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Im having problems with my idle, when i come off the highway (or going over 45mph at a constant) to a complete stop my idle is at 1300 to 1400rpm after no more than 5 seconds idle drops down to 600rpm and bounces to 1300rpm for about 6 to 7 seconds. ive been told (by an "expert") than i have a dead spot at 4ohms (not sure what that means) i really appreciate it if i could get some help pictures and DYNO information will be posted soon.


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Oct 2, 2011
Houston, Texas
100% stock car? Could have something to do with the FIAV? Have you done any searches?

There are literally thousands of idle problem post out there and about 98% of them lead to the same thing.

not 100% stock everything is upgraded im running 24psi and 437awhp its a daily driver and i have done researches but i dont understand what all that means. thank again

one of my buddies i went to boot camp build it and then six months later sold it to me


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Apr 8, 2008
Corona, CA
Start off by:

Checking the ISC. There is a youtube video on how to check it.
Block off your FIAV to see if that is the issue. There is a plate that blocks off the FIAV and leaves the ISC functional. It's like $20
Check for vacuum leaks.