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SOLD 1991 Galant VR4 #457/2000 Springfield, MO SOLD

For sale is my 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, number 457/2000. I purchased this car about two and a half years ago from Frank at AMS. As with most owners of these vehicles, I've been through some extreme peaks and lows with it, ranging from having the car down for a couple months at a time trying to figure out why I was getting oil in my cooling system (cracked factory oil cooler... since replaced with a '91 external cooler setup), to winning the points championship and going undefeated in the local King of the Street drag race competition during the 2008 season. That all being said, as the car sits now it has seen much better days. It suffered terribly last summer at which time it took a beating from a nasty storm in Southern Illinois in the form of hail damage. This is truely sad as it is also the only GVR4 that I've ever seen with shaved side moulding. Mechanically it has issues as well. It used to have a Shep Stage 3 trans, but after that year long of hard launches at the track, third gear sheared and caused some havoc. Since it was my daily, I had to do the quick fix and swap a stock transmission in. Luckily, this transmission came from a 1992 Eclipse GSX with only 13K MILES! It shifts a little notchy, but works well hasn't given me any issues yet. Alright, well I think instead of me rambling on it's probably just best to make it short and sweet and do the Good/Bad list.

Good (Installed):


*PTE 5031re dual ball bearing turbo
*New Mitsu MLS HG about 10k miles ago (I replaced the HG after an incorrect diagnosis due to the oil in the cooling system)
*Timing belt also done about 10k miles ago
*All ARP Hardware throughout engine, with otherwise stock internals. Including ARP Head Studs
*3G Eclipse Lifters
*Balance Shafts Removed
*Hallman MBC
*3 Inch AMS custom exhaust from turbo-back
*AMS stock manifold->T3 adapter with WG port
*Tial 38mm WG
*GSC 272 272 Cams
*720cc injectors
*Aeromotive AFPR with fluid filled gauge
*Walbro 255lph pump
*New fuel filter about 5k miles ago
*Polyurethane Engine mount, Mustache brace and Rear subframe bushings
*Super Rare GAB Strut tower brace
*Greddy Type-S BoV
*AMS IC upper and lower hardpipes
*Undamaged, recapped ECU with Keydiver chip
*Civic Aluminum Radiator with e-fan
*Battery relocated to trunk
*Braided Stainless brake lines
*Calipers/pads/rotors about 15k miles ago (They look like crap though because I failed to paint them before installation. I thought they had a clear)
*Lowering Springs (Unsure of which brand)
*Installed driver's side rear wheel bearing about 5k miles ago.
*Brand new e-brake cables installed about 5k miles ago.
*4-Bolt Rear Diff
*Clutchnet Sprung hug 4 puck clutch disc
*ACT 3200# pressure plate

Cosmetic -

*SUPER GOOD CONDITION SEATS. No rips or tears in drivers or passenger side front seats, the rears are mint! overall 9.5 cause they need conditioning.
*Steering column gauge pod (clean) with autometer boost gauge
*EVO I (this is what Frank told me) Steering wheel. Either way, I've searched my ass off and can't find this wheel anywhere. It's a smaller diameter racing wheel but has the factory Mitsubishi emblem on it with working horn. It looks and functions awesome.
*JDM Front Bumper
*JDM Fogs
*Lancer Ralliart wheels painted flat black
*Shaved side door mouldings... looks very smooth
*Black trim rear tail lights
*Galant RS (?) Front Grille. This looks similar to factory but there is no emblem on it anywhere. Just has Fulltime 4WD emblem
*The car is completely debadged of all Mitsu emblems
*JDM Gas Door (No Lock)

The Bad:

*It burns some oil. The only time I ever see any smoke is under boost and it isn't a huge amount, but it burns oil none-the less. I assume it is the oil seals in the turbo for the simple fact that it is only under boost. I've pulled the lower IC pipes and there is no oil built up in the IC.
*After replacing the transmission with the stock, 13k mile eclipse GSX transmission I neglected to also replaced the ACT 4 puck clutch with 3200 pound disc. The clutch is in good shape. That's not the problem. The problem is that I built this setup to not slip, and it doesn't. It is a BEAR to drive daily. If you have any expectation of doing so, you're going to need to re-learn how to drive stick, beef up your left leg, or swap the clutch. That being said, I have daily driven the car like this since last May.
*All four shocks are shot. They need to be replaced. Fronts are EVO VIII and rears KYB. Fronts need replaced moreso than rears.
*Driveshaft carrier bearings need to be replaced
*Rear differential is making alot of noise (I have the rear diff from the 13k mile GSX. It's in the garage. The new owner would get this).
It has a couple exhaust leaks. When I did the trans swap I didn't have time to get new gaskets. The DP-"catback" gasket is blown and needs to be replaced. WG Gaskets also need to be replaced. I replaced them 5k miles ago but they blew out again. I used the stamped steel type, I think you need either copper or the corrugated steel type.
*It has a wiring gremlin causing the starter to engage but not always crank over. I'm 99% sure it's a bad engine->chassis ground cable and will replace it before sale. (there used to be alot of these types of gremlins thanks to some VERY shoddy wiring by the previous owner(s), most all of which I have correctly repaired)
*One of the PS hardlines off the rack is cracked and has a very slight leak.
*The bottom lip of the trunk lid is starting to rust on the inside. There is only a small dot visible on the outside.
*I found a spot of rust on the inner passenger side front fenderwell. I haven't been able to closely examine it yet, it's something I just found. Looks like it's just on the surface.
*The car has hail damage. It has gotten the roof, hood, front fenders, rear quarters, and trunk lid.
*There is also a door ding in the passenger side rear door.
*Driver's side headlight has a crack (Have a replacement to go with the car)
*Trunk only opens with key
*Depending how you look at things, it has A/C and Cruise deleted. I don't have any of the parts, it was like this when I bought it.

