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    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    Dave thanks for contributing to this discussion. I still haven’t been able to release the terminal on this connector and it is making me damn near insane.To be sure, are you stating that this connector is a double locking pin type? If so, will this tool on the right do the trick? Or when...
  2. pot

    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    John as is typical of you, the insight and background knowledge you provide proves incredible time and time again. Thank you for the feedback and praise.I think there are far better techs on this forum especially in the electrical realm, but I’ll do my best to do a write up on removal of the...
  3. pot

    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    Tyeler and John I appreciate the swift response on this matter and will proceed accordingly.I should have stated this earlier, but I’ve spent the better part of the week unsuccessfully trying to remove this circuit with the single bladed terminal removal tool. *The same tool I’ve used for...
  4. pot

    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    Good afternoon gents. It’s been a while since the software update but I’m online now and awfully glad to be back.I’ve spent this winter removing all the unnecessary electrical wiring that I don’t intend on using now that I’ve since removed the hardware i.e. ABS, Air Conditioner, Radio...
  5. 182

    Street 182

  6. pot


    This is the Build Thread for 182. Reply below.
  7. pot

    FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (xxxx/2000) SW *Updated September 22, 2021

    Bump. Plenty of stock parts still available.
  8. pot

    Good 4WS alignment shop in So Cal?

    Good morning. I encourage you to contact Road Race Engineering in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Just outside LA. They will be able to point you in the right direction if not Road Race Motorsports adjacent to them I believe.In addition, there is a TSB on performing the rear alignment on our rigs and...
  9. pot

    FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (1335/2000) NB *Updated September 22, 2021

    Bump. Plenty of stock parts available.
  10. pot

    FS: Miscellaneous OEM galant parts

    Bump, plenty of parts still available.
  11. pot

    FS: Miscellaneous OEM galant parts

    FS are multiple miscellaneous used but serviceable OEM galant vr4 parts. I ship via USPS Standard Mail and I accept payment via PayPal to: [email protected] For questions please PM or contact me at: (910) 689-6150.**All prices include PayPal & Shipping charges**1. J-Pipe $40.00...
  12. pot

    FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    To add to what dsmgst stated, yes most of the desirable parts were removed well before myself and John saw it last weekend. The vehicle arrived to LKQ according to their website and the sticker on the car, March 26, 2021.I don’t know who, but the comment dsmgst made regarding the “butter...
  13. pot

    FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (xxxx/2000) NB *Updated September 22, 2021

    Bump. Plenty of stock parts available.
  14. pot

    Recommendations for IC piping

    There is a board member who makes custom piping and kits for our cars. He hasn’t logged in for some time but maybe you can track him down:Intercooler Kit