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Speedlimit problem

Hello, i have little problem with my car (galant vr4 -91) for the speedlimit sensor..
My car is "japanese version" so the topspeed is 180 km/h (limited) so my question is how to change or eliminate the sensor?

remove the instrument cluster and there's a wire behind the speedometer held in place with a screw. remove that and you'll have no speed limit


Well-known member
Feb 13, 2004
brisbane australia
The following text passage is "borrowed" from Rob323 over in aus. (thanks Rob!)

Below is a photo of the back of the instrument cluster on a late model J spec. I'm pretty sure that if you remove the top screw circled in green, that you remove both the speed cut and the 105 kph chime but still pass the speed signal to the ecu. If you remove the bottom screw circled in green, you still get rid of the speed cut, but still have the chime and still pass the speed signal to the ecu. If you disconnect the grey wire, you disconnect EVERYTHING including the speed signal to the ecu.

so is there a negative effect of not having a speed signal to the ECU? or does it make the ECU think the car isnt moving at all? i'm not using vr4 instrument cluster, so i guess i have none of intelligent features of the vr4 cluster :p

Ok, so that doesn`t harms the ECU if i do that? I have Greddy E-manage support tool to modifying to the ECU and turbosmart bleed valve to controlling the bar/psi. So i need more speed be cause it`s cut the speed to 4th gear..

no, it wont damage the ECU at all. but shouldn't e-manage be able to by pass the speed limiter?

I don`t know, may be.. but that speed limit sensor can`t remove or tuning pass the e-manage, so is it possible to fix or change the value for ohms to some kind of potentiometer? I heard that for somewhere...


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May 4, 2003
Clarksville TN
If one of you JDM members has the pin out on the harness it would be helpful...I have a JDM rs cluster I've been wanting to put in the usdm car.

I know over kill but it looks damn cool and has lights and stuff that I don't even know what there for. The cluster reads 220 and has the same revs/min as the us so thats the same and will work but the tach and speedo is mounted opposite and the wires are all differnet so they will have to be repinned.


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Apr 27, 2005
Lindenhurst, IL-Northern Chicagoland Area Near The
The speed wire is the same pin on both USDM & JDM ECU. I have a JDM wiring harness and ECU and it has the same pin for the speed sensor as for the USDM. I have a USDM non turbo cluster and it is not wired the same as the turbo and doesn't have a speed chime but does cut out at 180KMH/115MPH. I'm thinking of placing a switch between the speed sensor wire from the cluster and the ECU so all I have to do is flick the switch for when I want to go over 115MPH and then flick it back when I'm done. I measure the KMH on my AVCR and have changed to 3 different speed sensors and all of them are very jumpy and don't give a very steady reading. I was thinking that is why our cruise controls are so finicky.


I don't think the cruise control uses the speed sensor, but I'd have to check. I think its just rpm.
Anyway....the speed limiter can also be removed from the chip code if you have an EPROM.

Ok, so.. what differents are beetween the ECU and the EPROM? If you have any pics or something documents where i can see and check for my vr4?
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