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  1. HKS spark plug cover

    Has no part number.Just realized its been a while since i
  2. oldman_tau

    Just got the stuff!thankyou so much brotha!
  3. GSX_TC

    Just got the pistons!thanks for the great deal mike!
  4. 2.0 litre NA 4G63 fuel injectors, still available?

    Down here,2.0 dohc models has 240cc,2.0 sohc has 210cc the amg has 275cc same with the later rvr.
  5. Anyone got roof racks?

    Heres mine.always used for parts delivery(dont mind me,a friend took the pic) Piaa terzo feet and bars.
  6. What bumper is this?

    Oem eu spec
  7. Carbon Kevlar hood

    Crappy pic from 2011 Carbon kevlar with reject/defective kevlar ventsWe only made one,i can ask if you want. Carbon skin with fiberglass frame and vents Problem would probably be shipping costs. Our carbon hoods and trunks usually go for 400 usd plus shipping
  8. Galant armed by ralliart

    Thankyou for the translation.any chance you can translate the type 1-4 also? I can replicate the wing,the motors will be another story.Here it is on my daily
  9. the slow build of my vr4

    Oh wow,its almost 2014 and im still not done.i need to update this soon.
  10. Galant armed by ralliart

    The only info i can get,a not so full catalog/brochure.Amg rims Rs front end Motorized rear wing Ralliart steering wheel Different muffler tips or muffler
  11. Kenjiro version

    Just thought id put this up here.
  12. FS: dash badge

    Free bump for a great guy. If only those were 92s.
  13. Evo swapped vr4

    Jeff was that acg_jdms car?Ive thought about this and whats killing the idea for me is wiring it all up. Ive got a few spare 2wd shells down here,and evo engines and drivetrain prices from the 456 are dropping.Swap it in a real e39a?no way.
  14. the slow build of my vr4

    Thankyou sir!Fixed the pics. Got tired mounting up the rims,only shot i got on all 4s
  15. the slow build of my vr4

    Got myself new rims,not dissapointed but still want te's. Bbs rs 778,looks like the bmw style 42 rims. Now i need spacers for the front gonna have to shell out a bit to have these redone by a pro.i need to sell my ralliart flat seat lugnuts.bbs japan lanyard a good friend...
  16. You think you have rust?

    Wow,my 1st vr4 had rust exactly where yours is.but mine had a bit more:( Re shell and move on.
  17. Need Help on AC

    Local heater box is same as usdm,with blocked off heater core mount and omitted a few flaps/doors. Its actually also same as the same yr dsm and lancer/mirage. Shoot me a txt jay,im sure i have a few complete sets here incase you need some parts.
  18. Driving to the 2013 DSM Shootout in Ohio & The Tail of the Dragon in NC in VR4

    Looking great mike. We were actually talking about how your car sounded so sweet at last nights local sit down.
  19. the slow build of my vr4

    So work is slowing me down and its been really raining like crazy the past few weeks Garage wall is finally doneManaged to mock up my engine one rainy day.just to see if im missing some parts.bolted up most of it,planning to get the bolts dippedCarbon hood anyone?And got...
  20. Galant Rain Visors

    Nice find jay!my other gti would want these. Any pics of it installed?
  21. Hi from Russia.Need your help.

    This is a married jdm and usdm faceplate for the a/c controlsIt should look like this when halfdone,mirror image of the jdm faceplate.Its fairly easy to install the whole thing if you have all the parts
  22. JDM bumpers

    What we have fits like a glove and use bolts just like the real thing,ill see if i have a good pic.3rd lamp/brake lamp is same as the non vr4 or early vr4 spoiler,and is available bnew down here(about 60usd)
  23. JDM bumpers

    I can get reps made for the wing mike.
  24. WTB: JDM FOG DELETE.....

