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  1. makedollarz

    New Shirts and Merchandise for 2022

    Received my shirts today. Quality fabric, they look good.
  2. makedollarz

    New Shirts and Merchandise for 2022

    Sweet. I'll order a couple.
  3. makedollarz

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Hey Edgar I'm in Phoenix also. Send me a pm if you want to meet up sometime.
  4. makedollarz

    Fuel filler hose

    Mine was leaking from the lower elbow as you mentioned. I guess i could have got away with just replacing the lower portion i didnt think about that either. Parts will be here tomorrow.
  5. makedollarz

    Fuel filler hose

    Thank you for taking the time to write this up. Im bringing 202 back to life and this was the first problem i came across after sitting for so long...
  6. makedollarz

    vr4 brake upgrade

    I used all the above, 3000gt pads, calipers, and tunersnation adapter plate, and just ordered new rotors drilled for the 4lug galant style. Saved the hassle of 5 lug swap and i already had purchased aftermarket 4 lug wheels, so saved that headache as well, its worth the swap for sure in braking...
  7. makedollarz

    Thoughts on Zone ARX rims?

    I'd like to see how those look on a galant, can't say I'm a fan just yet, defiantly a different looking appearance for a wheel.
  8. makedollarz

    FS: JDM rear bumper $350

    Throw me on the list, I can pick it up tomorrow.
  9. makedollarz

    Newb Questions

    Save yourself the headache of swapping axels every other week and get the 4 bolt in there, I wouldn't try launching at all until you do.
  10. makedollarz

    Landing Page

    It's defiantly not 9.3 fast, thats amazing. I've been wanting to get some pics with a nice background, I'll have to do that soon.
  11. makedollarz

    Painted door handles or Black?

    I like the white handles/white car look, I painted mine flat black but my cars black now, matching colors with the body looks pretty sharp.
  12. makedollarz

    Colorado (and maybe surrounding states) people long term plan?

    No way I'm going off road lol.
  13. makedollarz


    Jacks transmissions is local to me (thank god), but I've gone through quite a few different trannys even after rebuilds, but I think they are extremely generous when it comes to warrenty work, or working with you on a issue/broken parts, even when it's not necessarily even their fault. When you...
  14. makedollarz

    WTB: galant hood

    Another one is in the for sale section that's freshly painted in black for only $100
  15. makedollarz

    Colorado (and maybe surrounding states) people long term plan?

    garden of the gods is small i think, only takes like 5 minutes to drive through the entire park, and its always really congested. Whats Estes park like.
  16. makedollarz

    FS: Eterna Grill

    This is the sickest grill you can put on your galant I think, I might have to buy it as a backup even.
  17. makedollarz

    WTB: Non cruise control cable

    Anyone have one, need to ditch the cruise control junk.
  18. makedollarz

    USDM Newly Painted VR4 Hood for sale (Nile Black) SOLD San Diego, CA

    Damn that's a steal for a good looking hood. I wish this was around when was searching for a hood awhile back. I spend about $200-$300 from 3 different people on eBay for a unpainted new non oem hoods and all three we're damaged so badly during shipping they looked worse then the hood I was...
  19. makedollarz

    WTB: 90 22 spline transmission

    Quoting FavNumber: Chase, you've been eating trannies up havent you!Lol, yeah man, First was the rebuilt semi stock tranny that had a decent amount of miles, then the completely redone tranny that lost 3rd, and now 4th.
  20. makedollarz

    WTB: 90 22 spline transmission

    Quoting pauleyman: 90 does not have the biggest gearsets. What are you trying to do? 90-92 3/4 are different than 93 up. 90 intermediate and 1/2 are 90 only and cannot get a double synchro without custom machining. 90 intermediate has a smaller diameter. The shift rails and shifter are all...
  21. makedollarz

    WTB: 90 22 spline transmission

    $160 works, final price to 80920. Paypal? Thanks
  22. makedollarz

    WTB: 90 22 spline transmission

    I guess just a good condition stock one. Honestly I'll have to ask Jacks Trans exactly what parts i need, but I think its mainly just the least abused case I can find. They are gonna swap all the internals and appearntly the 22 spline 90 trannys had the biggest gears iirc, Ive gone through 2...
  23. makedollarz

    WTB: 90 22 spline transmission

    Doesn't need to be in working condition, really just need the case, preferably stock, or at least one that hasn't seen 500+Hp and a bunch of rebuilds.
  24. makedollarz

    exploded my rear right brake line

    Sounds like my x-girlfriend. Excuses, illogical, asshole justifications for just about Anything.
  25. makedollarz

    Colorado guys wanna last meet before the snow?

    Looks like I'm gonna miss this one. 4th gear is now non existent. Damn tranny's this is the second time a gear has failed in 6,000 miles. Damn it
  26. makedollarz


    I like my ksports. I've put 10,000 miles on them. I don't drive in the winter on them, but so far I have no complaints. Sure beats the stock setup.
  27. makedollarz

    Colorado guys wanna last meet before the snow?

    Let me know too so I can make sure I can get it off also.
  28. makedollarz

    Slow wipers - do you guys have this too?

