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I bought evo 8 interior off ebay on monday

I really like the idea of mounting the evo seats in the galant im just not sure if i want to take out the stock leathers that are in pretty nice shape

^Mine are in nice shape too, I want to keep them that way. I guess you could keep the stock ones until they fall apart but thats alot of time slipping around until that happens.

Ok. I personally dont like harnesses on a seat unless it has the holes for it to come through.

Plus, thats not why I got these. I got them for the 10 other reasons why I like them better.


Well-known member
May 4, 2003
Clarksville TN
I'll add my 2 cents

I've been running the crx recaros in my car for years....I had themm redone and installed in my mustang and when I finally forund a set of schroth inertia reel harnesses for cheap I installed everything. My mounts are built around the same lines as Jay's. His came with mitsubishi latches. Mine didn't and I didn't want to mess with the factory seatbelts. Sometimes I wish I had. 5 point harnesses are great for racing and long drives but running all over town and hooking them up everytime gets old. I mounted the inertial reel under the seatand the sholder straps run up under the headrestsand then wrap around my chest this isn't the best way. The reason being that during a crash if the mounting points are that low they can compress on your spine as in Harry's post from RCI. There is about 3 inches of seats from my sholders to the belts and the seat is steel inside so I'm not really worried ablut spinal compression, but dependant on the seats and your height this could be a problem. If any of you go with aftermarket seats and belts. Consider having factory belts for everyday and harnesses for playing.

Very nice, Jay. Back seats are not for Starbucks... what does your lady think of the back seat?


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2004
West Simsbury, CT
Thanks for the write-up and pictures.

I'll agree with the statements that you'll be either very seriously injured or killed when your spine compresses if you have a frontal collision with the belts mounted down behind the front seats like that.

^I will probably never put a harness in the car anyway. I thought about it but the automatic seatbelts are convenient enough and I dont slide around.


Well-known member
Nov 30, 2006
Ripley, Tennessee
Sorry to bring back an old thread, but would you possibly be able to show us a "How-To" on the front seat brackets? I'm looking at getting an Evo interior and looking to re-wrap it all in leather so it semi-matches.


Ok dont do that to an Evo interior from an 8. Get 9 SE seats. They're already leather.

As far as a how to, there is one one the first page of the "How to" section. The brackets were just homemade water heater stand tubing welded up real quick. I dont have really good pictures of just the brackets. You can get a good idea from the pics that are there though.
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