    Quoting jnava: I already have a set of jdm fogs.Thats the first pair i sold on the first pic,in the 2nd pic the end tabs are fiberglass reps from me too.the 3rd pic im not sure if those were my old fogs.
  25. JDM bumpers

    Btw we only get fwd/2wd here so the rear bumpers will have a different bracket.unless i source one out of a jdm vr4 unit.
  26. JDM bumpers

    Amg wings are hard to find also but we have fiberglass reps. Headlamps are commonly replaced due to age,most are with jdm units.bnew taiwan replacements are common and readily available. Fenders are same except for the top corner lamp/position hole.I dont want a groupbuy that wont push...
  27. major oil leaks and consumption

    Sorry i meant the gasket(paper or whatever its made of).minor lapse.
  28. JDM bumpers

    Ill see if i can work out something cheaper.its hard being a newbie with these things.
  29. major oil leaks and consumption

    Tightening to spec was always me and my dads concern. Oh and never use the paper gasket or whatever it is on the oilpan,all of my 6gs had it before i got my hands on them.Edited
  30. JDM bumpers

    Its doable,unfortunately the expense and red tape is whats stopping me as of now. I actually have a crate going stateside in a few days,(no parts)but alas the quote for it took a few months. Bumpers are cheap,what your paying for is transpo,packing,fumigation and air its a week,by sea i...
  31. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    Quoting MarW90GSX: Quoting 4Grim: I am starting to give up on finding a authentic JDM RS hood. I might have to snag the next set of Evo 3 vents available for sale or see more details on the Evo X vents.Even though I already have a real VR4 RS hood I would like to see how the X vents look...
  32. Is anyone running a 16 g with out

    Never ran coolant lines on mine,8k kms,no problems.turbo is on the shelf(since my engine is down) no play at all.
  33. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Sad to say i havent been near orchids for soo mom used to have them all over our garden. I miss being near the water,manila just sucks the life out of you. Check out bolinao if ever your here.
  34. the slow build of my vr4

    Thanks shane!any of you guys are more than welcome to dropby.So this morning carlos went on a journey to get cusco strutbars and got them. In the back of my mind i was thinking,my ralliart bar looks exactly like the center portion of the i asked him to dropby so we can check...
  35. the slow build of my vr4

    Sure jeff,no worries with that. Well the vr4 is at the bottom right will only get slower. Managed to test fit my rack the other daw,im happy it doesnt wiggle like the other oneAnd repurposed 3kgt shocks and springs for the blue carGoing to be shimming for the knuckle like the evo shocks.
  36. Gsx 4g63t swap -- 90 talon, manual, awd EPROM ECU & wiring harness -- HELP!

    Your better off buying a galant vr4 harness. My previous galant came with a dsm harness tapped in,its doable but a pita. When i got my new vr4 i opted to get a galant vr4 harness. Ask around maybe somebody has one laying around.
  37. Body damage worth fixing?

    ^+1,its just a dent.i dont think thats gonna affect anything.
  38. headliner removal

    Remove/pry out the pillar trims,front,rear and side headliner trims,map and dome lights,visors,and oh sh*t handles.that should remove the headliner. As for the ceiling at home,i have no freakin idea how to do that.
  39. the slow build of my vr4

    Pm me when you get here,ill give you a tour of my parts bin.
  40. the slow build of my vr4

    Hehe,thats great!tandang sora is abt 5 kms away.
  41. Build Thread of 1415/2000

    Thanks man,they look a lot better that way.i guess ill be removing some spot welds soon.
  42. the slow build of my vr4

    3kgt rears
  43. the slow build of my vr4

    They are oem wheels for the 3kgt/gto made by enkei.i believe usdm 3kgt models have these but in chrome.
  44. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Very nice wheels there sir!
  45. the slow build of my vr4

    Thanks shane. Well the heat is killer down here and work isnt helping my build. I found a few pics of the galant that made me get my own.its riced out i know,it didnt look like this in the 90's.
  46. Build Thread of 1415/2000

    Nice work man,any pics of how the lower part of the seat sits? That hood reminded me of this.
  47. Sunroof will open but won't close......

    Its within the headlining,drivers side,right above the sun visor.theres another black relay there too.
  48. Having a hard time double flaring my brake lines

    Fwd lines are are way off from behind the drivers seat onwards. Im about to tackle this also in the near future,im gonna go with replacing the whole line. Biggest pain is dropping the subframes,wont hurt me as much since im technically jsb.
  49. Paint or powdercoat calipers?

    I used regular silver spray paint on the blue amg,its been 3 years,its dirty now but didnt flake or peel. Just cleaned the caliper with soap, taped over the dust boots and sprayed.
  50. 1078/2000 - My Wifes Auto VR-4

    Im liking the manual looking auto shifter,would have done that if the blue was still auto. Looked good in my mind,never had the chance to do it.
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