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FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (1335/2000) NB *Updated September 11, 2022


Staff member
Oct 28, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
This is a part out for the following vehicle:

- 1991 Galant vr4 badge number 1335/2000 with 216,909 miles
- VIN: JA3CX56U4MZA010336
- Model: E39ASNPFL2M
- Color, Interior Option: X68

*All parts prices include PayPal fees and shipping costs for CONUS based transactions. I accept all payments via PayPal to: [email protected]. If interested please contact me via PM or mobile no (910) 689-6150. Thank you for looking!

GM Alternator $75.00


Coolant Overflow Bracket $15.00

Coolant Overflow Bracket.jpg

Radiator Fan Blade $20.00

Radiator Fan Blade.jpg

Radiator Bracket $15.00

Radiator Bracket.jpg

Driver Engine Mount Bolt $8.00

Driver Engine Mount Bolt.jpg

EGR Valve $20.00

EGR Valve.jpg

Fuel Pressure Regulator *Factory $12.00


Fuel Feed Line *Factory $8.00

Fuel Feed.jpg

Fuel Pump Wiring Cover $8.00

Fuel Pump Wiring Cover.jpg

Fuel Rail $20.00

Fuel Rail.jpg

Rear Lower Timing Cover $15.00

Rear Lower Timing Cover.jpg

Rear Upper Timing Cover $15.00

Rear Upper Timing Cover.jpg

Tensioner Hardware $3.00

Tensioner Hardware.jpg

Throttle Body Elbow $15.00

Throttlebody Elbow.jpg

Water Pump Pulley Set $15.00

Water Pump Pulley Set.jpg

Air Guide Panel $5.00

Air Guide Panel.jpg

Air Inlet (Passenger Side) $15.00

Air Inlet (Passenger Side).jpg

Cowl Panel Hardware $3.00

Cowl Panel Hardware.jpg

Front Windshield Trim $40.00

Front Windshield Trim.jpg

Door Hinge Set $30.00

Door Hinge.jpg

Door Pin Set $3.00

Door Pin Set.jpg

Horn Set $20.00

Horn Set.jpg

Hood Latch $15.00

Hood Latch.jpg

Hood Release Cable Guide $12.00

Hood Release Cable.jpg

Driver Hood Hinge $12.00

Driver Hood Hinge.jpg

Fender Hardware $3.00

Fender Hardware.jpg

Front Driver Dogleg $65.00

Front Driver Dogleg.jpg

Hood Bumper Set $3.00

Hood Bumper Set.jpg

Fuel Filler Door $20.00

Fuel Filler Door.jpg

ECU Harness Retainer $3.00

ECU Harness Retainer.jpg

Alarm Horn Relay $12.00

Alarm Horn Relay.jpg

Weather Strip, Interior Rear Passenger $20.00

Interior Weather Strip (Passenger Rear).jpg

Exhaust Hanger Set $15.00

Exhaust Hanger Set.jpg

License Plate Lamp Set $15.00

License Plate Lamp Set.jpg

Trunklid Striker $5.00

Trunk Lid Striker.jpg

Rear Bumper Support Bracket $20.00

Rear Bumper Support Bracket.jpg


Instrument Cluster Mount $15.00

Insturment Cluster Mount.jpg

ETACS Computer (part no MB852353) $50.00

ETACS Computer.jpg

Control Unit Auto Seat (part no MB617345) $40.00

Control Unit Auto Seat part no MB617345.jpg

Sunroof Control (part no MB543075) $30.00

Sunroof Control part no MB543075.jpg

Sunroof Relay (part no MB627895) $12.00

Sunroof Relay MB627895.jpg

Horn Pad $20.00

Horn Pad.jpg

Passenger Dash Speaker Cover $15.00

Passenger Dash Speaker Cover.jpg

Refractor Mounting Bracket $30.00

Refractor Mounting Bracket.jpg

Refractor Mounting Bracket Set $15.00

Refractor Bracket.jpg

Front Door Sill Set $20.00

Front Door Sill Set.jpg

Rear Door Sill Set $20.00

Rear Door Sill Set.jpg

Foot Rest $15.00

Foot Rest.jpg

Defogger Switch $20.00

Defroster Switch.jpg

Sunroof Felt Trim $25.00

Sunroof Felt Trim.jpg

Sunroof Shim Set $5.00

Sunroof Shim Set.jpg

