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Whiteline Rear Swaybar Install Tips?


Well-known member
Jul 16, 2008
New Zealand
Anyone got some tips for fitting the big 26mm whiteline rear sway bar?
These universal mounting brackets are pretty weaksauce - they barely line up with the factory holes and then the notches cut into them are about the same size as the M12 head used to secure them! The factory brackets don't clear the bar and GTO brackets don't like up (~6-10mm out).
I've put the 'mighty' C clamps on one side of the bracket and bolted down the other side, similar to the VFAQ but there's still a whole heck more to do to make it fit.
Is there actually a way to bolt it up to the factory mounting points?


Staff member
May 17, 2004
Seattle, WA
Interesting, when I did mine I am pretty sure it wasn't easy, but it still only took me about 35mins. I almost want to say I used the stock brackets, but I may have bent the aftermarket ones slightly to fit. Damn memory... Although I don't remember having an issue with the bracket holes being too big. Sorry not a big help, but hopefully someone else can chime in too.


Well-known member
Sep 3, 2007
Bellevue, WA
Just got done doing this. Not easy, but the solution for me was pretty easy. I used the stock location, but had to make a set of heavy washers with one side ground away ("D" shaped). Then I used my vice to squeeze the brackets as much as possible to still fit over the new bushing. Lastly, I used a set of longer bolts. Only have to make one of the two bolts longer, but I went ahead and made all four longer by about 50%.

During the install, you put in the first bolt and only put it in a handfull of turns. Then put in the second bolt. And NO it ain't easy, but doable. Then tighten the bolts alternating. Space is tight and you will be working blind, but once I figured these things out, the second one went easier. In case you haven't already, you need to unbolt the rear-steer and push it out of the way to give your hands the room needed for that rear bolt.

Good luck and keep reminding yourself that the results are worth the effort!
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