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LC-1 Wideband and ECMLink questions (logged v. gauge, calibration, etc..)


Well-known member
Oct 18, 2012
portland, or
I've noticed since getting my car back from the tuner about 4 months ago that my Innovate LC-1 WB gauge is displaying about -.5 lower AFR's then the LC1WB value in ECMLink. I know in link there's some tweaks I can make to the graph display values, but I'm not sure this is even where I should be looking. So two questions:

1. Is the LC1WB value in Link the actual metered AFR, or is the gauge displaying the correct value?
2. How do I get them synced up? I'm guessing I tweak the scales in the ECU Inputs tab..

Second, I know I'm suppose to calibrate the WB ever 10,000mi or so. I'm getting close, and with a bunch of tuning since this thing was first put in (including a dead omnibar that send my car super-rich when it died and killed a set of spark plugs), I'm guessing I'm due. Just jack up the car, pull it out, and follow the instructions, right? Anyone have any first-time pointers?

Thanks in advance for any answers!


Well-known member
Dec 19, 2012
ronkonkoma, ny
Calibration is easy just follow the directions. You should also check the outputs in the innovate software and see if they are the same values. That is assuming one output goes to the ecu and the other goes to the guage.


Well-known member
Jan 1, 2012
ECMlink is configured to read AFR based on your wideband's switch point. As long as you haven't modified it, the LC-1's switch point according to ECMlink is preconfigured by the software to 2.44v at stoichiometric (14.7:1). Simply, this means when the sensor sees 2.44v, ECMlink will show 14.7:1 AFR in your datalog. In order to see this, press F9 and look in the "to be displayed column". You should see whatever you named your WB as. Highlight your WB by clicking on it, and then click the Raw value -> button. At this point, you'll see another list of raw values to add. Click on the one that says in parenthesis Raw(whatever you WB is called). So if your WB is called LC1WB, it should say RawLC1WB. Click OK and you should now see the raw voltage value of your WB in the displayed valves of your datalog below the graph.

Once you have the WB value and raw values displayed, capture a log and review it. Find a point in the log where your WB reads 14.7:1, and you should see the raw value reading very close to 2.44v. If it's not, you have a problem. If it is, then the LC-1 and ECM link are working as they should. It may just be that the gauge is off. The only real way to tell if the 2.44v is actually stoich is to verify your AFR with a second WB. Otherwise, you'll just have to assume that when the LC-1 sees 2.44v, it is indeed stoich. I suppose you could also sudo-double check using your factory narrow band if you still had it installed and knew what it typically cycles at.

You can test the DB gauge in real time. Try to run the car and get the LC-1 voltage to stabilize at 2.44v. At that point, look at your gauge reading, which should right around 14.7:1. If it's not, then it's wrong.

As far as the calibration goes, you are supposed to calibrate it in open air. If the sensor is easy to remove, pull it out of the exhaust and calibrate it. If not, let the car sit overnight (Innovate says at least 8 hours) and then calibrate it. I've done it in the car before and it worked just fine.

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