    Interesting, I will try a new relay and see of that helps, mine seem like they should be faster then they are. I remember when there is a little snow on them, there almost to weak to move the snow.
  29. makedollarz

    P/S switch/sensor on top of resevior cap

    I'll be working on the car late tonight. I'll grab a few for you. It's pretty hard to tell where they need to go cause they connect to a big wiring haness that runs along the fender, but me snap a few. You Could prob figure it out from the wire colors.
  30. makedollarz

    2.0 or 2.3

    I'd say the gas is pretty decent, but I don't have any actual mpg numbers. Even with a bigger turbo and bigger injectors you still get pretty decent gas mileage I think, if you floor it everywhere, then your gonna be filling up twice as much.If your trying to daily it and stay out of boost...
  31. makedollarz

    1g ps reservoir

    After looking at it further, the galant reservoir has a smaller top port, and larger bottom. I guess ill just clamp it really tight since it oddly has two different size ports in reverse in the galant reservoir. Kinda weird but I guess if it worked before it should work now.
  32. makedollarz

    1g ps reservoir

    I removed the 4ws a while back and looped the lines at the reservoir. I've had a 1g reservoir laying around for a while and i had to remove the ps cooler temporarily to mount a pusher fan so I figured I'd swap the reservoirs while I'm at it. But, the line coming from the ps pump that should go...
  33. makedollarz

    1g ps reservoir

    I'm trying to swag to a 1g ps reservoir. What do you do about the different size ps lines. The one on the bottom of the 1g reservoir is smaller then the galants. How do I make this work? Is there a specific model of 1g reservoir that I need to source?Thanks
  34. makedollarz

    P/S switch/sensor on top of resevior cap

    I can get you a picture of that tonight if you still need it. Im going to swap to a 1g reservoir in since I removed the 4ws a while back.Since the wires are cut, is it triggering your dummy light in the dash? Im not sure what to do becuase the cap from the 4ws doesn't fit the cap from the 1g...
  35. makedollarz

    2.0 or 2.3

    I love my 2.3l. Jacks trans built it for me back in 04, and I've put 50,000 trouble free miles on it since. I drive it mostly on the weekends, but the extra torque is really nice to have for around town driving, and fun. Started with a 16g, then the bug bit me and started moving up in turbo...
  36. makedollarz

    Hood struts for GVR4

    also interested
  37. makedollarz

    Another battery question. Which one to get?

    I also use yellow top optimas and actually really like them. Have them in 3 different cars... Trunk of the galant, bone stock Honda, and in a big chevy express van that has 12 12" subs and a amp draws more amps then the alternator puts out and never had a problem. 1 time 1 left my lights on...
  38. makedollarz

    Let's talk BOV's

    I had some random loud one on my car until recently. I swapped it to the tial q with a 6psi spring, and its a much better setup. It's quiter, doesn't leak, and can hold 38psi with ease.
  39. makedollarz

    Time For A Colorado Meet?

    I didn't have to brake 1 time on the ride back to the springs, 3 times once I got off the interstate, luckily there was no traffic. I was playin it super safe the whole time. I think the line we put on didn't seal right or something cause it was leaking the second time from the top where it...
  40. makedollarz

    Time For A Colorado Meet?

    It's a good video. I had a good time, thanks everyone for showing up and hanging out. Justin, thanks for the hospitality. Let's do 1 more before it gets cold.
  41. makedollarz

    FS: front rotors, brake pads

    "iRotors". Bought the 4 wheel pad, rotor, and line kit for $380 or so from eBay.
  42. makedollarz


    Must be so short because everyone already knows what the deal is. The whole team that works there are all great guys. I've been taking my galant to their shop for over 8 years when the job was to big for me, or when time wouldn't allow me to do it myself. They can do just about anything you...
  43. makedollarz

    FS: front rotors, brake pads

    No there the stock 4 lug. You could prob drill them for 5 lug, I had the new 3000gt rotors that I ordered drilled for the 4 lug instead of 5 lug so Im sure it works both ways if you know how to drill them 5 lug. I myself dont have the tools for that.
  44. makedollarz

    FS: front rotors, brake pads

    I have a pair of drilled and slotted rotors and hawk hps pads for sell. The rotors have seen 10,000 miles or so and have a few hairline surface cracks around some of the drilled holes. The appeared a long time ago and dont seem to get any worse, or effect performance. They are not warped...
  45. makedollarz

    Time For A Colorado Meet?

    How long am I a "junior member" for? When do I get a cool title like Diego? Not a big deal, just wondering how that works.
  46. makedollarz

    Time For A Colorado Meet?

    Quoting galant1517: Money maker: i'd be interested in seeing more of your ride. I caught a nice glimpse of it sitting outside of Jack's old shop a while back. It looked super clean with the fresh paint and all.Lol, i made this account name when I was 17 and thought selling weed was...
  47. makedollarz

    Time For A Colorado Meet?

    I'll head up and meet with everyone. Weekend of the 20th works for me.
  48. makedollarz

    Sold: Hx40, tial 38mm, o2 housing

    All items are sold. Thanks for everyones interest and helping me move these items.
  49. makedollarz

    Sold: Hx40, tial 38mm, o2 housing

    Wastegate sale pending.
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