Driver Kick Panel $15.00

Driver Kick Panel.jpg

Buzzer (part no MB561626) $15.00


Door Card Clip $3.00 each

Door Card Clip.jpg

Door Ajar Switch $12.00 each

Door Ajar Switch.jpg

Interior Door Handle $8.00 each

Interior Door Handle Pull.jpg

Headliner Handle $8.00 each

Headliner Handle Set.jpg

ECU Harness Retainer $3.00

ECU Harness Retainer Bracket.jpg

Front Lap Belts $20.00 each

Front Lap Belt Set.jpg

Seatbelt Trim A $3.00 each

Automatic Seatbelt Trim A..jpg

Seatbelt Trim B $3.00 each

Automatic Seatbelt Trim B..jpg

Gas Pedal $30.00

Gas Pedal.jpg

Driver HVAC Vent Tube (part no MB439025) $15.00

HVAC Vent part no MB439025.jpg

HVAC Vent $3.00 each

Air Vent.jpg

HVAC Vent Tab $1.00 each

Air Vent Tab.jpg

Glove Box Frame $15.00

Glove Box Frame.jpg

Glove Box Reinforcement Bracket $5.00

Glove Box Reinforcement Bracket.jpg

Glove Box Stopper $3.00

Glove Box Stopper.jpg

Glove Box Striker $3.00

Glove Box Striker.jpg

Seat Bolt Cover $3.00 each

Seat Trim Cover.jpg

Glove Box Latch Bar $15.00

Glove Box Latch Bar.jpg
Shifter Cable Clip $1.00 each

Shift Cable Retainer.jpg

Interior Weather Strip, Passenger Front $15.00

Interior Weather Strip (Passenger Front).jpg

Amplifier Power Adapter part no MB665345 $30.00

Amplifier Power Adapter part no MB665345.jpg

Wiring Harness Cover, Passenger Rear $12.00

Passenger Rear Wiring Harness Cover.jpg

Seatback Trim A. $8.00

Seatback Trim A..jpg

Seatback Trim B. $8.00

Seat Back trim B..jpg

Trunk Dome Light $8.00

Trunk Dome Light.jpg

Trunk Trim $20.00

Trunk Trim.jpg

Trunk Weather Strip $20.00

Trunk Lid Weather Strip.jpg

Trunk Access Trim $15.00

Trunk Access Trim.jpg


Clutch Interface Switch.jpg

Clutch Switch $15.00

Clutch Switch.jpg

Reverse Sensor $15.00

Reverse Sensor.jpg

Clutch Line to Slave Cylinder $12.00

Clutch Line to Slave Cylinder.jpg

Clutch Line to Hard Line $12.00

Rubber Clutch Line.jpg

Shift Selector $15.00

Shift Cable Selector.jpg

ABS Computer (part no MR606759) $80.00

ABS Computer (MR606759).jpg

ABS Hydraulic Unit $125.00

ABS Hydraulic Unit.jpg

ABS Connector Bracket $10.00

ABS Connector Bracket.jpg

ABS Proportioning Valve $40.00

ABS Proportioning Valve.jpg

Rear Wheel ABS Speed Sensor $25.00

Rear ABS Wheel Speed Rotor.jpg

Parking Brake Cable Retainer $12.00

Emergency Brake Cable Retainer.jpg

Rear Brake Caliper Bracket $40.00

Rear Brake Caliper Bracket.jpg

Front Power Steering Rack Bracket $15.00

Power Steering Rack Bracket.jpg

Power Steering Return Tube $25.00

Power Steering Return Tube.jpg

Cruise Control Cable Retainer $5.00

Cruise Control Cable Guide.jpg

Rear Subframe Stud $30.00

Rear Subframe Stud.jpg

Rear 4 Lug Hub $50.00

Rear Wheel Hub.jpg

Rear Sway Bar Bracket $15.00

Rear Sway Bar Bracket.jpg

Rear Strut Mount Cover $15.00

Rear Strut Mount Cover.jpg

Blower Motor $65.00

Blower Motor Assembly.jpg

Radiator Overflow Line Bracket.jpg

ECU Tray.jpg

Passenger Rear View Mirror Cover.jpg

Interior Weather Strip (Driver Front).jpg

Interior Weather Strip (Driver Rear).jpg
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Mar 19, 2013
Denver CO
Hey pot, is that smaller waterpump pulley the one that is the same size as a rear main seal?

If you still have it, id like to take it off your hands.
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