Front Driver Side

    I dont have an fmic. Everything on this car is completely stock, I have not done anything to this car yet. I know, thats too bad, ive got a couple people who can help me out with this but I work all weekend! And im trying to learn as I go haha. But yeah, Ill try the clutch pedal thing when I...
  33. Knocking/rattling noise on the Front Driver Side

    I can hear it only when im coasting, I dont think I hear it when the clutch is in, only when its out. And I dont hear anything when im just sitting there idling.
  34. Knocking/rattling noise on the Front Driver Side

    Alright, I jacked up my car and checked the tires, but no dice, I didnt hear anything. I only hear it when the car is moving and when I dont have the gas or brake pressed. Also I dont think I hear it when im making a turn or anything. Ill try to give recording it a shot.
  35. Knocking/rattling noise on the Front Driver Side

    Like the title says, im hearing a kind of rattling or clunking noise in the front driver side of the car. I only hear it when I dont have my foot on the gas or the brake. The noise stops when I gas/brake. And I can feel it when my foot is lightly on the gas/brake if that makes sense. I...
  36. battery drain!

    Alright ive got the alternator installed, getting to the alternator was harder than getting it out and installed lol. Ive got the ol galant up and running, I checked the voltage before starting the car and it was at 12.43, right after turning it on it was at about 14.39 and right before turning...
  37. battery drain!

    sweet thanks!
  38. battery drain!

    Turns out the alternator was bad, I took it to a Kragen and I guess it wasnt pumping out the right voltage. So anyway I got a new alternator (99.99) and was about to install it when I noticed this.Im not too car savvy so I was wondering if I accidentally did this when I was pulling the...
  39. battery drain!

    Well, as I was driving home and the battery light and brake light came on (the abs light also was on, but that has been on for a while, maybe like a year and a half ago?? since I changed the brakes). So, im guessing its the alternator. Im gonna pull it and get it tested. Hopefully thats the...
  40. battery drain!

    So we did some testing today to try to get this figured out. We started with checking the drain with the key off and it was reading .06 A. Please correct me if I am mistaken but I read online that it should be around .035 when off. So I started to remove fuses to see if anything was causing the...
  41. battery drain!

    I checked the voltage with a multimeter as soon as I put the new battery in, then after driving about maybe 4 miles (to my work). Both times I checked it, it was at 12.5volts. I then checked it a couple hours later before I left my work and it was still at 12.5v, I then drive home (about 6...
  42. battery drain!

    Basically I come out monday morning and find my battery dead. I get a jump and head out to work only to have my car die on the middle of a very busy intersection lol. Me and a friend manage to get my car to a nearby parking lot and get a new battery (thanks to wal marts 2 year replacement...
  43. Main radiator fan always running.

    The gauge is working fine. But I was told that if the wires were switched, the check engine light would be on, on the dash but it isnt.
  44. Main radiator fan always running.

    update! fans are still running, ive done everything that everyone said on the thread. Except for the switch on the rear of the thermostat housing. me and a few others could not find it. all I know is, is that the motor and transmission was replaced by a previous owner click, . A few days...
  45. Main radiator fan always running.

    where is that single black wire located? And i double checked the ac button, its off.
  46. Main radiator fan always running.

    The fans turn on as soon as the key is set to the "on" and runs from there on. I checked the relays and they check out. Its actualy both fans that are running all the time. I checked the sensors on the water neck with known good ones and didnt change anything. All the wiring looks untouched, no...
  47. Main radiator fan always running.

    Hey thanks much for the reply. We checked out the radiator fan switch and it wasnt what was causing the fan to keep running.
  48. Main radiator fan always running.

    Hi to all, new to the forums, new to vr-4s, and new to cars in general, lol.So anyway, here's the deal. I went to get my GVR4 smogged the other, it passed everything except that they couldnt get an accurate reading of the ignition timing because the radiator fan is always running. Now, me and...
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