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Non-Destructive Rear Lower Damper Removal


Staff member
Does anyone have suggestions on removing these without destroying? While removing the damper both bushings came out of the damper and left the lower metal bushing that is stuck and integrated rubber bushing behind.

I could of course cut them off, but there's nothing wrong with the performance of these dampers, so I'd like to try and save them.



Well-known member
Small gear puller maybe, see if you can spray some silicon and use a small screwdriver or something to see if you can work the bushing loose from the metal.


Well-known member
This may be worth a try: If you turn a compressed air can upside down while spraying, it is extremely cold...Spray the rubber (only) liberally as to have it contract and it's possible that you can then pull it off.


Staff member
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try a couple of things tonight.

I tried a gear puller, but it can't grab on the rubber bushing and I wouldn't want it to dig in too hard anyway. I do have one thing I might be able to try there as well though.

Will report back with the findings...