-Uninstalled Items included with purchase:

*Carbon Fibre Driver's side speaker pod gauge mount(dual 52mm gauges)
*Poly shifter bushings
*Fuel filter -> rail braided stainless line
*13k miles Eclipse GSX 4 bolt Rear Diff
*1 spare front and 1 rear axle
*Electric Oil Pressure, Water Temp and Boost Gauges from Marshall Group Buy
* 457/2000 sticker x 2
*I know there is more, but I can't remember off of the top of my head.

So, there's the list of everything. The good, bad, ugly, and some freebies. I may have made the car out to sound like it looks terrible, and to me I won't disagree only because I know how good it used to look pre-hail. That being said, from 10 feet the car looks pretty damn good. A lot of my friends that saw the car every day for the last 2 years have said it doesn't look that bad.

Asking price is $3,200 or Best Offer. I payed 7k for this car when I purchased it. I've done a lot to make it better, and things have happened over time to make it worse. If you are interested, the best way to reach me is through email or by phone.


Chris Clark
[email protected]









































This is the rust spot in the passenger front wheel well. It is behind the wheel.
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Pictures have been added. As you can see by the absurd amount and size of them, that I'm hiding absolutely nothing. What you see is what you get with this car. If you have any other questions/comments/concerns, feel free to call or email me.


[email protected]

Buyer will also be getting these two guys...

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Holy sh*t, I was just telling my wife about me wanting to buying another. How long have you been is Springfield? I have never seen that car?

This is soooooo tempting. Close to tax time too.

We need to meet.

I just moved here in december from Chicago for work. You haven't seen it because it rarely gets driven. I live off of Campbell about .5 miles south of James river. It'll be in Detroit all next week but give me a call. The car will be parked at my apartment.

Are those the apartments over there behind Andy's custard across from Sam's?

You got it. Lakewood village. If you want to stop by tomorrow to take a look give me a call or shoot a text over. 630 310 0929. Or you can creep your way through and sneak a peak. Whichever you prefer haha


Well-known member
Sep 26, 2004
Chicago Suburbs, IL
I actually test drove this car a couple years ago and it was in EXTREMELY nice condition inside and out. One of the best Galant interiors I've seen. I can't comment on how it drives, since it's been a couple years.

Steve (Red Bird) came over last night with a buddy to take a look at the car. He can attest to the condition of the interior still being in extremely good shape.

As for how it drives, due to the issues I listed in the for sale ad, the most prominent of which being the rear differential/driveshaft carrier bearings, it has seen better days. Also as I mentioned, I have a very low mileage replacement 4 bolt lsd diff that will go with the car to the new owner.

Again, if anyone has any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to call/text/email me any time.

[email protected]

I agree with Chris, this is a beautiful car regardless of the hail damage. The interior in the car is by far the best GVR4 interior I have seen, pictures don't do it justice. The car drove great aside from the issues he mentioned (front struts & rear diff mainly). You will indeed be getting a 4 bolt rear end with it though. I would love to own this car, however, it will be a few more months before finances become available. This guy knows his stuff & is not hiding anything.

Good luck with the sale sir!

Bump for a good car.

He means you'd be the talk of the town when you come rolling through in this bad boy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

If anyone is interested in this car, I'd hope for you to make an offer very, very, soon. I'm looking to purchase a new vehicle within the next week or so and if I can't sell the car by then it will most likely be traded in. This is bad for two reasons. One, I'll be taking a loss on the car, and, more importantly, that will be another VR4 most likely put on the chopping block.

If anyone has any questions about the car that I have not previously answered, don't hesitate to ask.


[email protected]

I decided that trading this in to a dealer would be worse than committing a Cardinal Sin, so she's currently sitting in my apartment parking lot waiting for one of you to be her Lord and Savior. Did that sound spiritual enough? I'm not a preacher, but I do know that this car needs to go!

Bump for price drop. $3,950 or best offer. I have a feeling my apartment complex is going to start hounding me soon for having three cars, someone come pick this girl up!

I'm going to go ahead and assume you were asking how much horsepower the car has? Well I haven't dynoed it, but when I was running ~30 psi I was trapping around 94-95 mph in the 1/8th mile which would put it near 450hp at the crank if memory serves me correctly. That being said, I only have the car at 12 psi right now due to the rear end needing to be swapped.
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thank you for this information, the whole quantity is neh ner and quickly to 1 / 8 mile, and as fans of the engine as good a set or he makes worse


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Feb 17, 2009
FWIW the trunk has a switch on the inside, right on the latch, on/off to use inside trunk release. that might be your problem, mine was the same way when i got it. its a good feature if you have a nice sound system, so they can't just break the window and pop the trunk.

Yeah, I messed with that, but I think there's actually a problem with either the latch mechanism or the cable feeding the latch. I spent about a half hour one day, a while back, trying to figure out why it wasn't working, but hadn't paid much more attention to it since it isn't too much of a bother.
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